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    Staying Scared with Thomas Scopel and Mary Genevieve Fortier

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    Thomas Scopel has penned and published reviews, articles, short stories and two novellas. Besides writing tales that most would prefer to read with the lights on, he is the proprietor of www.stayingscared.com, a website loaded with various horror media, and he blogs at stayingscared.blogspot.com. He has published Twitch and The Daily Death - How I Killed My Co-Workers In 30 Days (available on Amazon), The Pumpkin Patch, The Christmas Help, Lickety Split, While You Sleep, All the Creatures Were Stirring...Even the Mouse, The Eight Legs of Night, The Argument, A Cup of Sugar, The Horrors of Easter, Don't Forget the Fingers: A Guide to the Perfect Zombie Family Picnic, Welcome, The Sidewalk Ends, What's the Deal with the Silver Bullet? and a number of others. He has also written a five part series entitled Interview with a Monster for Suspense Magazine. This saw him taking on a reporter persona and interviewing the likes of Frankenstein, Dracula, the Wolfman, the Phantom of the Opera and a Salem Witch as if they were actual living breathing people. Currently he is working on a first full length novel tentatively titled A Lawnly Existence, creating an internet based Staying Scared Radio broadcast (available on Radionomy and TuneIn) that includes metal music and old spooky radio shows from yesteryear and on occasion creates a Staying Scared webcast for YouTube. Also known as Wee Willie Wicked, a sinful, malicious clown who takes solace in writing the Twilight Zone episode reviewing Land of Shadow & Substance column and occasional film review for Horror News Net, one thing's for certain, this horror writer is always Staying Scared.

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    Spiritual Multiple Sclerosis

    in Christianity

    There is no known cure for physical multiple sclerosis but YOU CAN stop the outbreak of CONTAGIOUS spiritual multiple sclerosis. Find out more about spiritual multiple sclerosis and how you can recover. Don't share this contagious spiritual disease.

    Learn about spiritual multiple sclerosis here: http://www.nomoresclerosis.quiyada.net/sms.html

    Share this event and join us Saturday and feel free to join in the conversation.

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    Is Floyd Mayweather Truly Scared Of Manny Pacquiao?

    in Sports

    Is Floyd "Money" Mayweather deathly afraid of stepping into the boxing ring with Manny Pacquiao or not?

    Here we have a man in Floyd that has been in the ring with the best and dominated future hall of famers and has never lost a fight, yet, for the last few years since the public has been demanding that he face Manny Pacquiao they are now saying that Floyd is terrified to face Manny once and for all.

    But what is the real truth behind these accusations and what makes Manny Pacquiao the monster of an opponent that his fans make him out to be?

    His knockout loss to Mayweather victim Juan Manual Marquez is still a visual that haunts even his most die-hard fans as his recent inability to secure a knockout victory even over sub-par competition like Chris Algieri has done nothing else but to support the fact that Manny Pacquiao's best days are behind him.

    But yet and still, Floyd Mayweather is afraid.

    So answer the question: Is Floyd "Money" Mayweather truly afraid of Manny Pacquiao?

    Let's let it all hang out as far as your opinions on this topic goes and at least back up your explanations with FACTS and not simple useless chatter.

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    You may have alot of situations but we have to make it our business not to complain... pray about it but don't complain about it. Everything happens for a reason and all things will work together for your good - if you are called according to HIS purpose for your life

  • Happy New Years - Living without Scars

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    Come celebrate a brand new year of abundance. Let's fellowship this afternoon.

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    SCARED! On the Airwaves

    in Paranormal

    SCARED! On the Airwaves!

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    Does Sony Corporation Have You Scared? Our Interview With Brian Pearce

    in Technology

    Do the recent events at Sony Corporation have you startled and scared for your own business?  You are right in thinking that way.  Cyber threats and risks are very real these days, and they can happen at any time, without any notice.  No matter how much you, as a business owner try to stay ahead, the cyber hackers are always one step ahead.  How can one win this so called 'Cat and Mouse Game'?  Well, it could very well be possible with the network security solutions offered by Beyond Security.  Their current product line includes:

    1) Network Security Testing;

    2) Software Security Testing;

    3) Web Application Security Scanning.

    We interview Mr. Brian Pearson, the CMO and COO of Beyond Security.  Also, we get his insight into the Sony Corporation debacle.


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    SwCA Episode 169: Aren’t You Scared Traveling All Around The World As A Woman?

    in Business

    SITE:  http://www.courtneyanderson.com/swca-episode-169-courtney-i-am-curious-series-arenrsquot-you-scared-traveling-all-around-the-world-as-a-woman.html


    SHOW NOTES: This episode is the debut of this new series (COURTNEY! I AM CURIOUS) and the show topic is, "Aren’t You Scared Traveling All Around The World As A Woman?"


    I struggle with this question as I don't think of myself as any different from anyone else. So, I don't dream in gender, or age, or nationality, or any other individual trait. I simply dream. Then, I do. To me this question is like asking me, "Aren’t You Scared Traveling All Around The World As A 63 inch (1.6 meters) tall human? I am aware of my height but it is not something that I think about in terms of stopping me from traveling. Of course, there may be some instance where I am too short to reach something (and then I ask for help from a person or for a ladder). There are certainly cultural norms that I must be aware of and respect as I travel (in the US and everywhere else). We all have to do this so I don't think that it is a unique burden for me.

    1) Why do I travel?

    Because I want to. I travel for work and for the pleasure of seeing my planet. This is my planet just as it is your planet. Why shouldn't we explore as much of it as we are able to (and desire to)? When I travel for work it is because I want to work and I want to learn as much as I am able to in order to provide my clients, students, business partners, investors and you with accurate information. The world is 'out there' so if I choose to stay in one location and miss out on learning about what is happening it will be my loss and a deficiency in my ability to address international business solutions.  

    Watching a television show about someone eating an apple is not the same as me eating an apple in real life. I need to experience real life to be able to provide real solutions in my work. I al

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    Ebola Should You Be Scared? Yes Yes Yes

    in Current Events

    Should you be scared when it comes to Ebola? How much do they really know about it? Now the strain has jumped from animals to humans? Is it airborne despite medical professionals saying it's not? Why has the medical crew caring for the nurse in Spain quit? They are scared, there is  a lot still not known about Ebola. Has the plague finally arrived? A CDC official calls it the next Aids? People can still live with AIDS but Ebola is another question. Is the governmental infrastructure really prepared to address Ebola beyond the hospital setting?

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    Scared out of Ur shoes (*seed of Faith needed)

    in Religion

    [Do not fear nor be dismayed, for the LORD God--my God--will be with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you 1 Chron.28:20]                                                            [The thing I greatly feared has come upon me. Job3:25]  God is onipotent having  unlimited power authority;@ His disposal & capabilities 

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    Horsepower!? Is more better? Are these 5inch motors the way to go fast or can it be done with the so called smaller big blocks? Are the Small block nitrous motors back or they never left....what would you build if you were starting from scratch ? Will forced inductions ever rule grudge racing?

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