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    Everywhere you look there is a new Scandal in the news from politics to entertainment.  Revenge, money or just 15 minutes in the spotlight is what spark these scandals and of course PDA is going to take a look at some new ones and revisit some juicy old ones that are staples in the news-feed of time.
    Tune in this week as Ms. KiKi, Peepin' Shaun and Sporty Spunky Angel break down some of these scandolous tales! 
    And if that's not enough we have our Producer's "Drink of the Week" and the repeat offenders will be in the live interactive chat room with their commentary on these hot and juicy stories.   Let’s not forget we will have yet another scandalous “Ask PDA” letter!! If you want to give your two cents....contact us on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in our interactive chat room or LIVE on-air Wed night!
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    NYC Cop Killing, Boycotting Star Wars and more Sex Scandals

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    On an all new Episode of The Absolute Truth, we are looking at scandals, racism in Hollywood and a potential cop killing epidemic. First, Louisville head coach Rick Pitino has another sex scandal on his hands and it could be his undoing. How widespread are these on college campuses? Then, racists threaten to boycott the latest Start Wars movie for perceived "anti-white" sentiment. We examine those Internet trolls. And another cop is murdered in NYC doing his job. Are cops under seige? Find out this Sunday @ 4pm on The Absolute Truth Show  with the host  with the most, the king of kings himself the Hot Rod, the one and only  Sean Black and the lovely  Anitra B!

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    Politics and Scandals are a part of nature and history

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    When you here the word "scandals' most people will automatically think "Politics".

    There are those who feel every thing touched by politicos ultimately turns into a scandal. One of the most popular TV programs is named....yep, Scandal.

    What most people do not realize is that the political scandals of today are not that different from political scandals of say 1970's, 60's,50' or years dating back ti the 1700's.

    So, what makes today's scandal more scandalous? Are they really? Why do people always look for the bad instead of the good in our politicians? Can there be politics without scandals.

    Perhaps the bigger question is, Is there a little bit of scandal in all of us? 

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" this morning and share your thoughts on this scandalous topic.

    See you at 8AM-10AM this and every weekday morning.

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    Shaelyn Pham: Celebrity Relationship Scandals

    in Relationships

    Los Angeles-based psychologist Shaelyn Pham wants us to take a good, hard look at the dark side of celebrity–including why we take such pleasure when the people we elevate to role model status fall from grace. She's here to discuss how to find teachable moments in the latest celebrity scandals, what’s wrong with living for applause, and the real reason depression and other mental disorders are so common among the famous. 

    Dr. Shaelyn Pham is a licensed psychologist, coach, speaker, and the author of the new book “The Joy of Me: Uncover Your Loving Self Through the Art of Being Selfish.” 

    Her website is www.thejoyofme.com

  • New Age apostasy and Church scandals Jackie Alnor-previously recorded

    in Religion

    My guest today is Jackie Alnor of Apostasy Alert.org and The Scattered Sheep broadcast on Blog Talk Radio. Jackie was a friend of the late Walter Martin, and Dave Hunt, both authored many books exposing cults and false teaching.

    We discussed the new age movement and the mingling of word of faith doctrine and the mind sciences. Also, the TBN scandals as well as the growing apostasy in the false church and TV "Ministries."

    Jackie is the author of "The Fleecing of Christianity" who has spent many years as a voice of reason to the body of Christ

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    Starting as a DJ, at the age of 17 years old, Jersey City, NJ native DJ YRS Jerzy is next in line as one of the industry’s next big DJ’s. DJ YRS Jerzy which stands for Young Riot Squad is highly influenced by Funk Master Flex, DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Drama. With those fellow DJ’s being heavy hitters in the game, Jerzy speaks on watching them growing up “Funk Flex was just the king in NYC and I couldn’t go a day without hearing him on the radio, DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz series is amazing and I admire how the industry praises him. DJ Whoo is dope too and when G-Unit took off, it was crazy the mixtapes he put out, Jerzy explains.” 

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    Reach Out American. Transparency Scandal. Hosted By W. Matthew Harris Vol. 1

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    W. Matthew Harris is an Author of 5 books which are available on Amazon.com. In addition to his current books, he has 5 more on the way over the next year. 
    Mr. Harris is also a Professor of Business and Economics in Martinsburg, WV. Harris is a former two time candidate for West Virginia House of Delegates as an Independent Republican.


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    Scandals around the world

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    Scandal and Mystery in Hollywood History

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    Celebrated Hollywood author and film historian Laurie Jacobson returns to discuss Dishing Hollywood, her scintillating book about the most notorious scandals that have rocked Tinseltown from the early part of the 20th  century up to the present. Tales of lives cut short, unsolved mysteries, dramatic suicides and steamy affairs fill the pages of Jacobson’s revealing romp through some of Hollywood’s biggest scandals involving stars like Gary Cooper, Lana Turner, Robert Mitchum, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Natalie Wood, River Phoenix and many more.  Jacobson, who loves to talk about everything Hollywood, has written and produced documentaries, television series and specials, and appears regularly on TV and radio. Her other books include Hollywood Heartbreaks,  Hollywood Haunted and Timmy’s in the Well: The Jon Provost Story, which she co-authored with her husband, the former child actor who played Timmy in TV’s Lassie.   

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    The Scandals And Conspiracies Of Bill And Hillary Clinton - Don Jeffries

    in News

    Donald Jeffries, author of Hidden History: An Exposé of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-Ups in American Politics, joins Jim Paris Live. Jeffries discusses multiple scandals and cover ups of the Clintons, including the deaths of Vince Foster and Ron Brown. Also the mysterious death of associates of Monica Lewinsky. The cover up of the downing of TWA Flight 800, the Oklahoma City bombing, and more.

    Other conspiracies discussed - the JFK assassination, the mysterious death of JFK, Jr., other mysterious Kennedy deaths, and more.


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    Trash Talk Tuesday

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