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    Politics and Scandals are a part of nature and history

    in Politics Conservative

    When you here the word "scandals' most people will automatically think "Politics".

    There are those who feel every thing touched by politicos ultimately turns into a scandal. One of the most popular TV programs is named....yep, Scandal.

    What most people do not realize is that the political scandals of today are not that different from political scandals of say 1970's, 60's,50' or years dating back ti the 1700's.

    So, what makes today's scandal more scandalous? Are they really? Why do people always look for the bad instead of the good in our politicians? Can there be politics without scandals.

    Perhaps the bigger question is, Is there a little bit of scandal in all of us? 

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" this morning and share your thoughts on this scandalous topic.

    See you at 8AM-10AM this and every weekday morning.

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    Shaelyn Pham: Celebrity Relationship Scandals

    in Relationships

    Los Angeles-based psychologist Shaelyn Pham wants us to take a good, hard look at the dark side of celebrity–including why we take such pleasure when the people we elevate to role model status fall from grace. She's here to discuss how to find teachable moments in the latest celebrity scandals, what’s wrong with living for applause, and the real reason depression and other mental disorders are so common among the famous. 

    Dr. Shaelyn Pham is a licensed psychologist, coach, speaker, and the author of the new book “The Joy of Me: Uncover Your Loving Self Through the Art of Being Selfish.” 

    Her website is www.thejoyofme.com

  • New Age apostasy and Church scandals Jackie Alnor-previously recorded

    in Religion

    My guest today is Jackie Alnor of Apostasy Alert.org and The Scattered Sheep broadcast on Blog Talk Radio. Jackie was a friend of the late Walter Martin, and Dave Hunt, both authored many books exposing cults and false teaching.

    We discussed the new age movement and the mingling of word of faith doctrine and the mind sciences. Also, the TBN scandals as well as the growing apostasy in the false church and TV "Ministries."

    Jackie is the author of "The Fleecing of Christianity" who has spent many years as a voice of reason to the body of Christ

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    Full Sport Press: The NFL/ College Football Scandals Show- 9.22.2014

    in Sports

    Join Coach Lock, Jai-Hov and the producer of the show Wezzy as they discuss the hottest sports news of the past week, analyze the biggest scandals in the NFL throughout the last 20 years and reveal the biggest scandals in college football during the BCS Era.

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    in Entertainment

    Starting as a DJ, at the age of 17 years old, Jersey City, NJ native DJ YRS Jerzy is next in line as one of the industry’s next big DJ’s. DJ YRS Jerzy which stands for Young Riot Squad is highly influenced by Funk Master Flex, DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Drama. With those fellow DJ’s being heavy hitters in the game, Jerzy speaks on watching them growing up “Funk Flex was just the king in NYC and I couldn’t go a day without hearing him on the radio, DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz series is amazing and I admire how the industry praises him. DJ Whoo is dope too and when G-Unit took off, it was crazy the mixtapes he put out, Jerzy explains.” 

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    FCG NFL scandals, Isis are they here? and Legacies, why should they matter?

    in Politics

    Today Dave and Rick are back at it and all over the map as usual, from the NFL scandals to the growing threat from ISILor ISIS  and then just to round things out they focus on Legacies and why everyone and they do mean everyone seems to be obsessed with them, but do they really matter or should they even?

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    Dorshowitz Epstein Scandals Royal Blind Eye To an Atrocity

    in Politics

    Voice of Rebellion with Chris Jay and Al Suarez will discuss the scandals regarding alleged pedophiles Dorowitz and Epstein (Epstein has already been convicted) both with obscene amounts of wealth in the sex slavery of minors, connections to people likes of Bill Clinton, and the British royalty (Prince Andrew). Why has the media turned a blind eye to such heinous criminals? Chris Jay and Al Suarez will expose these oligarch criminals.


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    Among All His Scandals,Eric Holder to "Retire" or is it Really his Resignation.

    in Politics Conservative

    Join the  host Robert Jetter, Jr. and panelists Activist Cindy Todd, Founder of Overpasses for America James Neighbors, & Constitutional scholar Kelly Mordecai, with contributor Dan Gray former columnist of the Washington Times. Call in and you stay on the line. You too can Join our Round Table Discussion.

    Follow the Show to get email messages for upcoming episodes. Just hit the follow button of this Link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bards-logic-political-talk

    Bards Logic discusses Eric Holder's resignation. His tenure as Attorney General was rife with scandals. Fast and Furious, Discriminatory Hiring Practices, Fort Hood, AP Surveillance, his pardons, the DOJ's threatening of Free Speech, his stances on immigration and the second amendment,  his weakness on Islamic terrorits and treatment of terrorists as Criminal Defendants Instead of Enemy Combatants, and much more. How likely will Al Sharpton's input affect Obama's decsion on who replaces Holder? Will Holder's resignation do anything to hurt Hillary Clinton's chances of a Democratic nomination for 2016?

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.

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    in Social Networking

    Scandals around the world

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    Hitlery and the Email Scandals

    in Politics


    We discuss the firestrom of controversy surrounding Hilary Clinton's use of emails and servers, belonging to the powers that be. 





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    NBA Unplugged EP112 - Scandals

    in Basketball


    NBA Unplugged is the hottest podcast on the Internet.  

    Each week the boys bring you many great guests (media, bloggers, players, coaches) and the most insightful information the world of the NBA has to offer.  Jacob Noble and James Bucklin bring you the latest news, highlights and opinions on a weekly basis.


    NBAunplugged Twitter

    This week, the guys continued their off court segments from last week to break down the biggest scandals, affairs and tribulations involving NBA players, whether they are rumors or not and if the guys believe them or not.