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    Author Ronald Savage speaks about his sample book, and more

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    This Book is Based on a True Story, this is only the preview giving you a taste of the book, it only has two chapters and a half pages leaving a cliffhanger of the book. - The full book will be out on book shelf's in 2015. The book is based on a person named Jr, he loved to help people, but deep down he went through so many things growing up that it damaged him in ways no one would ever understand. Jr had been hurt by the people that he loved so bad that now as an adult he does not trust people and he goes looking for love in all the wrong people. Jr always finds himself alone, and at the end of the day all he has is himself and his kids. This Book has Explicit Contents and a hip hop street vibe. The full book will talk about how he went from being in Hip Hop to becoming a community leader. I wrote my book Impulse, Urges and Fantasy's which is based on a true story to help many people who are afraid and/or scared to speak about their inner secrets which haunt them every day of their life. I’m talking about victims of innocence, when I was younger in my early young teens; I wanted to be down with the in-crowd, but at what price being with this in-crowd cost me. I spoke about this in the book, I was a victim of innocence, a victim of child endangerment at the hands of someone with power to which I was afraid to come forward or to speak about it, this has cost me to lose what I want most a relationship. 

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    The Great Dragon Which Deceiveth The Whole World II

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    And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:  - Revelation 12

    Part 2 in the series on why the Bible refers to Satan as a great dragon, the old serpent.  I will share some interesting stories related to this knowledge as concept and expound upon other information related to this topic.  We will pick up next week with the series on the Thracian Book of Atam and Eua.

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    The Great Dragon Which Deceiveth The Whole World

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    And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world:  - Revelation 12

    I wanted to review for the new listeners why the Bible refers to Satan as a great dragon, the old serpent while also sharing some interesting stories related to this as concept.  We will pick up next week with the series on Atam and Eua.

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    Macho Man Randy Savage in the HOF!!Raw,TNA on KINGJORDANRADIO

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    Today show look at Randy Macho Can I Savage finally getting into the hall of fame this wrestlemania plus we will look at Raw. Tna and it's first show on destination american plus news on alberto del rio that and much much more follow King Jordan Radio @MrKIngJordan on twitter, Facebook.com/KingJordanRadio We Will Also look at the other possibile people  to go into the Hall of Fame This year Tripple H? The Rock? Owen Hart? Rick Rude? 

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    Cruz Control - Macho Man Randy Savage Gets Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

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    On this edition of The Cruz Control Podcast, host Randy Cruz talks about "Macho Man" Randy Savage finally getting into the WWE Hall of Fame. Randy Savage, one of the most prolific, athletic, charasmatic and greatest wrestlers of all-time, will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday, March 28, 2015 in San Jose, California. 

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    {Game Changers with Jacqueline Jax} Tim Savage Founder of Talent Attach

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    Join host Jacqueline Jax as she sits down with Tim Savage founder of Talent Attach. This live broadcast will feature topics including: social media, building networks for your business, the importance of content creation, and time management for today's entreprenures. 

    If you want to be a Game Changer in today's high tech world, you shouldn't miss this show. We will be discussing what it takes to be successful by offering you personal Insights and tips from Tim Savage and Jacqueline Jax.  Subscribe to the show today: www.AvaLiveRadio.com 



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    Wake Up America And Face The Dragon...Victoria's Voice

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    Apathetic American youths are embarking upon the wide road that is leading to our destruction rather than taking the road less travelled. We now live in a world that is tantamount to national socialism where our individual sovereignty has been eroded away by the domestic enemy within, and, the autonomy of individuals dwindles whilst the great dragon of oppression is daily fed. America, nay freedom itself, finds itself standing upon the eve of destruction awaiting the day of evil to arrive. Wake Up, America–Face the Dragon portrays a mystical insight into politics from the moral and traditional observation of our forefathers. Age old scientific, political, and religious dogma shall finally be clear to those with common sense.

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    'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.'


    CANON LAW:   12: 1,2  Universal Law ? ? ?

    §2. All who are actually present in a certain territory, however, are exempted from universal laws which are not in force in that territory.

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    Dragon Ball Kai Episodes 1-2 Review!

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    Those Guys discuss Dragon Ball Kai episodes 1-2, and More...

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    Wake Up America And Face The Dragon...Victoria's Voice

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    There exists a law in physics that actions have consequences and to every cause there is an effect. From the inception of the Declaration of Independence, Americans were admonished by our forefathers to secure the blessing of liberty. Rather than doing so, this nation became stuck in a quagmire of complacency. Its lethargic populous has been lulled to sleep by conciliatory utterances of disingenuous politicians being flagrantly untruthful to their constituents. Wake Up, America--Face the Dragon provides a close-up look at the mistaken ideas that have shaped our country and what we can do to combat their progression in society. The malignant narcissism of both political parties requires a philosophical journey into logical perceptions of who we are as a civil society and our political and spiritual values

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