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    Movement Building with Joel Segal

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    Criminal Injustice - The Case of Don Siegelman and Rev. Edward Pinkney

    Activists and attorney Burt Wides talk with Joel about the case in Alabama and Benton Harbor, Michigan. Two innocent men are currently being held as politcal prisoners due to judicial misconduct.

    Every American deserves the right to a fair trial with an impartial judge and jury.

    Burt Wides is a pro bono advocate on a variety of national issues especially the balance of national security vs. civil liberties and human rights. He investigated Dick Chemey's War on Terror, including torture and extraordinary rendition for Congresman John Conyers. He has served as Chief of Staff or senior counsel for 3 US Senators and 2 Congressional committees.


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    UFC on Fox 14 recap, new #1 contender at 205, UFC 183: Silva vs Diaz breakdown

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    This week the Majority Decision brings you UFC on Fox 14 recap. Anthony Johnson ran right through Alexander Gustafsson to become the number one contender in the 205 pound division, we will discuss how he did it and how he stacks up against Jon Jones. Dan Henderson fell to Gegard Mousasi in a controversial finish. What is next for the MMA legend? Next week at UFC 183 the greatest off all time, Anderson Silva returns to face Nick Diaz. We will take a look at this UFC dream fight.

    Listen to the Majority Decision every Sunday night at 10 PM central. Subscribe now!  

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    The Super Bowl XLIX Edition (And UFC 183 Preview and Predictions)

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    Welcome back Sports Fans! 

    Tonight's show is airing a little later than usual, however it will be just as awesome. We welcome back Host Jesse Thomas, he will join Jay Valdez and the two will produce entertaining thoughts on this years Super Bowl which features the Champions of the AFC, the New England Patriots and the Champions of the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks. So many individual story lines to speak about, but don't worry, Jay and Jesse won't choose the boring ones.

    The guys are joined by Patriot fanatic and Spot writer; Tianna Hairston. Ms. Hairston will help breakdown this years Super Bowl event being held in Phoenix, Arizona.

    After all the Super Bowl talk the guys will breakdown a Super Fight. UFC 183 in Las Vegas, Nevada will be the site of the return of the Spider; Anderson Silva as the former UFC Middleweight King Pin will be welcomed back to the Octagon by none other than the King of Trash Talk; Nick Diaz. But Diaz Vs Silva isn't the only good fight to watch out for, UFC 183 is jam packed by several different fights that are worth breaking down (and so we will)

    Sit back, keep up and call in if you get theat feeling. Enjoy!

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    411 Ground and Pound Radio Show: UFC 183 Preview

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    The 411 Ground and Pound radio show is back!  This week there's two shows to review in the form of UFC Fight Night 59: McGregor vs. Siver and UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs. Johnson.  Plus we look ahead to next week's UFC 183 when Anderson Silva returns to the cage to take on Nick Diaz!

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    UFC Fight Night 59 Review, UFC on Fox 14 and Super Bowl 49 Preview

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    Good afternoon Sports Fans [!] 

    Tonight's show, Jay and Jesse will review this past weekends UFC Fight Night 59 (UFC Fight Night: McGregor vs. Siver) card which saw some notable highlights during the prelims all erased by Conor McGregor's antics (inside and outside the cage) 

    The guys will also preview this weekends upcoming UFC on Fox 14 (UFC on Fox: Gustafsson vs. Johnson) card which will preview the next challenger to Jon Jones Light Heavyweight Kingdom when Alexander Gustafsson will face off against Anthony "Rumble" Johnson in the Main Event.

    And lastly but not leastly, Jay and Jesse will review this past weekends NFL Conference Championships, debate on just how important the NFL Pro Bowl is to the fans and the players and of course, the most major sports Championship today, Jay and Jesse will talk, pick apart and predict Super Bowl 49 (Super Bowl XLIX) 

    All of that fun plus some more ranting and raving, so join us and have a good time [!] 

  • Debby Sapp Joins Human Rights for Prisoners March

    in Politics Progressive

    Friends, please join us Jan. 5, at 3:00pmEST when Debbie Sapp will be our special guest. Call (347) 857-3293 to speak on air about prisoner abuse and how to give Assistance to the Incarcerated Mentally Ill.

    Debbie wrote: "My son John, a lifelong mentally ill man, obediently took the plea and ended up with 15 YEARS, with NO chance of parole! And, we’re not sure that he’ll even come home when his time is up, because the system is so corrupt that we fear they’ll put up infinite roadblocks. That’s one of the reasons he tried to kill himself – He sees no end in sight. 

    John needs proper mental health care for his bipolar disorder. John was first diagnosed as having mental illness at age 3 while we lived in Delaware. John was a special ed student since age 9. He was admitted to Terry Children's Psychiatric Center because of his aggressive and disruptive behavior. Two years later, John was doing well at school and on weekend visits and was released. Outpatient therapy continued. He did well for a while, then had trouble. He was admitted to Marine Bay Institute. John was in and out of different psychiatric facilities and programs for most of his life. With the help of Rangle Hill Treatment Facility, John was finally stabilized on Lithium and was able to maintain himself without hospitalization for a period of four years. John was even able to be self-sufficient throughout those years. He worked with a lawn care service, and he worked in an entertainment venue at night. Unfortunately, John was falsely accused of a crime and was incarcerated. The charges were eventually dismissed. However, during John's incarceration for six months, he was deprived of his psychiatric medication. This completely destabilized John, and he has never recovered."

    Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) programs restore many former inmates to wholesome lives.

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    Turning Up The Gospel With Howard Sapp - and The Supreme 7 of Florida

    in Religion

    Howard Sapp

    Howard Sapp, an anointed Minister and Psalmist of the Gospel that loves God and God’s people. A native of Florida, Howard now resides in northern Virginia with his lovely wife Faye and their youngest daughter Ashlee. Howard has traveled extensively throughout the US, Canada and Africa preaching and singing and has enjoyed sharing the stage with gospel greats such as Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond, Commissioned, Byron Cage, Vickie Winans and others.

    With over 20 years in ministry, Howard believes in working hard to reach your goals. He just completed his first solo gospel cd project entitled “Look at God” and hopes it will inspire and encourage all who listens. As an ordained preacher, his charismatic and fun loving style reaches out to every age group with inspiring words of love, compassion and hope. It is easy to see the anointing of God on him as he shares what God has put in him.  

    The Supreme 7

    The Supreme 7 was formed in 1995 in Philadelphia, Penn. by Marcus Allen and Antwione Peterson along with other founding members:  Demetrius Starling, Hason Johnson, Willis Harris, Lamonte Murphy, Xavier Brand, and David Moore. The Lord used this crew to pave the roads now traveled by this group.  In 1999, the Lord took Antwione, then playing for the Gospel Keynotes, in another direction with the Supreme 7. He approached Corey Young and Kevin Thompson, who were playing for the Fantastic Violinaires, to join the Supreme 7. By this time, the Supreme 7 had set up base in Florida. 

    "God is always with us; He has saved us and united us together and will always be the Head of our ministry.”  With the number seven representing completion, the Supreme 7 believe that with God, we are complete…not just as a group but as a brotherhood.  

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    Curb Stomp Radio #1: UFC in Boston and Royal Rumble Hype

    in Wrestling

    In the inaugural episode of Curb Stomp Radio, Mitch Nickelson and Sgt. Damage team up to discuss the latest happenings in the worlds of MMA and pro-wrestling.

    UFC has an event this weekend featuring bouts between Connor McGregor and Denis Sivor as well as Ben Henderson and Don Cerrone.The two discuss the event and Sarge breaks down the big matchups with his "In The Corner" segment.

    WWE's Royal Rumble is less than 2 weeks away and will feature a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, and John Cena. Mitch and Sarge discuss what they think will happen in that as well as in the Rumble match. Mitch also reveals his Match of the Week.


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    UFC champ Jon Jones lasts in rehab for one day, Fight Night 59 in progress

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    UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones checks out of rehab after one day. Was rehab a publicity stunt? Jones failed a drug test in December, defended his title in January and now many fans are calling for his title to be stripped. UFC Fight Night 59 will be in progress during the show. We will give you updates and analysis on what transpires while on the air. Can Donald Cerrone beat Ben Henderson and get his second win in 15 days? Will Connar McGregor live up to his own hype against Dennis Siver?

    It is the fastest paced MMA news and opinion podcast on the net, it is The Majority Decision. Every Sunday at 10 PM Central.  

  • UFC 182

    in MMA

    Reviewing the UFC 182 card plus a little Arlow and Tiger chit chat

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    BDSIR NETWORKS:Hour of Power in Sports UFC on fox and Mike Knoxxx's top NFL team

    in Sports


    Miss the sports talk you and your buddies talk about in the Barbershop or at the gym & bar well look no further then DA-Barbershop!!! For one hour a week join Mike Knoxxx and the crew talking the biggest stories in the week in sports!

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