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    ON THE KOWCH with Sandi Athey

    in Lifestyle

    Join us ON THE KOWCH when author of "The Daily Dance" and intuitive SANDI ATHEY returns with your messages from the universe.  

    Everyone has questions about business, love, pets or life in general.  Call in with your questions to 516 418 5594 and have Sandi check and see what messages are waiting for you.  Delicious nibbles and open bar await you.  Feel free to join us in the LIVE chat!  PLUS,  I have new music from Sarah Peacock and Jesse Terry who will start their tour off at Burlap Bean Coffee in Newtown Square, PA.  Will they call in??  Tune in to find out.

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    Psychic Sandi Athey

    in Self Help

    Laura will be interviewing psychic Sandi Athey on today's show.
    Dying To Live: Is Death really the end....or just the beginning? During the show today Laura will be discussing this with Sandi who has been to the other side and back. They will be discussing how you can learn to listen to your intuition, how the near death experience affected Sandi's life, the three things we can do to improve our health and our lives, and what to listen to and ignore from our spirit communications, plus much more.
    Although tragedy is part of Sandi Athey's story, everyone listening to her is touched by an abundance of hope. After Sandi was brutally attacked and strangled to death by a serial rapist, she returned from the other side with a special and powerful gift. The information she received assisted the FBI and police in capturing and convicting a dangerous criminal they had been tracking for more than two years. This devastating experience led to many breakdowns in Sandi's life, but she was able to use her gift to heal herself and bring balance to all areas of her life.
    For more information visit Sandi's site at www.sandiathey.net

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    in Lifestyle

    Everyone has questions, about business, love, pets or life in general.  ON THE KOWCH is thrilled to announce that author and intuitive,  Sandi Athey will be a recurring guest.  The topic tonight will be STRUGGLE....what are you struggling with?  Call in to 516 418 5594 to get your message from the Universal inbox.You have messages waiting...

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    Out of the Fog: The Daily Dance with Sandi Athey

    in Spirituality

    With the Universe as your dance partner, Sandi Athey talks about how to live in balance with the music of creation and awaken our own connection to the great mystery of life. Take a path of self-discovery around seven areas that fill our lives with joy: connection, gratitude, intuition, relationships, health, nature and finding the sacred in life's symbols. Sandi teaches from her own personal experience and shows how you can take the important steps to awakening your own inner psychic and strengthening your intuitive connection to Spirit and Mother Earth. Be sure to check out her latest book, The Daily Dance: Your Guide to Life Happily Ever After. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio.

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    Sandi Rosner TELLS ALL

    in Hobbies

    Sandi Rosner has made her living as a knitter for more than 15 years. She has owned a yarn store, and been a freelance designer, technical editor, teacher and writer. Sandi has been the Creative Director at Premier Yarns since Fall 2014, where part of her job is the development of new yarns, including the new Downton Abbey Yarn Collection.

    Listen Live for chance to win great prizes!

    Stay up to date with the Yarn Thing podcast with the App available on iTunes and for Droid.
    Find our more about Marly at www.MarlyBird.com or follow her on Facebook

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    Psychic Sandi Athey

    in Lifestyle

    Live your life to its fullest with Psychic Sandi Athey today live on the Ryan Lindsay Show. Sandi and Ryan will take calls and Sandi will talk about how you can live your life to the fullest.

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    Goddess Alive Radio - Sandi Amorim and The 100 Day Promise

    in Spirituality

    Goddess Alive Radio is delighted to welcome Master Coach and author Sandi Amorim! Sandi is the author of The 100 Day Promise and the creator of The 100 Day Promise series of online courses each with a different theme.  We are talking creating the life you really want and tips for heart promises - tune in!

    The 100 Day Promise - Living Abundance begins January 1, 2016!

    Sandi Amorim is a Master Coach, NLP Practitioner, and creator of the 100 Day Promise, a successful online program created to help people change with greater ease and effectiveness. She has spent the past twenty years studying what makes us tick, what keeps us stuck and most importantly, what helps us thrive. 

    Goddess Alive Radio is the weekly Blogtalk Radio show for the MotherHouse of the Goddess and is hosted by Kimberly F. Moore, Founder and Priestess of the MotherHouse of the Goddess. We focus on topics about Women’s Empowerment, Alternative Medicine, and Living Mythology – how the Goddess is moving through our lives today.

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    Conversations with PASSION! Mike Calderwood & Sandi Lee

    in Self Help

    Hope you enjoyed the latest episode of the Conversations With PASSION! Radio Show featuring conversations with Coach Mike Calderwood and NS REALTOR Sandi Lee.

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    Neil Haley Interviews Balloon Artist and Author Sandi Masori

    in Education


    Sandi Masori has been called "America's Top Balloon Expert" by local and national media platforms all across the United States.  What began as a way to support her teaching habit (as a first grade teacher), blossomed into a full blown international career.  Besides being the premier balloon decorator in San Diego, Ca, Sandi also runs a very popular DIY Balloon Art You Tube channel that offers weekly DIY balloon projects, and is the author of 4 best- selling books on the topic of balloons, including the The DIY Balloon Bible For All Seasons and The DIY Balloon Hat Bible.  (And a fifth book is in the works). 

    When she's not teaching others how to make balloons, Sandi, ever the teacher, also coaches other author, expert, coaches and speakers on how to build their own expert platform, write and self-publish their authority book, and become an Amazon best seller.  

    Sandi lives in San Diego with her 2 amazing boys and enjoys traveling and eating sushi in her spare time.  

    For more on Sandi, go to http://balloonexpert.com/ or http://www.amazon.com/Sandi-Masori/e/B008ETA9RS or 

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    Spiritual Intuitive SANDI ATHEY

    in Entertainment

    Join Emmy Award winning news journalist Victoria Gaither and Entertainment co-host Michael Kay when we welcome back author and intuituve, Sandi Athey.

    Life not going as planned?  Learn what's holding you back by talking with Sandi Athey, author of "The Daily Dance". Sandi can help you release the past to empower your future decision.  Call in to 718 664 9364 and ask her anything.  Sandi's book is available at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0979990238/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=0979990238&linkCode=as2&tag=heassho04-20   Connect with Sandi personally at www.sandiathey.net.

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    Join Deb Crowe as she interviews Diana Kay Garber 9 & Sandi Mitchell 3/podcast

    in Books

    A reporter once remarked in his article that Feng Shui Master Diana Garber ‘isn’t your typical candle-sniffing cloud watcher.’ In fact, her results have transformed the minds of many skeptics.  She lived a disciplined corporate life while simultaneously pursuing Feng Shui. As VP at a fortune 100 company she oversaw 65,000 workstations and 2,500 servers. She’s worked command centers for the NY terrorist attack, Hurricanes Lili & Isidore, the Ft. Worth tornado, and more.  Diana thrived through 20 major surgeries, two near-death experiences, and the loss of children. She says, “manage your environment consciously or it unconsciously it manages you.  She has achieved much success in the Feng Shui world including serving as the Feng Shui practitioner for The Ohio State University.  Her website is:  http://intuitiveconcepts.com/

    Sandi Mitchell is President and CEO of APEX Leadership Coaching, a firm dedicated to both people and profitability through intentional emphasis on leadership, negotiation, and emotional intelligence for extraordinary leaders. Sandi knows leadership requires more than simply having followers. Her passion is working with high-achieving leaders who want to transition from leading followers to leading leaders.  Sandi works with leaders from small businesses to major corporations to help improve and/or accelerate in areas such as: leadership presence and capability, senior team alignment, strategic planning, emotionally intelligent negotiations, and employee engagement. Her approach utilizes hands-on experiential learning, resulting in the highest impact and results through sustainable, long-term productivity improvements.  Her website is http://www.apexleadershipcoaching.com/