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    Singer and Musician Tomas Doncker returns to #ConversationsLIVE

    in Music

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back recording artist and musician Tomas Doncker to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss how he continues to make music that makes people think and feel and what's coming up next.

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    ScreenPicks Movie Reviews: San Andreas, Aloha & More

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    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review four new films. First, we review San Andreas starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Then, we discuss Cameron Crowe's Aloha, starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, and Rachel McAdams. Next we'll look at Results, starring Guy Pearce, Cobie Smulders, and Kevin Corrigan. Finally, we review Gemma Bovery with Gemma Arterton. 

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    Tips Del Feng Shui Para La Buena Suerte

    in Spirituality

    Tips Del Feng Shui Para La Buena Suerte, hoy nos toca aprender un poco de las tecnicas del feng shui para recibir la buena suerte. Debemos tener claro que la mejor suerte es el encuentro de la preparacion con la oportunidad pero en ocasiones podemos armonizar las energias a nuestro alrededor para que en este momento las cosas fluyan con mayor facilidad. Aprende brevemente sobre lo que es el Feng Shui y como sus tecnicas nos pueden ayudar a combatir la era de salacion o mala suerte en nuestras vidas. 

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    Dr. Marcos Mavungo sai do hospital e reconduzido novamente para a cadeia

    in Radio

    Radio Angola (RA): Entrevista especial da esposa do Dr. Marcos Mavungo (Dona Adolfina) que nos informa desde Cabinda o estado de saúde de marido. Segundo a Dona Adolfina, Dr. Mavungo sai do hospital e reconduzido novamente para a cadeia. Entrevista conduzida por Prof. N'gola Kiluange.

    Segundo um artigo que nos enviado a Redação da Radio Angola e publicado pela Manuela Serrano, "apesar de Gravemente Doente, e Neste Momento com o Agravamento dos Já Graves Problemas Cardíacos, com Paludismo, sem se Conseguir Alimentar, e Não Retendo Nenhum Alimento no Estômago, Não Permitiram Que JOSÉ MARCOS MAVUNGO Ficasse Hospitalizado."

    Perguntas e sugestões podem ser enviadas para info@friendsofangola.org. A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas!

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    in Travel

    San Francisco Travel brings the city to life in a new podcast series, “Sounds of San Francisco.” Recorded by award-winning sound designers, these podcasts tell the story of the city’s iconic sites, offering a behind-the-scenes look into neighborhoods and sounds that make them unique, including: the canle car bell, the Pier 39 sea lions, and the restaurants of Chinatown.

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    Monetizing Your Webinars

    in Business

    With Google+ Hangouts you can hold your own webinars. There are a lot of services that will let you make those Google+ Hangouts private, embedding them into a custom page that can have call to action buttons on it. In this episode you'll learn various ways to monetize your webinar, building a funnel of passive income for your business. Webinars also showcase your expertise and help you build your email database.

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    32 For 32: San Francisco 49ers

    in Sports

    In the first edition of the 32 for 32 report by The Rocket Sports Breakdown, we'll be covering the San Francisco 49ers who were, by far, the biggest soap opera in all of the 2014 off-season. That drama carried over into the regular season which many of us had began to hear rumors of tension between the organization & former head coach Jim Harbaugh, who left to become head coach at his alma mater, Michigan University. In 2015, there have been many changes to this team. It started w/ a new head coaching hire in Jim Tomsula, which resulted in many folks scratching their heads & making more bar trips to drown their depressions. A handful of players have either retired, moved on to other teams in free agency, or simply been cut. However, some of their new editions have included linebacker Darnell Dockett, running back Reggie Bush, & wide receiver Torrey Smith, whose former team Baltimore Ravens defeated the 49ers in the Super Bowl just 3 seasons ago. He'll be reunited alongside Anquan Boldin, who was also on that Ravens team before being traded to San Fran. The big question for the Niners is what type of team will they be in 2015? We'll discuss that & their first round draft pick - defensive end Arik Armstead (Oregon) & more on The Rocket Sports Breakdown which airs this Wednesday morning @ 9:30am on Blog Talk Radio. Rocket Nation, get ready for our first big 32 for 32 power trip.

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    Hot Tubs San Tan Valley, Mesa, Swim Spas

    in Health

    Hot Tubs San Tan Valley, Mesa, AZ - Dimension One Portable Spas  480-969-6224 or http://www.SouthwestSpas.com - Swim Swim Spas on Sale, Low Prices and Great Service on Hot Tubs, Used Spas, Swim Spas, 85140, 85143, 85204, 85201

    Help Insomnia In 20 Minutes a Day With a Dip In the Family Hot Tub

    There are countless reasons why insomnia hits, but few strategies really work to bring the deep, well-rested sleep we need and deserve. Here’s how to help with insomnia in just twenty minutes a day with a dip in the family hot tub.

    Soak 30-60 Minutes Prior to Going to Bed
    Heat from the hot tub elevates body temperature naturally, getting out causes a sharp decline. This decrease in internal body temperature alerts the brain that it’s time to sleep.

    All Natural Stress Relief
    Falling asleep is never easy with tension and anxiety present. Heat and soothing massage relax tense muscles on contact, making it easier than ever to slow the mind & drift off effortlessly.

    Usher In a Peaceful, Pain Free Sleep
    For people living with chronic pain, bedtime can be frustrating. A dip in the hot tub is a fast acting, proven remedy to banish pain for restful sleep.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “First Time Spa Buyers Most Frequently Asked Questions.” Just give us a call at 480-969-6224 or visit our website at: http://SouthwestSpas.com

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    Hot Tubs San Tan Valley

    Hot Tubs Mesa AZ

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    Un Santo Para Cada Peticion

    in Spirituality

    Un Santo Para Cada Peticion, sabias que hay un santo para cada peticion. En verdad a los santos le podemos pedir sin importar su partonazgo pero la gente suele acudir a la ayuda de algunos con peticiones especificas ya que todo esto se relaciona con quien fueron, lo que hicieron en vida y ciertos patrones que se han observado. Lo mas importante en hablar de todo esto es el reconocer de que el MAYOR SANTO al que debemos pedirle es a Dios. Todo el poder proviene de EL, pero los santos son nuestros hermanos mayores que estan mas cerca a la Gloria, estan en una comunion espiritual mas perfecta a la de nosotros. Por este motivo, ellos y ellas pueden pedir por nosotros y la respuesta cuando las oraciones se hacen con fe y confianza, es ver lo que se pide. Eso cuentan los creyentes y hoy vamos a conocer algunos de ellos. 

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    True Paranormal: We're Back ... Celebration & Friday Night Para Party

    in Paranormal

     Hosts, Jonathan Lento & Deb DeRousse will bring you some breaking news tonight, then on to our Friday night para party!  Jonathan and Deb are both Mediums and have worked in the paranormal field for around 20 years each.  They enjoy bringing their experiences to all who wish to listen, learn, or share.  

    Call in with your stories or questions 347-850-8292

    Join us on Facebook @  https://www.facebook.com/trueparanormal?fref=ts  Give us a "Like" and stay updated with our shows!!

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    Que Hacer Para Tener La Buena Suerte

    in Spirituality

    Que Hacer Para Tener La Buena Suerte, este es el tema del dia. Todos buscamos suerte y con lo que vamos a compartir hoy, aprenderas a como tenerla en tu vida personal. Hablaremos de todo un poco y de los ingredientes que tienes a tu alcance para cambiarla a tu favor.