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    Kurtis Blow, The Undisputed Original King Of Hip Hop Chats With Sally b.

    in Music

    Kurtis Blow chats with Voice Coach Sally b. about his own experience working with a voice coach, the key to success for aspiring music artists and about his new album, "Hip Hop Church - Volume 3". Rapper, Actor and Producer of hit movie, "Straight Outta Compton", Ice Cube weighs in about the music biz vs the movie biz. Bunny Debarge, from the legendary Motown R&b singing group, "Debarge" calls an aspring singer and fan to give a voice lesson. During the voice lesson she shares her secret about harmonizing. 

    Special Thanks To:

    Kurtis Blow, our special guest...you are the GREATEST! God Bless you. 

    Matt Pais, famous RedEye movie critic and music editor. Find him at RedEyeChicago.com - thanks for the audio clip Matt!

    Shanice, R&b singer & star of hit new reality show "Flex & Shanice" for the shout out! Your show is coming up next!

    Bunny Debarge! Thanks sis for your love and support. Everybody please check out Bunny's page at VocalzMusic.com!

    KamyahTheStar! Thanks angel. You did a fantastic job on the show! Yall please follow her on Twitter @KamyahTheStar 

    Tamir "Nokio" Ruffin of R&b singing group, "Dru Hill" for the shout out! Thanks for your support, Tamir! 

    James Moore (JB) Music Publisher of Kurtis Blow's song, "Basketball"...You're so awesome! Enjoyed our chat!

    www.VocalzMusic.com For More Info and updates. Also I post daily at Facebook.com/VocalzMusic & Tweet me at YourSinginCoach - Please SHARE my show. 

    This episode is dedicated to my brother, William "David" Veney. We lost him earlier this year. I managed to get in a little shout out for him at the end of the show. RIP David!

    Yours in music!

    Sally b. 




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    Guest: Sally Aderton

    in Culture

    Jim and Jennifer are honored to talk with Sally Aderton. Healer, Non-denominational Spiritual Teacher, and Post-technological Mystic Sally Aderton helps individuals and organizations help themselves. With over 40 years of education and experience teaching worldwide using multiple modalities and creative panache, she facilities others to trust their own journey, be free from pain, and use the compass of their own heart to lead authentic lives. Energy In Motion – Evolution, Revolution, and The Human Condition is Sally’s forthcoming book sharing her wisdom, true stories of miraculous healing, tools to develop your own intuition and expand your awareness, and practical steps to freedom through forgiveness. For more information about her business Intuitive Arts & Sciences or ‘the art and science of knowing’ with the tagline As we heal ourselves, we heal the world, visit www.sallyaderton.com or check her Facebook Page www.facebook.com/IntuitiveArtsandSciences for her travel schedule and upcoming events.


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    Anna and the Angels with guest Sally Claridge Teixeira

    in Spirituality

    Join me for another radio show this time with my guest Sally Claridge Teixeira who will be talking about her powerful journey and sharing love and guidance with us for this present time. 

    Sally Claridge Teixeira is an inspirational channel, healer and spiritual teacher.  Bringing through the collective conscious energy of Channelling Love, Sally holds the space for physical healing, insight and spiritual awakening to take place within this powerful healing current.  Sally is the co-creator of the Illumination Oracle Deck which uniquely offers guidance through sacred art with channelled words and she also facilitates The Power of Love workshops and Safari Spirit Retreats.

    For more details: www.channellinglove.com 

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    Sally Fallon Interview

    in Health

    Preview interview with Sally Fallon about the Weston A. Price Foundation and about the upcuming HEALTH Unplugged conference in London.

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    in conversation with Author Sally Ember

    in Art

    in conversation with Author Sally Ember

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    Sally b's Singing Flat Blog Featuring Interviews With CHT Show Finalists

    in Pop Culture

    Singing Flat Notes is a new singing blog created by Voice Coach, Sally b. and that is now available at SingingFlat.Tumblr.com. On Wednesdays, usually around 7p.m. Eastern time, our Blog Talk listeners can tune in to hear an audio version of the blog. 

    Today's show is a SPECIAL EDITION show. Voice Coach Sally b. interviews five of the ten show finalists of the annual Culpeper Has Talent (CHT) event that takes place this year at the State Theatre in Culpeper, Va on March 28, 2015 at 8p.m. In this eposode any aspiring singer who is tuning in can benefit from the description of the experiences described by today's guests. Step into their world and you'll be able to relate to many of their experiences as an up and coming singer or talent show contestant. 



    Band, Contending

    Band, MoonDogs

    Male Vocalist, Sam Huff

    Band, JTown

    Female Vocalist, Clare Sukly





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    Interview with Sally Holmes Reed, Book 1 & Diana Allen, Book 8

    in Books

    Sally is the owner of HypnosisSeattle.com, the founder of ChannelYourSuccess.com and creator of the Channel Your Success Formula.  Sally specializes in multi-level mindset mastery, focusing on spiritual awareness, health and wellness and personal growth to achieve the goals that matter to you most in your personal and professional lives. 

    Diana Allen has, for the last twenty-eight years, been a shaman, musician, and artist. During this period, she has pioneered the synthesis of traditional and other compatible healing modalities. In 1994, she left Canada and began a transformational journey. She has lived at many sacred sites, studying and teaching in twenty-five countries on six continents.  In the early 1990s, she founded and operated the Expanded Awareness Healing Centre in Kamloops, BC. Diana lives in the south of France and her website is: www.dianallenshamanichealing.com

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    Sally b. Presents 29 Most Horrible Singing Habits

    in Entertainment

    From her "Singing Flat Notes" Blog Voice Coach Sally b. demonstrates some of the most horrible singing habits she's ever witnessed from a singer. She'll read from her blog dated March 19, 2015 and entitled "29 Bad Singing Clues", which is posted for readers at SingingFlat.Tumblr.com . It will be the BEST 7 minutes you ever spent! Do any of the BAD SINGING HABITS presented in today's blog apply to you or someone you know? If so please tell us about it! Leave us a message in the comment area of this page and if you like this broadcast please FOLLOW our show today and SHARE with friends...you'll also be alerted when a new show is added. If you'd like to receive a FREE vocal consulation please record your 90 second a cappella song here: SpeakPipe.com/WVMP. 

    Need a Voice Coach? Go to VocalzMusic.com to learn more about our services. Thanks for tuning in today. 

    Yours in music!

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    BTR Guest Former Jehovah's Witness Sally Peterson

    in Religion

    Saturday 10/24/15 Special time!!!! 2pm ET/1pm CTRL/12pm MTN/11am Pac  Call in and listen, share comments or ask questions at 1-347-934-0379 or online at:


    Sally Peterson a former Jehovah's Witness shares her testimony of coming out of the Jehovah's Witnesses and receiving Jesus as her Lord. She tells her story of being raised in the Jehovah's Witnesses in this podcast

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    Test Your Range With Sally b. And Hear The Best Unsigned Artists In the U.S.A.

    in Music

    Episode 2, Entitled, "TEST YOUR RANGE WITH SALLY b AND HEAR THE BEST UNSIGNED ARTISTS IN THE U.S.A."  lasts about 23 minutes and features the music of four Unsigned Artists who were presented previously. This show concludes with an opportunity for singers to test their range with Sally b's RANGE TESTER. Singers can make note of their current range and contact Voice Coach Sally b. for more additional guidance. We hope all singers will give our RANGE TESTER a try. 

    If you LOVE the Unsigned Artists you hear today please TELL US. We always appreciate your feed back. 

    Please note: Sally b. will return to live broadcasts soon. For now please submit your copyrighted pop, R&b, or Gospel music to Sallyb@VocalzMusic.com. 

    Singers can submit their a cappella singing performance to: speakpipe.com/WVMP 

    Check out Sally b's latest BLOG at: singingflat.tumblr.com 

    She's also available for CHAT at: Facebook.com/VocalzMusic or you can TWEET her @YourSinginCoach

    Our show airs at 7p.m. on Sundays righ here on WVMP courtesy of BLOG TALK RADIO

    Yours in music!

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    Beyond The Music. Sally b. Chats With R&b Royalty, Bunny Debarge

    in Pop Culture


    "Hey! Where'd You Get That Pot?" You'll have to tune in to find out! 

    Beyond The Music. R&B Royalty, Bunny Debarge Joins The Show To Speak With Sally b. About How To Deal With Music's Triumphs and Tribulations. 

    The DeBarge family’s triumphs and tribulations traveled from their spectacular rise to the top of R & B music royalty, to their fall from grace and finally to their reemerging careers. In this episode Bunny Debarge offers encouragement and preventive wisdom to today's up and coming artists. 

    Later in the show Bunny Debarge will join our SINGING FLAT panel to help evaluate talented singers who will be asked to present their a cappella performance. This segment will be full of surprises! 

    And last but not least, we'll close out the show with a LISTENING PARTY. We will present the music of 4 of the best new UNSIGNED artists in the USA. Fans can tune in and help us decide which of our featured artists is most likely to have a hit song and award winning success in music. 



    Jtwizz - Urban Contemporary 

    Erikka J. - R&b

    Kyle Ahn - Urban Contemporary 

    Alex Caruso  - Pop



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