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    Join us Tuesday night 19th November 2013 at 7:00pm GMT, 21:00 hrs Zambian time when we host renowned lawyer Mr SAKWIBA SIKOTA SC . The issues: the conviction of a deputy minister over forgery, corruption allegations made by two very senior PF officials that the ACC has not acted upon, the general political situation. 

    In second segment we feature Hon Cornelius Mweetwa who is Choma Central MP . If you live in his constituency, tune in , call in and Skype in as we look at how your elected leader is representing you, putting projects into place and how the CDF has been spent !

    To listen Live log in onto www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfire . 

    We will also be LIVE on Flava Fm on the Copperbelt 

    call in on 00 1 347 838 8065 ( USA) , 00 44 114 3601992( UK) or Skype : Mueti2004

    This is CrossFire! It's your MP , it's your Call ! We provide the platform

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    Join us Tuesday night  13 November 2012 at 07:00pm GMT, 21:00hrs Zambian time , 11am PST , 2pm EST  when we host the Founders of Coalition for the Defence of Democratic Rights in Zambia (CDDR), Mr Sakwiba Sikota and Mr Robert Amsterdam . This organisation was created to collect information of any human rights abuses on Individuals or organisations . We find out what significance does this organisation have to the Zambian people .    To participate call the show host on 00 1 347 838 8065( USA) , 00 44 114 360 1992 ( UK)  or SKYPE: Mueti2004    To listen in log in onto www.crossfireblogradio.com  or www.blogtalkradio.com/politicalcrossfire    we shall be live on radio in Zambia on Zambezi Fm ( Livingstone ) 107.7 phone in number is 0969 107107 and Flava FM ( Copperbelt) 87.7 ... WE ALSO DEBUT ON YAR FM 89.9 (Copperbelt) 

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    Mr Sikota Wina

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    Mr Sikota Wina was among the young Zambian nationals who formed the first cabinet of the young independent republic in 1964. The nation witnessed this young politician’s career spiral through the decades up to the nations democratic revolution which swept the nation in the early 90s. Mr Wina found himself in the political spotlight with first republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda due to his outspoken and numerous accusations of plotting against the government of UNIP.   Mr Wina a veteran politician is our featured guest for our 49th independence anniversary special feature to share his involvement and experiences during the struggle for independence. He will also discuss his political career through the years and Zambia’s democratic process, economic development, and issues concerning the Barotseland Agreement.

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    Mr. Ravi Devalia- October 11, 2014

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    Mr Ravi Devalia is our guest on our Special Jubilee feature whose family has lived in Eastern & Southern Africa since the late 1800 after migrating from India. His father Dr Bhimsinh Jiwa Devalia moved from Mombasa, Kenya to Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia in 1935 where they settled. Dr B.J. Devalia became a successful businessman and Chairman of the Northern Rhodesia Indian Congress in 1940 to 1960. He became very influential and involved in sending some prominent Africans to study in India secretly and to learn Gandhi's principles of non-violent struggle for independence. Mr Godwin Imbikusita Lewanika the then president of ANC was the first beneficiary and others followed later including Mr Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe, Mr Nalumino Mundia, Mr Daniel Lisulo, Mr Arthur Wina, Mr Sikota Wina to mention a few.

    Mr Ravi Devalia joins us to discuss his families legacy and contribution to the independence struggle of Zambia, what it was like growing up a Devalia in colonial Africa. Ravi is the Chairman of the Devalia Group of Companies which is into outdoor and indoor advertising, signage, bill boards, digital wide format vinyl printing, banners, tri-visions, vehicle branding. They are also involved in consultancy for international agencies and investment advisory services to prospective investors into Zambia. He is also a Past District Governor of Rotary International having represented three Rotary International President's in New Jersey- USA, Liverpool-UK, and Abeokuta-Nigeria. 

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    Brig. Gen Godfrey Miyanda- Part II

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    Gen Miyanda will continue the discussion on the political situation in Zambia due to overwhelming demand from our listeners. Join us on Tuesday 5th March 2013 at 7pm GMT, 11am PST, 2pm EST , 21:00hrs Zambian time as we continue from our interview on Saturday .  To participate , call 00 1 347 237 4270 ( USA) , or Skype on nnkhama 

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    ZBTR Round Table- Political Drama in Zambia

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    Is Zambia making it a norm to revoke it's former presidents' immunity from prosecuition? The PF government is threatening to remove former president Rupiah Banda's immunity. During the past week opposition leaders of political parties were in South Africa demanding Zambia's suspension from the Commonwealth for abuse of human rights, to what extent will this suspension if effected punish the party in power. Another by-election is looming as President Sata appoints an opposition MP into his cabinet. Join us as we content with the current political drama in Zambia. 

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    Ketra Davenport & Voices of Anakazi

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    Minister Ketra L. Davenport founded Life After Advocacy Group, Inc. in May of 2004 which is a non-profit organization committed to promoting awareness and prevention in sexual, verbal, emotional and physical abuse by identifying, admitting and advocating education within the church body and local communities. LAAG Inc. helps victims understand the nature and origin of sexual, emotional, mental, and verbal abuse as they walk through this journey, we call LIFE.
    It’s mission and vision include to assist children, women and men in promoting a balanced life after being sexually abused through creating a confident, caring and personal environment. To rehabilitate the lives of sexually abused and rape victims. Also provide advocates for leadership and encouragement on sexual abuse issues.  Ms Davenport joins us on Spotlight to discuss her work and the upcoming awareness projects during the month of April. She’s a strong advocate and believer that there is a life after being a victim of sexual abuse.
    Glenda Puteho McCoo Wina has a long and close relationship with the people and the nation of Zambia. She arrived in Lusaka from her home town of Los Angeles in 1963, the year before Independence, in what was then the Protectorate of Northern Rhodesia, to marry the Honorable Sikota Wina. He was a leader of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) and Parliamentary Secretary in the first majority-elected government.
    In 1971 Mrs. Wina returned to Los Angeles with her daughter, Mpambo. She became the first African-American news anchorwoman with a network owned and-operated television station in Los Angeles, KNXT, and one of the first specialist reporter-editors in health and science subjects in a major market, and won numerous awards and honours.