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    Saint Jean-François-Régis Clet

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    Tenth of fifteen children; his father was a farmer and merchant, and the boy was named after Saint John Francis Regis. He was raised in a pious family; one brother became a priest, one sister a nun. Studied at the Jesuit Royal College at Grenoble, France. Joined the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) in Lyons, France on 6 March 1769, making his final vows in 1771. Ordained in 1773. Professor of moral theology at the Vincentian seminary in Annecy, France. Nicknamed “the walking library” due to his encyclopedic knowledge. Rector of Annecy in 1786. Director of novices in Paris in 1788. Director of the internal seminary at mother-house of the Congregation of the Lazarists in Paris, France. His community was disbanded, and their house destroyed by the French Revolutionists. Missionary to China in 1791. Assigned to Kiang-si in October 1792, the only European in the area; in 28 years of work, he never mastered the language. In 1793 Clet moved to Hou-Kouang in the Hopei Province where he served as superior of an international group of Vincentian missioners scattered over a very large territory; his pastoral area covered 270,000 square miles. In 1811 government anti–Christian persecutions intensified; the missionaries were accused of inciting rebellion, and had to pursue their work while on the run, often hiding in the mountains. On 16 June 1819, with a bounty on his head, Francis was betrayed by a Christian schoolmaster whose behavior the missionary had tried to correct. Force marched hundreds of miles in chains to trial. On 1 January 1820 he was found guilty of deceiving the Chinese people by preaching Christianity.

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    Violet Flame Saturday for the Balancing of Yin and Yang - with Saint Germain

    in Spirituality

    Violet Flame Saturday - Balancing the Yin and Yang

    Click HERE for today's booklet !

    Today's Violet Flame Saturday is about creating a divine balance within us and our world. We will be working with Saint Germain, the Violet Flame, Kwan Yin, Archangel Michael and his Blue Flame Angels. This week broadcast is designed to help us get in touch with the inner most power, wisdom and love found in each and every heart, including our own! Today, we gather to BE the Light of the World. Please join in these decrees and meditation as inspired, let's have fun and joy Being Light!

    Espavo < Thank you for taking your Power

    Ascension NOW! www.anow.org

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    Emerald Tablet Radio-Karma & Within the Chaos- Christopher Saint Booth

    in Paranormal

    Emerald Tablet Radio 9pm- Tara Perfetti Street and Holly Mullins discuss Karma and Dharma.


    Within the Chaos 10pm- Rodney Shortridge and Robyn Dalton interviews Christopher Saint Booth and his wife Rachel.

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    Humanitarian Radio hosts Tony Saint Tone and Janie Boisclair 2016 Goals

    in Spirituality

    Humanitarian Radio hosts Tony saint Tone and Janie Boisclair 

    Tony and Janie Talk about tips and inspirations to help you jump start your new year.

    Positive Songs this week "Road To Me"  and "Shine Your Light" By Saint Tone 

    Give the Gift of Music Please visit - www.SpiritofMusicFoundation.org

    More Positive Music at www.SaintTone.com  www.Facebook.com/SaintTone

    MORE SHOWS AT www.HumanitarianRadio.com Tony@HumanitarianRadio.com

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    A Look At Saint Paul, The 3rd Commandment and More!

    in Christianity

    Join Catholic author and speaker Gary Zimak as he looks at the conversion of Saint Paul. Why did the Lord choose Paul to become the apostle to the gentiles? We'll also take a look at the 3rd commandment and learn why we must keep holy the Sabbath. Don't miss this jam-packed episode of The Gary Zimak Show!

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    LOTL Radio Welcomes Greg Banks known as The Saint Of Soul'releases double single

    in Music

    Greg Banks, known as “The Saint Of Soul” releases his self titled double single


    The A Side/B Side modern retro twist pays homage to the origin of Soul, Funk, Rock-n-Roll while ushering in a new sound. “The Saint Of Soul A Side B Side” delivers a follow-up to the EP “Lagniappe” which many called “the gift that kept on giving”.

    The A Side, “I Won’t Tell” has a grungy lead guitar, with a funky kick and vocals that scream desire. Be prepared to unlock every fantasy without ever leaving the dance floor.

    The B Side, “Closer To You” touches more of a sensual transparency, showing the vulnerability of a man unselfishly in love. It warms the heart as it releases the soul.

    Banks reveals opposite sides of himself, as art was never meant to be contained. We release the freedom of music, relinquishing the limitations of genres. Enjoy

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    The Masked Saint: The Movie, The Release, The Screening, The Cast, The Producer

    in Religion

    Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications Online Radio Shows - The Pastor J. Rouse Show, The Discussion, What Would You Do (WWYD), He Said She Said, Healthy Happy & Holy and Wright On Point Hot Topics live on air Wednesdays at 8pm EST (7pm CST) and syndicated via TruLight Radio Saturdays at 3pm (SAST) (8am EST; 7am CST & 1pm UK/GMT).

    -  The Masked Saint "The Movie"

         *  A private sneak peak screening of the movie;

         *  The Producer, Cliff McDowell;

         *  The Actress, T.J. McGibbon;

         *  The Host, Faith Culture Live and Event Centre;

         *  The Release and The Giveaway;

    - Update Interview with Diane Johnstone on Desperate Church Wives, the phenomenal one woman play:

         *  War Room, the movie update, showing and reviews;

    -  The Resolutions continue....

    -  Rouse Ministries Highlights, Shout Outs and Updates...

    We want to hear from you! Have your say! Email us at rouseministriesbroadcasting@gmail.com or pastorjrouseshow@gmail.com, message us here on FB, connect with us on Twitter @ pastorrouseshow

    We're covering a covering under God - Live on The Pastor J. Rouse Show...

    - More new Music;- International Events and Happenings; - Birthday Shout Outs, Church Shout Outs, Special Anniversary Shouts, Upcoming Rouse Ministries Events, International Christian Events and Happenings and much much more.

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    Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour:Crystals & Retrogrades Jon Saint Germain 1/17/16

    in Spirituality

    The Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour is a real, live call-in show where the general public gets a chance to ask about actual problems with love, career, and spiritual protection, and we recommend and fully describe hoodoo rootwork spells to address, ameliorate, and remediate their issues. We begin this show with a Discussion Panel focussed on the topic of Crystals to Get You Through Mercury Retrogrades and other "Astrological Bad Weather". You will learn a lot just by listening -- but if you sign up at the Lucky Mojo Forum and call in and your call is selected, you will get a free consultation from three of the finest workers in the field, cat yronwode, ConjureMan Ali, and a special guest from AIRR, Jon Saint Germain.

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    Adamus Saint-Germain live channeling!

    in Spirituality

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.

    Listen to the monthly message from Adamus Saint-Germain, live from the Crimson Circle Studio & Connection Center in Louisville, Colorado, home base for the Crimson Circle. Adamus is channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe with assistance from Linda Hoppe. After a bit of breathing and some music, Geoffrey and Linda bring in the energies of Adamas Saint-Germain for up to two hours of information, laughter, New Energy spirituality and intrigue. There's never a dull moment with Adamus and the live audience at the CC Studio. Tune in here or watch the live video webcast at www.crimsoncircle.com.

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    "Dealing w/ the Freak in the Saint"-DETOX IS REAL-Steve Johnson on KLJN 107.7

    in Radio


    KLJN 107.7

    Join Steve Johnson for a powerful discussion that will be referencing Ephesians Chapter 4:19 and our sexuality and how that ties into being a saint. If you have ever wondered, "Can I be saved and still have a freaky, sexual side?" Have you ever asked, "Can I, as a man or woman, play with sex toys and be a christian?" Have you ever been privy to a debate where the question arouse, "Can me and my husband or wife watch together?" Is it OK to take care my sexual needs myself as a christian? Listen as Steve addresses these questions and so many more! You want want to miss this discussion!


    HOST: Steve Johnson

    SONG CREDIT: McCrae - "Clean This House"

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    KITĀB AL-MAGĀLL - The Secret Book of Saint Clement

    in Religion

    This book is one of the hidden books of Saint Clement the Apostle, disciple of Simon Cepha, which Saint Clement commanded to be kept secret from the laity. Some of them were called “The Book of the Rolls,” and there are the glorious genealogies and mysteries which our God and Saviour Jesus the Christ committed to his disciples Simon and James, and what things will happen at the end of time, and how the second coming of our Lord the Christ from heaven to the world will happen, and what will become of sinners and such like. This is the sixth of Clement’s books, treasured up in the city of Rome since the time of the Apostles.

     Saint Clement said, When our God Jesus the Christ went up to heaven and the disciples were scattered in the regions of the world to evangelize, and to call mankind to the faith and to immersion by baptism, they took disciples, whom they chose and selected to be with them, and to travel about to the countries in the faith of the Christ. Wherefore Simon Cepha took me for a disciple to himself; I believed in him, and in Him that sent him, with a true faith; I recognized that he was chief of the Apostles, to whom were given the keys of heaven and earth, on whom was built the Catholic Apostolic Church of God, which p. 2 the gates of Hell shall not destroy, as our God Jesus the Christ said in the holy Gospel. After a long time he took also my brothers Constans and Constantinus to be his disciples.

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