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    How to Create a Safe Space for Your Propsects and Clients

    in Business

    In taking your prospects from resistant to sharing what’s really going on within their organizations to ready to share confidential information, salespeople must develop a certain amount of trust with their prospect.  Join us for this thoughtful interview with Maxine Attong about how to create a safe space for your prospects and clients.

    Maxine Attong is passionate about writing, facilitation and coaching.  She believes that these skills allow her to live her personal mission statement “To enhance the lives of the people with whom I make contact” 

    Attong is a Certified Management Accountant with over 20 years qualified experience in a range of industries—gas and oil, financial services, retail and manufacturing. 

    She is a Certified Professional Facilitator and a Certified Evidence Based Coach, and uses the magic of coaching to provide safe and confidential environments in which clients can achieve business or personal goals.    Maxine’s coaching style is based on the concepts of positive psychology.  She specializes in transition which she defines as “moving clients from where they are to where they want to be”.  In business, this translates to working with recent promotions, new hires (on boarding), and employees who may present an organizational challenge or executive coaching.

    Maxine is the also the author of two books – Change or Die and Lead Your Team To Win (GreenLeaf 2014).  “Lead Your Team To Win” shares an alternate leadership style that she developed after many years of leading and observing others lead teams.  She suggests that employee’s will achieve optimal performance when leaders provide a safe space within which they can take risks.


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    ** Dianetically Speaking ** The Art of Listening ** Communication continues..**

    in Culture

    ASA~ Family, please tune in for another episode of Dianetically Speaking with our special guest: Student Minister Tony Muhammad,, we're very excited and the focus of this program is Listening !!! We will also delve into Deliberative Dialogue so be sure to invite Family and Friends once again to a very informative program... Your questions and comments are welcomed ,,,,,   Call in @ 347.857.4514  also via www.blogtalkradio.com/hereafterisnow

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    ADHD ( ADD ) Listening and Communication skills. Innovation 4 Todays World

    in Self Help

    Learn tomorrows communication skills that put you ahead of everyone by being able to focus easily on what another is saying instead of looking for dangerous stimulation elsewhere during a conversation. Not only will you hear another more distinctly, they will appreciate your skills highly as they are understood while using these futuristic skills. You can learn them now.

    Find easier ways to communicate yourself by listening eaasier what others are saying first. The patience you have will make you a better communicator.

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    in Lifestyle

    Join Dr. Sharon Johnson on the topic of Becoming a Person of Influence by Listening.

    "You never know how close you are to a million dollar idea unless you are listening"

    Visit http://www.comtivate.com

    Do you have a story you want to share on the show? Send me an email to info@comtivate.com

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    'No Safe Haven'

    in News

    In this episode of Independence Nation, Keith A. Pitts, MSE will explore the "No Safe Haven" statement declared by President Obama and will pose the question why that statment doesn't apply to the 14 people involved in the 9/11 attack, which escaped the country to Saudi Arabia.  Why it refers to Isis but no the Saudi escapees that have close relationship with the bush family.  Othe news: Scottish independence, Ukraine military drills and ebola hazmat suits.  Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday @ 3pm.

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    Happy Holidays to Our Listening Audience

    in Lifestyle

    We would like to wish each and everyone Happy Holidays. We will be back on air Sunday, January 11, 2015. From all of us here at 50+The Second Half ~ It's Our Time a warm Holiday Season and we hope you receive everything you asks for during this time of year. It is our hope that you will continue to listen to us in 2015 for we will have some informative information to share with you. This is the time to spend and share love with family and friends. 2014 was a great start for us and we know 2015 will be even better for us. We are taking this time to line all our shows up for 2015 to bring you "News You Can Use". So again, we wish you a safe and enjoyable New Year. We hope to hear from you in 2015.


    Happy Holidays from all of us here at "Sports Nation" and 50+ The Second Half ~It's Our Time Radio Show

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    Why Playing It Safe is Risky

    in Entrepreneur

    Baker shares his thoughts on why playing it safe in life and in business is very risky.

    Learn how to make money with me on the internet by connecting with my Online Marketing FB Page  here https://www.facebook.com/bakerjacintomarketingsuccess

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    Improve Your Social Media Listening Skills

    in Business

    The Tools You Need & What You'll Learn

    Pharmaguy interviews Leigh Fazzina, Principal, Fazzina & Co. Communications Consulting, Inc., who talks about her passion for social media listening for pharma and who within the organization is best suited for leveraging the learnings from social media listening.

    Questions/Topics of Discussion

    Define for us what you mean by social media "listening?" Are we talking about just Twitter or other social media platforms as well? Which are most important for pharma marketers and corporate communications professionals?
    What tools do you use for social media listening? Why?
    How do you recommend a pharma company start their social listening? Do they need a formal social listening program? How do they decide among the 20 or so that exist?
    Can you give us a "real-life" example of what pharma marketers/corporate communications professionals can learn from using the social media listening tools you recommend? How can these learnings be applied to solving specific marketing/communications problems and/or improve health outcomes?
    You have alluded to FDA's social media listening. Is FDA actively listening to social media? What about pharma companies?
    You seem to believe that communications professionals - create the most effective social media communications. Why do you believe that's true? What is a marketer's role?

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    Divine Role of Listening: What every Spiritual Aspirant Needs to Know

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever thought about why we are here in this world without a more dependable communication system funtioning between our Higher SELF and our personal self? 

    Why is a relialbe system not part and parcel of our existence guranteeing us safe passage in a wold that is so complex with free will, duality, and maya all going on at once? 

    You must have asked yourself, "Am I missing something here or is that intentional?" 

    Listen : (LO:L) and join our conversation for input no serious seeker of TRUTH ought to be without!  Let's get our 'ducks in a row' so our efforts to reunite with our Creator are as effortless as our Beloved Divine has always Intended to be The WAY....

    Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Listening Session & Exclusive Interview with Richie Acevedo

    in Entertainment

    One Famm Music Group/Universal Music Group Recording Artist Richie Acevedo sent us a few tracks from his latest project, "Basquiat." Neo-expressionism, best describes Richie Acevedo’s latest project, “Basquiat” which pays homage to the late painter, Jean Michel Basquiat. In an effort to revive music as an artistic expression, Richie experiments by mirroring Basquiat’s artistic expression. Richie inverts Basquiat’s expression of painting to his own life experiences that leads him to lyrically reflect on his past, illuminate his present and reveal his blueprint for his future. A professional on every level, Richie's diversity as an artist defies industry standards, and creative restriction. 

    This is your chance to witness a star being born. Visit iamacehigh.com to check out some of this amazing content before the show. 

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    Who are you? And who are you listening to?

    in Christianity

    On today's show on Just Keeping it 100, the topic is Who are you? And who are you listening to? Yes as believers we are so often thrown off by opinions and perpectives of others that we lose sights of our very own purpose and assignment. How discouraged we become is due to our insecurity about our position in God, not title but relationship. The next thing we experience is not discerning the voice which speaks to us and determine what our next course of action is. Are you stuck in a place of insecurity and doubt? Well, tune in today to break free of it all.

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