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          Okay, news travels fast, and fast growing, continues here with TJRS - The J Ril Show.  They give the number for you to call, so stay tuned in.  Explosive talk, and a few host changes has honed this show to one of the top on the Blog Talk Format.  You will leave this show with inspiration, and probably find out something you didn't know before you listened.  One of the premier shows on the JKN, J Ril has his own thing, that he shares here with us on the JKN.

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    THE J RIL SHOW (TJRS) with MR L E S, & Momo B

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         Look up "serious" in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of J Ril.  Look up in the sky to see how high of the integrity this show has and you'll see no limit.  Topics are daring, the crew is on it, and they are ready to share their conversation with you.  They will give you the number to call in and dialogue.  TJRS in the house with the people, J Ril, Mr LES & Momo B await you - join them - JKN style.

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    V8 S Series Live

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    This Episode is dedicated to Daddy Dave. We are all pulling for you. Get better soon!

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    The Don S. McClure Show - Our Show Topic for tonight:


    There is a true energy source inside of you. 

    You were born with this amazing power.                                                                                                                     

     But knowing how to tap into this wealth of knowledge and energy, can be a problem.

    What are the true signs that you are not using your full power? 

    How do you know when this power inside is turned on. 

    And most important, when do you use this power in both good and bad situations and decisions. 

    Are you paying attention to other things that have found a way to tap into the power grid?

    While I was in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

    I passed by this sign in front of the City County Building and read how they had found a way to make electricity more affordable.


    It will generate an ESTIMATED (1, 080 Kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.)

    Which is the amount of electricity required to power an AVERAGE HOME for one entire month.

    Why are we not using and directed toward the same power and usage in our own life? 

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    THE J RIL SHOW (TJRS) with MR L E S, MomoB, Rich Sista

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        So you haven't heard, right?  You're in the dark, correct?  Well - DON'T CONTINUE TO BE KEPT FROM THE LIGHT, get here - check this piece out, and you will agree - THE J RIL SHOW is on point - and far above most of the shows on Blog Talk Radio - because this is the spot - J Ril & Company do it suave.  I know what you're thinking, I'm just saying that - NO! - I'm not even on the show - Check this stuff out and see if YOU don't agree!

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    THE J RIL SHOW with Mr L E S, MoMoB & Princess Odilia

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         Aside from intelligent, this show of hosts bring it like no other.  The topics professional, the concern, concentrated, the real, 100.  You know what you have to do when you want to be down with the truth and the proof?  Bring it hard, like they do here.  Momo B is hot as firecrackers, Mr L E S is on point and Princess Odilia, brings her A game.  The J Ril show is one of the hottest on BLOG TALK, so join in, sit back and take a few pointers because you are going to learn something today.  The J Ril show in full effect!

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    T T J T R M

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                                             Jesus !   Jesus  !   Jesus  !

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    T T J T R M

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                                           Unity             Love           Family

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    T T J T R M

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                                     Unity                Love             Family

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    THE J RIL SHOW (TJRS) with MR L E S, Momo B, & Princess Odilia

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         By now you should know the scoop of J Ril -  a true form of the man with his microphone.  Joined by Mr L E S, Momo B & Princess Odilia.  It's primo talk.  Honest discussions, and topics that are current - you WILL N joy this show for sure.  It's no nonsense - it's pure and quite time, but also stimulating.  J Ril is in charge, and you'll get a charge out of HIS show, and his own platform.  If you're looking for THE REAL - it is surely.

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    THE TJRS - J RIL, MR L E S, MoMoB, Princess Odilia

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            Jay King says that J Ril is the best host on BlogTalk and elsewheres.  He's got a hearty throw down and character that keeps you glued to the show.  TJRS - Combinations of Mr L E S, and the madam that shares her soul with you, MoMo B.  Jay King told me not to say anything about Dr Princess Odilia, but Jay doesn't tell me what to do - However, I'm never going to say anything bad about her, you'll just have to listen in and make your own judgement.  J Ril also has other shows on BlogTalk, I'm sure he'll let you know what times they come on.  And if he doesn't Mr  L E S   will take you to the throwdown.  THE J RIL SHOW (TJRS)