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    The Law of the Seven Seas

    in Legal

    This Sunday evening, we will discuss the "Law of the Seven Seas," (Admiralty Maritime Law) and what it has to do with our Court structure and so-called judicial system of today.

    Tonight's guest, "Debra Jones," is a disciplined martial artist, a former Police Officer and former Real Estate Attorney. Her years of experience in her exposure in how politics and governance worked led to a clear understanding that knowledge is indeed power. Without knowledge, you simply are NONE THE WISER.

    One can not make use of the law if its true nature and mechanics are not known to the user. We take the journey to uncovering historical facts, decades of references and obvious un-obvious how to's to empower participants.

    Debra Jones shows you the way, the door and even open it for you. Whether you walk through the portal is entirely your decision.

    Below is an outline of what she has talked about in some of her interviews.
    What mixing flesh and paper means

    What it means to stop signing documents

    pushing the system's paperwork
    She talks about Trusts as being its own jurisdiction

    the power of Notary Public and what it can do for you

    Creating your own paperwork that the system understands.


    To Learn more about Debra Jones and her work, go to www.protrustacademy.com 


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    The Headless Negro and His Ruler with Yahya Bandele

    in Religion


    Yahya Bandele is the Founder and Chairman of The C.O.F.A.H Network and the Creator, writer and director of the best selling Documentary on amazon.com "Hebrew or the So-Called Negro" Yahya will discuss current events, history, science and Geo-politics from a scriptural Hebrew Ysralite scriptural perspective. We also encourage caller participation and feedback

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    Episode 255: Commanding the Seas; the Surface Force with Bryan Clark from CSBA

    in Military

    How do we build the future surface fleet to ensure our forces maintain the ability to access to all regions of the world's oceans that our vital to our national interests?

    Our guest to discuss this and the broader issues related to our surface forces will be Bryan Clark, Senior Fellow at Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA).

    A basis for our conversation will be his recent study for CSBA, Commanding the Seas: A Plan to reinvigorate U.S. Navy Surface Warfare, where he articulates the operational concept of “offensive sea control” as the new central idea to guide evolution of the U.S. surface force. This idea would refocus large and small surface combatant configuration, payloads and employment on sustaining the surface force’s ability to take and hold areas of ocean by destroying threats to access such as aircraft, ships and submarines rather than simply defending against their missiles and torpedoes.

    Prior to joining CSBA in 2013, Bryan Clark was Special Assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations and Director of his Commander’s Action Group.

    He served in the Navy headquarters staff from 2004 to 2011, leading studies in the Assessment Division and participating in the 2006 and 2010 Quadrennial Defense Reviews. His areas of emphasis were modeling and simulation, strategic planning and institutional reform and governance. Prior to retiring from the Navy in 2007, he was an enlisted and officer submariner, serving in afloat and ashore including tours as Chief Engineer and Operations Officer at the Navy’s nuclear power training unit.

    Mr. Clark holds a Master of Science in National Security Studies from the National War College and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Philosophy from the University of Idaho.

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    Norwegian Cruise Line Acquires Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises

    in Travel

    On September 2, 2014, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) acquired Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises to provide a full spectrum of cruise options to our travelers. The combined company will be able to serve our guests across diverse market segments at every stage of their lives. Multi-Generational Travel-focused with A La Carte offering, Norwegian Cruise Line currently has 13 large vessels able to accommodate from 2,000 to 4,000 passengers, with a combined 34,510 berths, and sails the average of 7-day voyages. Premium and Semi-Inclusive, Oceania Cruises has 5 small to mid-sized vessels able to accommodate 684 to 1250 passengers, with a combined 4552 berths, and sails from 7 to 180-day voyages. Luxury Travel-focused and All-Inclusive, Regent Seven Seas Cruises has 3 small vessels able to accommodate 490 to 750 passengers, with a combined 1,890 berths, and sails from 7 to 30-day voyages.

    All scheduled and future bookings, itineraries and promotions are business as usual with a focus on preserving and enhancing our guest experience and brand integrity. Our Holistic Travel Advisors at World Tours and Cruises expect no disruption to our guest services during the acquisition period and thereafter.

    "We are fully committed to retaining the brand propositions, guest experiences and cultures of the Norwegian, Regent and Oceania brands that have allowed each to realize such success." - Kevin Sheehan, CEO, Norwegian Cruise Line

    Press Release: Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Agrees to Acquire Prestige Cruises International, Inc. for $3.025 Billion MIAMI, FL   -    Sep 2, 2014  

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    Muriel Lindsay--The Dolphin Letters- Vital Information from Sea to Land

    in Spirituality

    Muriel Lindsay lives on a barrier island off the coast of Georgia having moved there 15 years ago for the specific purpose of connecting with the dolphins. She moved there to find a way to answer to an inner knowing.  There is something she is supposed to come to understand and then share about the human/dolphin/whale connection. In that spirit of investigation, she has spent 15 years doing  "participatory research" which basically amounts to just hanging out with dolphins on their terms, in the wild, both in and on the water (from her yellow kayak "Buttercup"), while opening all of her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual channels. She is affectionately known on the island as "the dolphin whisperer" based on her connections with the dolphins there.

    In 2014, she publishined of THE DOLPHIN LETTERS, VITAL INFORMATION FROM SEA TO LAND, a collection of 33 letters from dolphins to the human race. She says of this particular book, she was born to bring it through at this particular time on our changing planet. Everything she has done previously in her life led to this sharing.

     In 2007, she published THE CHRONICLES OF THE SAVANNAH RIVER DOLPHINS sharing about five years of experiences with the dolphins. In 2000 she published  TALKING TO HURRICANES about the consciousness of weather. In 1980 she wrote DANCERS OVER THE CHASM describing the prototype for the kind of individual who knows how to handle transformation the best.

    Prior to moving to her current home on Tybee Island Muriel was a teacher of metaphysics, a healer, a psychotherapist, a photographer and author who traveled the world to gather knowledge from many ancient grounds that would assist her with what she is currently doing. She also has been a professional astrologer since 1977. She has been able to spend time with dolphins in the wild literally all over the world.  

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    Mary Getten Messages from the Orcas

    in Spirituality

      Mary J. Getten has been connected to animals all her life. Whether rescuing and rehabilitating sick or injured seals and seal lions, swimming with wild dolphins and whales, or leading whale-watch trips, interaction with wild marine mammals has been a focal point of her life for over 25 years. Mary’s Nautilus Award winning book, Communicating with Orcas; The Whales’ Perspective offers a rare multi-dimensional view of orca life and consciousness. She also is a contributing author of Dolphins and Whales Forever.

    Since 1996, Mary’s work as an animal communicator has helped thousands of happy clients worldwide understand and create more harmony with their naughty, sad, sick and puzzling pets. In fact, she’s communicated with everything from snails to whales! Mary also excels at teaching animal and nature communication workshops.

      Mary has worked with marine mammals for more than 25 years. During the 80’s she worked at The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California, where she rescued, rehabilitated and released a variety of seals, sea lions and small cetaceans. In 1990, Mary moved to the San Juan Islands in Washington and worked in the research department of The Whale Museum, was a coordinator of the San Juan County Marine Mammal Stranding Network, and served at Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for ten years as a volunteer, board member, bookkeeper, and even as Executive Director. In addition, Mary is a marine naturalist and led whale and wildlife trips in the San Juan Islands for ten years. In the last decade she has taken people on adventures to meet with Gray Whales in Mexico, wild dolphins in the Bahamas and humpbacks in Tonga. www.MaryGetten.com  My books are available there or at Amazon.

    Please join us!   Thank you!

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    Brad Simkins and Cyndie Lepori A Fireside Chat about Christmas

    in Spirituality

    Brad Simkins and I will be taking callers for discussions about our products, getting through christmas, and perhaps some readings for Christmas.  Join us!  We will be answering questions, talking about our books, what we all have planned for the new year.  It will be fun

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    God is looking for an intercessor

    in Christianity

    In Proverbs 15:3, the Bible says

    The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.

    With all the unrest in the world today, even in our own nation, the Lord wants to remind us that man is not the ultimate master of his own destiny. He wants mankind to look up to Him, and not to man for deliverance. He  is the only true and righteous Judge and Ruler over the whole earth, and He is coming soon to establish His Kingdom forever, built on justice and righteousness. 

    What is the role of the believer in these evil days? The bible says - God is looking for an intercessor (Isaiah 59). We have a very important part to play.

    As we behold evil  in our society, let us remember that God is looking for someone to stand in the gap, to pray for men to turn to God, to hasten God's Kingdom.

    Please join us for the study of God's word.

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    Get The Victory

    in Culture

    Hosted by Amen Re Menethoupe. The Neter Sesen Chapter 1 Verse 9: And if the two parts be overcome, they become quiet, and are content to accept of it as their Ruler; but if the one be overcome of the two, it is by them led and carried to be punished by its being and continuance here. This is, O Son, the Guide in the way that leads here for you must first forsake the Body before your end, and get the victory in this harsh and stressful life, and when you have overcome, return. But now, O my Son, I will by Heads run through the things that are; understand what I say, and remember what you hear.

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    in Religion

    2Tim 2:15  STUDY that you CONDUCT yourself perfectly APPROVED before YAH, as a workman that needs not to be ASHAMED, who RIGHTLY DISCERNS the WORD of TRUTH.

    IF all who CALL upon the NAME OF THE MOST HIGH were RIGHTEOUS and at PEACE with YAH, ALL who say they are CHRISTIANS, JEWS and MUSLIMS would AGREE at PEACE NOW TODAY!    MANY saying they BELIEVE in the ONE, but DIFFERING in COLLECTIVE DIVINE CONSCIENCE and ATTRIBUTE, is NOT a COVENANT; but is MUTUAL DECEPTION!     PRAY to DISCERN BEYOND ALL THE  MANY FORMS OF PRETENSE!    ISAIAH CHAPTER 30 makes it evident that whoever would partake of OTHER COUNSEL is yet a denizen of BABYLON, NOT YET CONFIRMED of the household of YAH! (Isaiah 30:1-32:8, 42:1-43:15)    Let us discern what RULERS DARE NOT TELL, to be made AWARE of the GIFT granted but to the most humbles souls!

    NOT ALL who call upon the NAME OF THE LORD are NOT AT ONE PEACE!   Not all who say they are "JEWS" truly strive with POWER to HONOR YAH! (Genesis 29:45)   Therefore an ENLIGHTENMENT that brings to bear a PROCESS of ELIMINATION must occur! (Hebrews 4:12)   WHO shall then is it that YAH has foreordained to declare who shall be found WORTHY to reside at PEACE in JERUSALEM upon the FIRM FOUNDATION HE shall establish over which HE shall be the RULER? (Isaiah 44:20-45:6>-46:13)   It is but that very ONE whom YAH has declared the AWAITED FOREORDAINED KING!   Of this we can be sure, THE KING no matter how many ways MEN may MISrepresent Him, shall NOT be EXCLUDED! (Genesis 49:1-<9-12)   It is SHILOH, KING OF JUDAH, chosen KING OF KINGS whose RIGHTEOUSNESS as revealed FAITHFUL from ABOVE who shall decide WHO is a JEW!    




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    A Moment In The Word: Who Is Lord?

    in Christianity

    And if you will confess with your mouth our Lord Yeshua, and you will believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall have life. (Rom 10:9)

    Many say that Yeshua (Jesus) is their "Lord".  But is He (as the youth say)...REALLY?

    As we are in training to become effective disciples (apprentices) we also need to understand where we will apply that which Yahweh has planned for us.  What are disciples commanded to do and where shall they abide?  What does it mean to be preparing for Kingdom living?  What does the Kingdom look like, and whose the ruler of the Kingdom? For the past few weeks we have been studying about what it means to be a disciple as well as what is a kingdom. This evening we will focus on the Lord of the Kingdom.


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