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    ROUNDTABLE # 4-MUSICIANS, CLUBS & BMI-"Music Royalties & What They Mean To You"

    in Music

    Episode # 261 Live, Uncut & Uncensored Conversations With "Musicians You Should Know"

    Roundtable #4 - Musicians, Clubs & BMI "Music Royalties & What They Mean To You"

    A discussion on the current state of royalties from club performances featuring a panel of Musician Tas Cru, Club Owners Gary Anton of The Bradfordville Blues Club & Carson Lamm of River City Management in Memphis and Jeff Syracuse from BMI.

    Musicians are encouraged to call in and join the conversation or to ask questions of our panel. 


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    "Copyright, Contracts, Radio Airplay, Royalties and Statue of Limitations." What are the Pro's and Con's for an Business or Brand owner? There are benfits from copyrighting your product. No one can claim it as their own. It holds a lot of weight and stands up in a court of law. Why do we need contracts in business? Contracts change the dynamics for an Artist work. If it's not written and signed, it does not exist and if it doesn't exist it never happened. What that means is your product, life's work and efforts are a complete loss - In a court of law your hard work and efforts may now belong to someone else.  How to monitor Radio Airplay? BDS, MediaBase and Sound Scan. What is BDS, Media Base and Sound Scan? What are the differences between them and why are they so important? What are the Statue of Limitations on Royalties in the Entertainment Industry? There are none. What does that mean for the Artist and what are the Pro's and Con's?

    Call in and learn! 6196394709 THE PRICELESS  FEEDBACK SESSION WHERE WE PLAY THE STARS OF TOMORROW. We are changing the face of the Entertainment Industry! WE PLAY THE STARS OF TOMORROW FOR FREE!! Our mission is to change the face of the entertainment industry by teaching the CEO's of tomorrow, the real business today. CALL 6196394709 !!!

    Show your support by making a monetary investment log onto http://www.ewwnradio.com

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    Introduction To Record Royalties

    in Education

    Join William Junebug Lee Sun, February 17, 2013 04:00 pm (USA Pacific Time) for the second broadcast of The Bullets Production Team Presents: Music Master Class the objective of the course is to provide you with solid knowledge of mechanical Royalties, Synchronization Licensing and controlled composition clause, William will explain the differences and the formulas to perform basic calculations.

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    Royalty vs Reparations Family Law Clinic

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss the "distinctions" between the words (Royalty) and (Reparations). After that is done we shall compare the two in a "family setting".

    Do you want your family to BE a "Royal Family" ?


    Do you want your family become a "reparations family" ?

    In this discussion we shall also discuss and compare the following:

    Section 8 housing
    Legal Aid
    Social Services Office
    Social Security
    Entitlement Mindsets.

    Licensing Agreement
    Forms of Royalty Payments
    Law Study.

    Make sure you are alert to hear all of the information in this podcast. 

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    Dinner Specials...with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

    in Entertainment

    Lynne Robin Green started out as a songwriter and along the way became a champion and advocate for the rights, protection, and representation of songwriters and artists alike.  Her music publishing and administrative group LWBH (Lansdowne Winston-Bloor Hoffman House) goes beyond publishing...specializing in recovering lost material of artists and writers, collecting royalties and protecting licensing.  She is a journalist, songwriter, advocate and educator with worldwide reach.  But plainly put...she loves music.  Join May and Cynthia as they welcome music publishing giant Lynne Robin Green.

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    LIVE Exclusive: " FAKE DIANA ROSS" The woman who attacked Sly Stones Lawyer

    in Entertainment

    The woman Now known as Nichole Jackson age 46 of Los Angeles Ca aka. the "Fake Diana Ross", allegedly threw a punch at Stone's lawyer, leaving him with a cut to the face. She was quickly arrested by police and booked for misdemeanor battery
    Ms. Jackson has told us herself that it was the arresting officer who came up with the whole "Diana Ross" story and belittled her in jail telling her to sing songs made famous by the Motown legend. " They kept asking me to sing "Baby Love" and kept introducing me to other officers as Diana Ross. Funk Legend Sly Stone Had A Hearing Into His Ongoing Royalties Case Postponed  After His Lawyer Was Attacked Outside The Courthouse by longtime close friend who claimed she was Diana Ross REPORTED BY TMZ.The twist in this story is that Ms.Jackson is no other than Sly Stones long time friend of over 20 yrs. El DeBarge ( from the musicical group "DEBARGE") is the the one who introduced Sly to Nichole in the late 80's when she came to him as a victim of abuse.." she couldn't walk..., couldnt talk.." say's Sly Stone " we had to teach her how to live again, she had lost her memory.. So I healed her thru my music"...Said the Funk Legend.

    Now on to the Bizzare Diana Ross claims.....Once back in 1992 Ms. Jackson played the very small role of Diana Ross in the motion picture " DEATH BECOMES HER" starring Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis & Goldie Hawn, so maybe thats where she got it??? either way the lawyer knows her, Sly knows her ( and pays her) Gerry Goldstein knows her ( and pays her) and She has been accompanying Sly during these Royalty hearings for months now and is more than emotionally connected to Sly, this case and all the lawyers involved..SHE IS HERE LIVE TONIGHT!

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    SF #193 - The Loyalty Royalty

    in Motivation

    Dogs are loyal if you feed and pet them.  People are often a different story.  What does it take to gain your loyalty and how do you know you’ve put it in the right place?  What about remaining loyal to yourself?  What are the “royalties,” the benefits, you might gain in that?  And, what about those time you are conflicted - over which version of you to remain loyal to?

    On a green St. Patrick’s Day morning Mordant & McFall tackle the issues of misguided loyalty, what happens when your loyalty is challenged, and how to be comfortable remaining loyal to yourself - despite what family, friends, or circumstance might have to say about the matter.


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    The Bonafide Literary Show S3 Ep3: What Every Author Should Know

    in Books

    Avoiding Author Scams, Ripoffs, and Robbers—Straight Talk. If you want to know how to avoid getting ripped off as an author, you need to know what an author scam looks like, sounds like, smells like, and it ain't rosey. Host Deidra Hughey, author and blogger known as The Eroticist La Drama Princess gives fresh, new tips to avoid author scams live on the air as she takes calls from victims, witnesses, and scammers themselves about the ins and outs of author scams, ripoffs, and robberies.  Authors deserve to have their dream of becoming published and establishing a career come true without someone taking advantage of them. If you need to know how you can avoid getting robbed of your royalties, time, and even your manuscript, it's worth your time to listen and join in the discussion.

    Call in Sunday, Feb. 15th at 5:30pm EST to talk on the air LIVE: (818) 495-6960

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    From the Apron w/Bobby Fulton

    in Wrestling

    Bobby Fulton has been all over social media, podcasts and more expousing his disdain for Vince McMahon and not receiving royalties from the WWE for using footage of him on the WWE Network. I don't agree with Fulton and his views and I will be taking him to task on what will be a very controversial episode of "From the Apron."

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    Joel Osteen Financial Scandal?

    in News

    A prominent New York attorney is alleging that Joel Osteen is using his non-profit ministry to promote his for profit books. The upshot of the allegation is that book royalties are paid to Osteen personally, while his 'ministry' foots the bill for his TV broadcasts. According to media reports, Osteen stopped taking his $200,000 salary as pastor of his Houston mega church in 2005. Although this may appear magnanimous on the surface, Osteen is clearly the beneficiary of millions in free advertising through the TV broadcast funded with church dollars. Who knew (according to media reports) that Osteen's reported net worth is now $40 million dollars? Or that he lives in a $10.5 million dollar estate? (six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, five fireplaces, a guest house and pool house).

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    About This Emergency Management Thing

    in Politics Progressive

    This podcast of Power Politics looks at Michigan's Emergency Manager Law since its inception in the late 1980's under then Governor James Blanchard and the increase of Michigan's dictatorship law through the Governor Jennifer Granholm and now Rick Snyder. What's a better solution than appearant race based dictatorship? Job creation. We close out this edition of Power Politics with Sly and The Family Stone's "I want to take you higher" in honor of Sly's huge court win for his music royalties.