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    Rebekah Roth ~ On Truth

    in Current Events

    With improved audio, Rebekah and Ramjet delve into the subject of truth and what it means in today's world where talk has taken the place of truth and words wither under the weight of consequences.  So much of what the truth movement has become is ego wrapped in a theory with a total disregard for the facts.  No wonder people are confused and searching, but never sure of what they have found.  Truth sheds light onto all that it comes in contact with and Rebekah's light will never dim or diminish.

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    Interview with Rabbi Dan Roth - Torah Live

    in Judaism

    Rabbi Dan Roth believes there is nothing more exciting than Torah wisdom and is devoting his life to bringing that excitement to Jews around the world. A revolutionary educator, he is the founder and director of Torah Live (www.torahlive.com), an organization that creates multimedia presentations and teaching resources on both halachic and hashkafic topics.

    Raised in London, Rabbi Roth is a graduate of the Mir Yeshiva and received semicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. While teaching at Ohr Somayach, he recognized the need for making Torah relevant to our youth - and thus Torah Live was born!

    Rabbi Roth now spends most of his time script writing, filming, and traveling the world to inspire individuals and educators in how to utilize today’s .technology to engage people in the beauty, and relevance, of Torah in our lives.

    Our Vision is to take the entire Torah and translate it into the language of our generation.

    The Challenge

    We are living through a communication revolution. People are taking in information in a new way. This poses a huge challenge to Jewish education: In a world of fast-moving media, how can we get people to take note of their heritage and become passionate about Judaism?

    The Solution

    Torah Live is producing high-quality multimedia presentations about Judaism for both adults and children. Its mission is to create cutting-edge multimedia presentations that communicate Jewish values in a non-preachy, well organized, and energetic manner.

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    Rebekah Roth on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Author Rebekah Roth will be joining us for the entire broadcast tonight. Rebekah Roth is the author of Methodical Illusion which details what really happened on 9/11 with the planes and its passengers. Her new book Methodical Deception exposes those responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks and the events that took place in the days leading up to September 11th.

    Here is the link to the listen live &  archive page. It contains the Live stream links at the top of the page and then the archives below.


    https://www.youtube.com/user/TeamKNEIN/featured   link to the youtube channel

    https://soundcloud.com/hagmann-hagmann-report  link to the soundcloud page


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    A talk with David Roth

    in Self Help

    On this weeks radio show we go behind the music with singer songwriter David Roth. David's career as a singer, songwriter, recording artist and enthusiastic instructor has taken his songs, experience and expertise to a wide variety of venues in this and other countries, full time for more than twenty five years. David is also the 2015 Grace Note recipient for Outstanding Contribution to New Thought Music. The former artist-in-residence at New York's Omega Institute and has taught singing and songwriting at nationally recognized folk camps, songwriting groups and associations around the country. David also leads groups to Ireland, is creator of the Cape Cod Songwriters Retreat and is the organizer/host of the Cape's Full Moon Open Mic whichis a forum for rmusicians to connect and collect doantions for local non-profits.His gift of weaving song, storytelling and spirit together is likened to a "town meeting with a sound track".

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    Providing the Right Supplements for Horses and Dogs | Interview with Kamie Roth

    in Pets

    Tony and Kamie Roth, along with David and Merre Friend, own a family company called Majesty's.  Majesty's makes and sells supplements for horses and dogs in a wafer form.  The supplements are in the wafer in order to eliminate powders and liquids in the delivery system.  The K9 product is called, Buddy Bites.  In addition, they have a new treat line for horses and dogs, Bridle Bites for horses, and Buddy Pops for dogs.  Their main focus is on educating people about how to choose a supplement and how to keep the delivery system simple in order to provide the best benefits.

    Questions Judy will ask:

    1. How did the company get started?

    2. What separates your products from other products on the market?

    3. Where do you make it?

    4. You are NASC certified, what does that mean?

    5. What should people look for when purchasing a supplement for their horse or dog?

    6. Where is your product available?

    Find out more! www.majestys.com

    Contact Kamie for more information.




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    VanHalen - David Lee Roth - Sammy Hagar

    in Classical Music

    On the this episode DJ Styles and Uncle Jim will explore VanHalen, from David Lee Roth through Sammy Hagar and beyond. Sit down, relax and enjoy some classic rock-n-roll from one of the best classis rock bands of the 80's.

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    The Best of Sid Roth Supernatural Radio

    in Christianity

    Join us as Sid Roth and his team here on Blogtalkradio.com interview some very special guests.  Tonight we are honored to have Dr. Cindy Trimm.   Feel free to call in.

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    A Talk with Sotheby's Jennifer Roth

    in Art

    Our guest, Jenniffer Roth, has been with Sotheby's since 1978. Over the course of her dynamic and varied career, she has developed an international base of clients in Impressionist and Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Israeli Art and Judaica.

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    Scott Roth: Rockin' Out on the Friday Night Dance Party

    in Indie Music

    Scott Roth returns to the show to rock out on tonight's Friday Night Dance Party!  Scott will talk about his latest effort called "Death & Obligations."  He'll also share his musical journey which includes crossing paths with Rated G Radio favorite, Dan Ostdiek of 7 Causes.

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Scott a question in Hour 1, or to make a request for Hour 2!


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    Yogi Roth: A Life in a Walk

    in Sports

    Yogi Roth has been described as a modern day Indiana Jones.  He is a media personality, college football analyst, best-selling author, motivational speaker, actor and an Emmy nominated filmmaker.  At heart, though, he’s a guy from a small town in Pennsylvania who loves to share a good story.

    Win Forever, the New York Times best-seller that he co-authored with Pete Carroll, is one of those good stories.  His most recent story, though, is Life in a Walk, a documentary about a walk Yogi took with his dad.  It’s not just any walk but one through Portugal and Spain along the Camino De Santiago.  Yogi says that the film is about making a decision to act on his strong feeling to spend more time with his father.

    Today he’ll discuss the making of that film and his ongoing exploration of human potential.  He is the co-founder of Win Forever, a brand inspired by Pete Carroll, that furthers human potential, elevates mentorship and inspires leaders through a philosophy of competition.  When he’s not doing all of the above, Yogi travels the nation delivering motivational presentations about living a Life Without Limits.

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    Cincinnati Business Talk #245 Mike Roth - Leadership

    in Business

    This is a show on leadership from a Leaders' point of view.

    This is not an acedemic analysis, instead today's recap show is the truth from different CEOs here in Cincinnati.  You may not agree, but the insights are critically important to become a great leader.

    As a folloup you can read the Sandler book  Transforming Leaders the Sandler Way by Dave Arch.  The Leadership program is taught as a separate Sandler course.  Contact Mike Roth at 513-646-6523 for additional details about a private program.

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