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    Molly Roth, Pop/Soul/Electric Singer

    in Electronic Music

    Tonight, Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Pop/Soul/Electric Singer Molly Roth to the show. 


    Classically trained pianist since age 6, Molly Roth has been combining her compositional skills, piano expertise, and soulful vocals in writing contemporary pop music with elements taken from a variety of genres including soul, jazz, and recently trip-hop/hip-hop elements.
    Molly is featured in Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Mike Bloebaum's documentary, "My Musical Life" airing world-wide on PBS in 2010 and 2011. She has a music degree from UC Berkeley and currently lives and performs in Los Angeles, CA with her band as a solo artist. She is writing a new E.P, which she says, "is unlike anything I've done previously", to be released next winter in 2014

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    Are you Overscheduling your teen? on The Empowerment Show with Irene Roth

    in Self Help

    This is The Empowerment Show on Blog Talk Radio's Featured World of Ink Network. Irene Roth is the host of this show as well as an author, editor, and freelance writer. She has published an empowerment for teens entitled "Seasons of Empowerment for Adolescent Girls" and also has a picture book published entitled "Courage." Learn more about the host at https://irenesroth.wordpress.com

    This week on The Empowerent Show Irene Roth and Traci McDonald will be chatting about if we as adults are overscheduling our teens.

    When kids and teens complain of being overscheduled and overwhelmed, we should definitely pause to take a new look at our lives and reprioritize them. Our kids are way too young to feel overscheduled. And if we, as parents, teach them that it is okay, or worse, meritorious to be busy all the time, we can be setting them up for a life time of exhaustion and lack of success. Not only that but they will feel dissatisfied and stressed out all the time.

    Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your teens or kids:

    What does your child enjoy? Does she/he enjoy playing sports? What kind of sport?

    Does your teen enjoy music/dancing? What type does she/he enjoy?

    Does your teen do extracurricular activities?

    Does your child/teen feel overwhelmed at school?

    The World of Ink Network brings you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, interviews, self-help, empowerment, families and much more.

    Follow us at http://worldofinknetwork.com, our blog http://worldofinknetwork.blogspot.com, and on Facebook and Twitter. 

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    The Empowerment Show with Irene Roth.

    in Motivation

    Please join Irene Roth on Friday June 20 at 4PM EST  3 PMCST  2PM MT  1PM PST for a wonderful show that will help parents understand what to say to successfully empower their children  Irene will be doing a step by step discussion that will be easy to follow and helpful. 

    Topic:  The Importance of Empowering Teens

    Show Date and Time: Friday, June 20th, 4 pm EST.

    Here are a few ways that parents can empower teens:

    Talk to your kids a lot about what their beliefs and values are as opposed to what the culture is dishing out to them;
    Empowering our children to be the best that they can be by believing in them and helping them be more responsible;
    Not beating them up when they make mistakes but to talk to them at length and try and correct them in the future;
    Developing a relationship of unconditional love with our children and teens;
    Developing honest and open interaction with our teens by having face to face chats on a consistent basis.

    for more info on the show



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    Why Everybody's Talking Roth IRA

    in Family

    Most investment choices don't earn great curiosity, but if any are deserving of that kind of attention, it would be the Roth IRA.

    Financial planners routinely say that younger people should invest in a Roth because they would most benefit from its many wonderful qualities. But the truth is, Roth IRA accounts make a good choice for people of all ages.
    With Roth IRAs, savers get a tax-free stream of income in retirement. And it's not just the contributions that come out tax-free. Uncle Sam doesn't lay a finger on any of the earnings. It can be a pretty sweet deal when you're talking about decades of compounding.

    The only catch is that you pay income tax on your contributions upfront (post-tax dollars).
    Unlike the traditional IRA, which gives investors a tax deduction for the year the contribution is made, the Roth version lets savers contribute after-tax money today and withdraw principal and earnings tax-free at retirement.
    The Roth can also be used for educational purposes, major medical expenses, and first home buys...with qualifications.
    For individuals looking for tax diversification in retirement, the Roth IRA is one of the few tools they can create that ensures that they have a stream of tax-free income in retirement.
    Let's get financially well:
    Get your free copy of the essential book, How Money Works: A Common Sense Guide to Financial Success. You'll fall in love with this it and never have a major money question again.  Go to bitly.com/yourmoneyny and sign up for your copy right now.  bitly.com/yourmoneyny 
    See you next time.


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    "One" Filmmaker Becca Roth

    in Film

    Becca Roth has been writing stories and screenplays since before she was old enough to type.

    When she was little, she would pace back and forth in her family’s computer room while her mom transcribed Becca’s excited spouting of The Wizard of Oz 2: Dorothy’s Roller-Blading Adventure. (The film has yet to be produced.) Becca made her first short film, Kings and Queens, at the age of seventeen, and has been writing and directing ever since.

    She graduated from Kenyon College in 2010, where she studied film, drama, anthropology, and finding four leaf clovers. After spending her first year out of college working for tips and crewing on other people’s projects, she set out to make her first independent film. With her tip money, she made Rain in Summer, a short film that went on to screen at nearly a dozen
    film festivals nationwide, picking up several awards along the way.

    She has just completed the feature-length documentary, One: A Story of Love
    and Equality. She is extremely passionate about this project, and can’t wait to see where it will go. (Hint: It just won "Best Director-Feature Documentary" at the Queens World Film Festival).

    Becca lives in Brooklyn with her girlfriend and two mischievous kittens, Oliver and Twist (both female).


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    The Andrew Roth Show

    in Film

    Actor/Producer Andrew Roth (Amnesia, The Wire) will be on the show to discuss his career 

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    Is a Roth IRA Right For You?

    in News

    Experts give their view of the economy and does a Roth IRA make sense for you? Mike Weinstein has details.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld of the Afterwards Program

    in Self Help

    Sewell, NJ – Grief can take hold of us: our belief system, our values, our perceptions. Those obstacles can prevent us from moving forward. How do you go through change and come out the other side?

    According to life coach Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld, grief can be an empowering experience if you allow it to be. Sharon is the co-founder of the Afterwards Program, which combines the healing power of therapy, with empowerment of coaching to help people move purposefully toward a new and different life. Along with her partner Pat Obst, a licensed clinical therapist, Sharon helps people create the bridge into their new and different life with meaning, purpose and resilience.

    “We call it residual grief as opposed to complicated grief,” says Sharon. “Everyone else is moving on and you’re not. But you want to. That’s where Afterwards comes in.”

    The mission of Afterwards is to deliver unique and innovative programming that delivers healing and self-empowerment to individuals who are 1-5 years out from a forever change, a change that alters the direction of your life forever. Forever changes can include the loss of a loved one divorce/relationship breakup, serious illness, trauma, or any other significant change.

    “My life coaching model is all about sustained well-being,” says Sharon. “How do you sustain your well-being in the face of forever changes? It can rock you but it can make you stronger too. It can define you in a healthy way.”

    Afterwards addresses the lack of resources available to help people get “unstuck” and emotionally transition themselves in healthy ways toward a new life.

    “Afterwards can serve as the critical link from being supported through therapy to gaining the ability to flourish,” says Sharon. “I want to change the way people view life and live life after loss and forever changes.”

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    LIFELINE with Cindy Sommer welcomes Security Expert Rich Roth!

    in Spirituality

    Cindy Sommer is all about LOVE.  Call in and speak to the Lifeline Investigations Team about a Security or  Private Investigation question..... or ask Cindy anything about healing! 

    LIFELINE with Cindy Sommer is sponsored in part by:

    www.lifelineinvestigations.com and www.lifelinehealing.org 

    I'm excited to welcome my friend Rich Roth who is an EXPERT in the field of all things Security.  

    Mr. Roth is Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer for CTI. He is a recognized expert in the area of threat and risk assessment and technical security with over 30 years of experience in risk mitigation and in designing, evaluating, and managing the installation of physical security and access control systems for large buildings and complexes.  Mr. Roth has a strong background in technical security, systems design, threat assessment, and knowledge of the most current and effective security technology. He served with the U.S. Secret Service's Technical Services Division, assigned to the White House.

    Mr. Roth assisted the U.S. State Department and Customs Service in the development and instruction of the Anti Terrorist Assistance Program (ATAP) for over 20 countries. These programs, focusing on terrorism countermeasures, were presented for military and police forces. The specific counter-terrorist courses included: Airport and Harbor Security, Building Security, Vital Installation Security, Refinery and Pipeline Security, Counter-Terrorist Patrol Tactics, Command and Control Tactics, and Bomb Detection Dog Training.

    For more information about Lifeline Healing, please visit www.lifelinehealing.org or www.lifelinehealing.wordpress.com

    or phone TIE-PEACE-IN

    Please spread the word about this show by sharing it and reposting it on all your social media! 

    Much love and many blessings,


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    Methodical Illusion Finale w/Rebekah Roth

    in US Government

    Tonight we continue our Methodical Illusion series with author Rebekah Roth who has taken a stand by publishing what could possibly be known as one of the most controversial books to ever be released surrounding the events of 9/11. Rebekah has discovered VITAL information that no other author, architect, engineer, or truther has even thought about looking at. As always we will be taking your phone calls during the last hour of the show and we encourage everyone to listen in.

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    The Empowerment Show with Irene Roth - How Important is it to Empower Our Teens?

    in Parents

    Join Host Irene Roth each month on the 2nd Wed. at 4pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 2pm Mountain - 1pm Pacific for a discussion about families, communication and much more. The discussion is open to callers and comments/questions in the chatroom.

    The World of Ink Network brings you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, author interviews, self-help and much more. Today on The Empowerment Show, Host Irene Roth will be discussing the importance of empowering teens and how it is very important for parents to empower teens to be their best. Teens struggle quite a bit nowadays and they have many problems adults didn't have when they were adolescents. The culture demands certain things from adolescent girls and boys. But it is important for them to do more than mimic what their peers and culture is saying and doing. They need to become authentic individuals. 

    By taking these steps and joining in on today's discussion, parents could help their children become the best they can be. Call in or post comments in the chatroom, along with your questions, because we know as parents, you want help your children be authentic adults as well--individuals who know what they like and dislike, by following their inner voice.

    Want more tips? Follow us at http://familiesmatter2us.blogspot.com  and on Facebook and Twitter - Families Matter.

    Catch news about the World of Ink Network at our website and blog; along with Facebook and Twitter.


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