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  • Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields - The future of the 140 and 147 pound divisions

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    Tuesday, September 29th, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents a special "Super Lightweight and Welterweight" edition of "Real Boxing" with elite level trainer Ronnie Shields!!

    To kick off this evening's program, Ronnie will take an in depth look at the future of the 140 and 147 pound divisions, and key match-ups that could materialize in 2016.

    - The Super Lightweights - Crawford, Matthysse, Postol, Broner, Allakhverdiev, Provodnikov, Cuenca, Imam, Benavides, Herrera and more

    - Which fighter will emerge as the top fighter of the division in 2016?

    - Who will be the biggest disappointment of the top 20?

    - What will be the biggest surprise to come out of the 140 pound weight division?

    - The Welterweights - Thurman, Pacquiao, Brook, Bradley, Rios, Porter, Khan, Garcia, Peterson, Chaves, Alexander, Spence, Vargas, Guerrero and more

    - Which fighter will emerge as the top fighter of the division in 2016?

    - Who will be the biggest disappointment of the top 20?

    - What will be the biggest surprise to come out of the 147 pound weight division?

    Coach Ronnie will also examine this weekend's big match-ups on HBO and Showtime respectively!!

    - Matthysse vs. Postol on HBO for the vacant WBC Super Lightweight Championship

    - Orozco vs. Soto on HBO in a 10 round Super Lightweight special attraction

    - Broner vs. Allakhverdiev on Showtime for the vacant WBA Super LIghtweight Championship

    - Pedraza vs. Cherry on Showtime for the IBF Super Featherweight Championship

    Tune in to another all-new edition of Real Boxing with expert trainer Ronnie Shields!! 

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    Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields - The boxing media...open minded or open season?

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    Wednesday, September 16th, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents a special Wednesday night episode of "Real Boxing" with elite level trainer Ronnie Shields, sponsored by Affordable Dentures!!

    On this week's program with the veteran boxing coach, the "War a Week" team will tackle the always controversial topic of the often intrusive and opinionated media and their coverage of the fringe American pastime!!

    - What is the primary role of the media as it pertains to the fighters, promoters, and events?

    - Are some members of the media fair in their respective approach, and what effect does this have on promoters' and fighters' perception of the boxing press?

    - Has the recent Mayweather/USADA/NSAC controversy been handled properly by most media outlets?

    - What improvements could be made in the media's treatment of the boxing business?

    In the final 45 minutes of this evening's program, Coach Ronnie will participate in another all-new segment of "Fact or Fiction"!!

    - Will Floyd Mayweather Jr. become boxing's version of "Barry Bonds"?

    - Will Tim Bradley and Teddy Atlas result in an "epic fail" on HBO, November 7th?

    - Will Deontay Wilder become PBC's first crossover star in 2016?

    - Will Mayweather's disappointing PPV numbers for his most recent outing keep him from making his return?

    - Will Andre Ward be forced to move up to 168 pounds sooner rather than later?

    - Will Guillermo Rigondeaux become more prominent with the support of Premier Boxing Champions?

    Mr. Shields will also take a look at the most recent P4P list from various periodicals minus Money Mayweather.

    Join us for another all-new episode of "Real Boxing" with elite level trainer Ronnie Shields!! 

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    The Cornermen Radio With Special Guest Ronnie Shields

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    On this edition of The Cornermen Radio welcomes special guest, top quality trainer Ronnie Shields onto the show. Ronnie Shields has worked with top stars like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Pernell Whittaker plus more. So alongside The Cornermen, Ronnie Shields will be sharing his thoughts & opinions on all recent boxing news. As always you can follow the hosts on twitter @JESSERICAN1 & @ThatsMeFlawless.

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    Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields - Will PPV sales mirror Mayweather/Berto gate?

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    Tuesday, September 8th, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents an exclusive "Mayweather/Berto groupon" edition of "Real Boxing" with elite level trainer Ronnie Shields!!

    To kick off this evening's 90 minute program, the prolific fight coach will size up this week's festivities in California, Nevada, Quebec, and Connecticut!! 

    - Trout vs. Hernandez, Sept. 8th on Fox Sports 1

    - Stevenson vs. Karpency, Sept. 11th on Spike TV

    - Valdez vs. Avalos, Sept. 11th on TruTV

    - Bundrage vs. Charlo, Sept. 12th on NBC

    - Quillin vs. Zerafa, Sept. 12th on NBC

    - Mayweather Jr. vs. Berto, Sept. 12th on Showtime PPV

    - Jack vs. Groves, Sept. 12th on Showtime PPV

    - Martinez vs. Salido, Sept. 12th on Showtime PPV

    - Martirosyan vs. Smith, Sept. 12th on Showtime PPV?

    Coach Ronnie will also play a little "Fact or Fiction" for tonight's listen audience!!

    - Are slow Mayweather/Berto ticket sales an indication of what PPV numbers will be like on Saturday, Sept. 12th?

    - Will Manny Pacquiao fight 3 more times before calling it quits?

    - Will there be a 3rd bout between McDonnell and Kameda?

    - Is George Groves damaged goods?

    - Will Lennox Lewis come out of retirement at age 50 to teach Tyson Fury a lesson?

    Tune in to an all-new edition of Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields!!


  • Spit Game with Fitness Expert Troyleesha Brooks

    in Fitness

    Spit Game welcomes fitness guru Troyleesha Brooks to the show for Monday, September 14. Troyleesha is the motivated, eccentric Certified Personal Trainer and CEO of Souled Out Fitness LLC., also known as SoFlyP31Fit who is transforming lives and inspiring a new generation of trainers.

    Born in Oklahoma, SoFlyP31Fit has been empowering and inspiring others since the age of 15. She sets the example of how maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle can change the lives of others mentally, physically, and spiritually. Troyleesha has committed herself to a healthy life with which she herself has emerged from depths of low self-esteem and physical limitations to becoming the glowing motivational force she is to thousands of individuals around the world.

    Connect with Troyleesha:

    Twitter and Instagram: @SoFlyP31Fit

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    A Conversation with Ronnie Jones

    in Lifestyle

    Ronnie was born in Springfield Massachusetts on the 14th of September 1937, and after graduating from Muskegon Heights High School, Muskegon Mich. He toured the world with the USAF, ending up in England, where his musical career started.  He was discovered by Alexis Korner in the ‘60s, of Blues Incorporated (with Cyril Davis, Johnny Parker, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker).  With Alexis he sang for Prince Philip of England and the Beatles,.  After his military service, Ronnie joined Mick Eves and John Mclaughlin to form the Nightimers, and subsequently formed the BlueJays with Roger Dean.   In the 70s, he moved to Italy and found success with the song "Rock Your Baby" and subsequently became an actor and shared success with Renato Zero, Teo Teocoli and Loredana Bertè in the musical “Hair”.  Hair toured Italy for 10 months. At the end of the 70s, Ronnie found work as a DJ for state radio RAI where he remained for many years.  It’s a great conversation about an interesting life.

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    RELOAD RADIO: Jason Matias ,Rusty Brooks,AND Brady"Totanka" Cervantes

    in Current Events

    Welcome to the show 3 amazing guests tonight. CJ PORTER IS YOUR HOST

    Jason Matias


    I used to call myself an "adventurist." When I was in the Air Force in Alaska I would take myself on long back country hikes and come home with great stores and no proof; so I purchased a camera.FAST FORWARD to Hawaii, he has become a professional Photographer. 

    Rusty Brooks MARINE

    Rusty is currently working with the No Regrets Campaign in an effort to inspire others to rise to the challneges in their lives and overcome self doubt. The No Regrets Campaign is not just a non-profit that supports veterans and civilian supporters of veterans...it is a movement intended to inspire and lift the people of this great nation to unite in the pursuit of happiness. The No Regrets Campaign teams up with inspiring individuals to help veterans and civilians alike find the fire for life and the courage to pursue their dreams by finding their purpose in life that makes them excited to get up everyday.


    Brady "Totanka" Cervantes MARINE

    I started my own company in order to teach, and help other Veterans by any means possible. My company, Level West Integral is just that. I hire Veterans and/or give them direction to find their new direction in life. We have three sides; Backcountry consisting of Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, and anything outdoors. Then there's Gear, which we are working on our own line of equipment for all types outdoor and tactical. Then finally the Critical Skills Training side for Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian. which is Marksmanship, Survival, and Medical. My dream and vision is in motion and quickly gaining speed, and I hope to be able to be there for Veterans and all who wish to learn.

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    Real Boxing with Ronnie Shields - Mayweather, Berto, Klitschko, Briggs, and more

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    Tuesday, September 1st, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, "War a Week" Radio presents the return of "Real Boxing" with elite level trainer Ronnie Shields!

    Starting off this evening's 90 minute program, the Houston, Texas based fight coach will engage in another segment of "Fact of Fiction"!!

    - Will Mayweather vs. Berto sell out the MGM Grand Garden Arena on September 12th?

    - Will the winner of Canelo vs. Cotto be able to draw Floyd Mayweather Jr. out of retirement in 2016?

    - Is Klitschko genuinely entertaining the idea of taking on Shannon Briggs in 2016?

    - Would Leo Santa Cruz fair better against Vasyl Lomachenko or Gary Russell Jr.?

    - Will Guillermo Rigondeaux get a fight with Leo Santa Cruz in 2016?

    - Will Manny Pacqauiao's "salt water therapy" bring back an old trend in boxing?

    - Will Manny Pacquiao's career recover from Mayweather loss?

    - Will Tim Bradley ever be able to attract a suitable match-up under his current big money contract with Top Rank?

    - Will Oscar De la Hoya come out of retirement in 2016 to fight Sugar Shane Mosley one final time?

    - Would Juan Manuel Marquez send Sugar Shane into retirement for good?

    - Did Mosley vs. Mayorga sell more than 100K PPVs this past weekend?

    Coach Ronnie will also promote the big CBS Sunday fight card in Corpus Christi, Texas September 6th!!

    - Dirrell vs. Rubio, 10 rounds, Super Middleweights

    - McDonnell vs. Kameda, 12 rounds for the WBA "Regular" Bantamweight title

    Join us for an all-new edition of "Real Boxing" with veteran trainer Ronnie Shields!!  

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    A Conversation with Braunsy Brooks

    in Music

    Established 2012, Braunsy Brooks & Worship Kulture are committed to cultivating a generation of worshipers. Counting it a privilege and a honor to live lives as ambassadors repressing who Christ is.

    Braunsy Brooks is a new, young and thriving artist who is no stranger to music and ministry. As an adolescent singing in church on Sunday mornings and wherever he could was Brooks’s earliest recognition of his God given talent. It was there that he began to cultivate his gift and capture the hearts of Gods people. Even as a youngster his commitment to God and the body of Christ kept him in the forefront of ministry. Brooks’s outstanding charisma and prowess as an exhorter and worshiper continues to illuminate the anointing that rest upon his life. This pattern continued through his public school years where he was privileged to be a part of an awesome group of young people who called themselves “The Avenu”. He later was a founding member and collaboratively ministered with “Judah Tribe” until God gave life to his long awaited vision and “Braunsy Brooks & Worship Kulture was birthed.
    Braunsy Brooks & Worship Kulture have teamed up with a phenomenal production team and have released “ The LP “ This project features a selection of brilliantly fascinating gospel ballads and pulsating praise tunes that are guaranteed to stir up the gifts inside of the listener. It will not take long for listeners to sing along with Braunsy Brooks & Worship Kulture’s songs as we are believing for timeless hits and worship on another level. So get ready because you will be motivated and inspired to live what is a life of worship!

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    Tha Weekend Wrap-w/'Iceman' John Scully & Ronnie Shields

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    @wcsteelerfan, aka James E King III presents 'Tha PUGILIST KOrner, our weekly show dedicated to the art of boxing, on both the amatuer and professional levels

    Every Sunday, I'm joined by 'Iceman' John Scully, as we discuss the weekend's action and important upcoming bouts.'Iceman' John Scully (born July 28, 1967) is an formerly a world-ranked professional light heavyweight, he is now a boxing trainer and an analyst for the ESPN Classic television network.

    In November 2010, "Iceman" John Scully was inducted into the fifth class of the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino in Connecticut.

    Scully brings his sense of old school honesty and tenacity to Tha Weedend Wrap.  He's also currently head trainer, for the UFC Gym, Winter Springs, Fla.

    We close Tha Weekend Wrap with our segment, 'Straight Talk' w/ Trainer Ronnie Shields. Ronnie Shields (born June 6, 1958 in Port Arthur, Texas) is a former professional boxer and has become a prominent trainer in the sport. He works out of the Plex Boxing Gym in Stafford, Texas.

    Join us as we discuss our renowned sport, both in and outside the squared circle, every week.