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    Rocky III, 1982

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    Rocky has been holding the title as the heavyweight champion until he is defeated by a brutal challenger, and now must regain his fighting spirit through a big rematch, trained by an unlikely ally: his old nemesis Apollo Creed.

    Director: Sylvester Stallone
    Writer: Sylvester Stallone
    Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young 

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    Grand Opening of Rocky Mount Internet Radio

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    Join us for our first show and learn about all of the wonderful things that we will be sharing about current events in Rocky Mount North Carolina!

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    Rocky Point Radio PREMIRE Episode (Henry Ottaviano & Brian Beaudoin)

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    It's like the Rhode Show on Crack!" -Host Jay Messier

    Get ready for a Rhode Island rollercoaster ride of excitment on the FIRST EVER episode of Rocky Point Renaissance Radio! We will carefully blend what was great, what is great & what we have to look forward to in this crazy little state; Rhode Island. (facebook.com/rockypointradio)

    Tonight we hear from 1150 Oak Bar & Grill's Henry Ottaviano as never before when he discusses how he went from a potential seaman in the Navy to hitchhiking cross country to return to the "love of his life". Listen to his incredible story which features a highway car crash, Henry's several attempts to lose his virginity and his eventual depature from the Navy! We also find out some things coming up at 1150 Oak. (facebook.com/1150oak)


    Then we talk to Rhode Island's #1 Ranked Comedian and possibly it;s #1 ranked cannabis consumer Brian Beaudoin. Make sure the children are in bed when listening because Brian was high on accidentily ingested "Weed Cake" throuhout our interview. We discuss internet , the Rhode Island Mall, Full House and more! It is quite the conversation and MUST LISTEN RADIO! (facebook.com/brianbeaudoin)


    Our official sponsor "Messed Up Creations T-Shirts will also reveal their newest T-Shirt sure to make stoners and potheads through Rhode Island rejoice...as much as a pothead can! (messedupcreations.com)

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    The Rocky Horror Picture Show Bash

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    Award-winning actor Barry Bostwick reminisces about The Rocky Horror Picture Show in this annual October tribute to that bizarre cult classic. Bostwick speaks candidly about his experience while making the film -- including weather problems, what it was like working with Susan Sarandon, his favorite scenes in the movie, and much more.

    Boasting credits in over 100 films and TV productions, Bostwick may be best-known as the clueless mayor on Spin City, but he's a triple-threat entertainer -- singer, dancer, actor -- who created the role of Danny Zuko in Grease on Broadway and won a Tony for his work in The Robber Bridegroom. He's also a Golden Globe winner for his performance in TV's War and Remembrance. Among Bostwick's many films are: Movie, Movie; 101 Dalmations II; Spy Hard; Some Guy Who Kills People; and FDR: American Badass! His upcoming movies include Slay Bells, a horror flick in which he plays Santa, as well as the comedy Diani & Devine Meet the Apocalypse.

     Although The Rocky Horror Picture Show bombed when it first opened in 1975, entertaining midnight showings soon catapulted the film into cult status. And the movie got a big boost when TV's Glee featured its own version of the outrageous musical numbers. 

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    Rocky Anderson, Gerald Celente & Kali Katt on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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    Wednesday, November 12, 6pm EST: On tonight’s show, Mitchell will hold a Round Table on the latest trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership which may be getting signed imminently and which has menacing implications for the sovereignty of all nations including the U.S. yet the subject is minimally discussed in the media. When it is, the discussion is highly partial and omits key points, which will be discussed in the Round Table by Rocky Anderson, Gerald Celente and Kali Katt. In December 2012, Mitchell interviewed Mitch Jones of Food & Water Watch on the TPP, and it’s clearly time to do so again in light of its potentially imminent signing.

    Rocky Anderson, former Mayor of Salt Lake City from 2000-2008, during his tenure, reduced the carbon footprint in the city by about 33%. He an American lawyer and politician. Rocky has practiced law for 21 years in Salt Lake City.

    Gerald Celente is publisher of the world-renowned Trends Journal, has been interviewed on numerous national and international media for decades as a trends forecaster in the fields of economics and politics.

    Kali Katt is a free-lance journalist and activist with a B.A. in Environmental Studies.  She has been conducting on-the-ground educational actions in regard to the TPP for a few years now, to a public who, until meeting Kali, had no idea what it was or that it existed.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership stands as probably the most threatening, so-called "trade agreement", or document of any sort, to our Democracy and sovereignty as a nation.  The TPP would legally oblige all nations who are signatories to be subject to a corporate-formed body which would have jurisdiction over any statutes in the U.S., including its Constitution. 

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    This show was unable to air last week due to technical difficulties ... BUT THE SHOW WILL GO ON THIS SATURDAY!  And we hope you all join us!

    "Remember the TV series Mr. Ed (Centered around a talking horse)? Many do, but do you know who the voice of Mr. Ed was? Linda J Alexander does. She wrote a book about Allan "Rocky" Lane. But before he was the "voice" of Mr. Ed .... he was a 1940s/50s cowboy hero that many kids cheered … each and every Saturday, at the local theater.  And before that …. he had several different roles, credited and uncredited, in over 56 movies, in the 1930’s.  His personal life had as many ups and downs, as did his acting career, and … few really knew the real Allan Lane.  Linda J Alexander probably knows Lane better than any of his co-workers, or even any of his four wives.  Debbie will be talking to Ms. Alexander about her newly released book,  “I am Mister Ed … Allan “Rocky” Lane Revealed”

    Ms. Alexander will also be discussing the upcoming re-release of her previously written work, “Reluctant Witness … Robert Taylor … Hollywood and Communism.”  In fact, she has written several books, not only about old Hollywood …. but fiction, as well.  And there is more … Linda J Alexander is on a mission.  A mission to find a brother that she did not know existed two years ago.

    Join us for one power-packed hout with Linda J Alexander!  Better still, call in and talk with Ms. Alexander, personally.  The call-in number is (323) 792-3071.

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents/ Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization

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    Continuing the series of the North American Sasquatch Researcher, Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio is honored to bring you a Sasquatch research team out of the Rocky Mountains. They call themselves the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization R.M.S.O. Team members include Kelly Shaw, Derek Wright, Jenny Higley, and Brody Lewis.

    Kelly Shaw has been a Bigfoot enthusiast since he was 8 when his grandfather told him about his close up encounter with a family of three Bigfoot during the 1920’s in Mount St. Helens Washington. After that Kelly started reading everything he could and realized he was actually living in an active area. When he was old enough, he began camping in areas with sightings reports and has kept up this practice through adulthood.  Derek Wright, who has had an up close encounter, joined Kelly Shaw and they created the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization. Together they would document and study the Sasquatch in the Rocky Mountain area. Jenny Higley and Brody Lewis, brother and sister, grew up in the outdoors and possessed great tracking abilities. Jenny joined the team four years later and Brody, a prospector, joined last year. This team has been successful in finding many tracks, tree formations and documented local wildlife. Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization has a hexadrone helicoptor they call “Squawk” which gives the team a great advantage over the rugged terrain. Join Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio for a very fascinating show.

    To find out more about the R.M.S.O., please refer to the following links:





    Like R.M.S.O. on Facebook

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    Rocky Mount Youth and Young Adult Community Form

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    Tune in and learn about the positive activities that are taken place in the city of Rocky Mount for Youth and Young Adults. Today we will visit The Young Adult Business Builders Academy.
    The program consists of three long term goals:

    1.The first goal is to open up whole new categories of income choices and opportunities for each participant, but particularly 18 to 25 year olds. Plus to mentor and teach young adults how to earn a six figure income before they reach the age of 30.

    2.The second goal is to encourage people who don’t want to work for someone else that it is possible for college and non-college educated persons, even one who may have a criminal record, to make a comfortable livelihood working for themselves.

    3.The third major goal is to have a positive effect on the culture of Young Adults so that more people of the younger generation will focus on owning more businesses, commercial property and larger scale enterprises. 

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    GBBLive With BluesCityJoe and Patrick Edwards of Rocky Top Talk!

    in Basketball

    As free agency heats up and the Orlando Summer League comes to a close, GBBLive with your Host Joe Mullinax will survey the landscape at 7 PM CT on BlogTalkRadio!

    The Managing Editor of Grizzly Bear Blues, Chris Faulkner, will be on for his usual segment "Grizzly Bear News" at the beginning of the show. Free Agency will be the main topic of conversation as LeBron James' decision looms over the Association. How will the eventual domino fall affect the Grizzlies, especially when it comes to Mike Miller's future in Memphis?

    GBB's own BluesCityJoe AKA Joe Witherwax will join the show in the second segment to focus in on the Grizzlies' Summer League. There have been some highlights and lowlights so far, but what all does it mean for the main roster and Iowa Energy come training camp in October? Who will most likely stick around past Orlando?

    Finally, Patrick Edwards of SB Nation's Rocky Top Talk will be Mullinax's guest to discuss one of the newest Grizzlies, 2nd round selection and former Tennessee Volunteer Jarnell Stokes. The Memphis native has shown promise in his shown time as a bear of Beale Street, and Patrick will fill us in on what we can expect from J-Bo in the future.

    All this and more on the latest episode of Grizzly Bear Blues Live! Follow us on Twitter @GBBLive and sign up for Audible's Audio Book service using this URL www.audibletrial.com/grizzlybearblues to help GBBLive donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

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    Welcome back guys to another Spirit on the Radio with Sarah May and a welcome return to her special guest Canadian Energy Healer Rocky Krogfoss.  Rocky and Sarah will be sharing the airwaves, with topical chats, shared healing work accompanied by readings from Sarah.  We are looking forwards to hearing from many, sharing some music and wowing you all with our joined energy.  

    Either call into the show or come into the chatroom........


    Catch you soon

    Sarah and Rocky X X

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    Rocky Interview

    in Entertainment

    Interviewing Rocky from BGC10

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