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    Robbers of the Living God

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    The living God, Tommy L. Hart, will identify the robbers of God, and show just how that is done. Be sure to follow the Living God on twitter: #tommylhart.

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    The Bible says "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. ----" (John 10:10).

    Many destinies have been stolen or diverted by the enemy.

    Some people whom God created to be princes are walking about on the ground, while the servants are riding on the horses of their destinies.

    You need to deal with the spiritual robbers in your destiny for your life to move forward. 


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    Thieves and Robbers | K8153

    in Christianity

    Complimentary - Antidoteforall.com

    Host: Roy Masters
    Roy quote "Don't thieves and robbers love thieves and robbers?"
    The most educated person doesn't know what the hell they are doing in their life.

    Robert wants to be friends with a previous girfriend.
    Is resentful for being forced to take Psychotropic drugs.

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Charles Curtis--Vice President Herbert Hoover Administration--Curtis was baptized Roman Catholic but converted Methodist

    ***Corazon Aquino  elected President of the Philippines--Widow of Benino Aquino  president candidate who was assasinated

    ***Convicted Russian Spy Martin Sobel(l)

    ***"SUPERBOWL 50 --Dateline San Francisco--part 2"If you're coming to San Francisco don't wear flowers in your hair!"Practical survival tips--Protecting your person & Your Possesions

    WARNINGS--The Club doesn't prevent your vehicle from being stolen~!!!

    Por Dispensary may be new lucrative source for robberys --The  escapees from Los Angeles Jail --one was involved in the torture -mutilation of a pot shop owner--

    ***Tortured--Penis cut off and taken by robbers to prevent re attachment

    ***What the late Haight Ashbury Switchboard taught tourists and newcomers about safety and survival

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    Historic Black Town, Boley OK, Fended OFF “Pretty Boy” Floyd’s Bank Robbers

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    Listen to The Gist of Freedom tonight as we talk with Jennifer Nelson a descendant of the historical black town, Boley OK.

    One of the first nationally chartered black-owned banks, Farmers and Merchants Bank in Boley, Oklahoma, an all-black town successfully fended off “Pretty Boy” Floyd’s Bank Robber's Gang!

     ON NOVEMBER 23, 1932, three members of Charles A. “Pretty Boy” Floyd’s gang made the worst mistake of their lives. They tried to rob the state’s first nationally chartered black-owned bank Farmers and Merchants Bank in Boley, Ok, an all-black town of proud-walking pioneers.

    Up to that point, the Floyd gang had been robbing an average of a bank a week, usually without any resistance.

    Gangster Floyd  had warned his gang members against robbing the Boley bank because, the people of Boley all had guns, knew how to shoot them and weren't afraid to use them.  Photos: Boley Council Members, Boley Bank,  SEMINOLE NEGRO INDIAN SCOUTS _

    They didn't heed Floyd's warning and Birdwell and Patterson, armed burst into the bank early that morning.  announced they were robbing the bank and warned "don't pull no alarm."

    The bank's  Bookkeeper McCormick, saw the robbers enter.  He slipped into the bank's vault, retrieved the rifle and aimed it at Birdwell who was scooping up cash.

    At the same time, the Bank's president D.J. Turner,  was on duty. He loved Boley and was determined to defend it.

    When the alarm began wailing Birdwell hollered, "Did you pull that alarm?" "Sure I did," Turner answered.

    Gangster Birdwell shot and Turner fell mortally wounded. McCormick, in turn, shot the second gang member, Birdwell to death.

    Excerpts taken from Mrs. Betty DeRamus Facebook post


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    Obama What? -Yesterday's Problems, Today's Issues, and Tomorrow's Future

    in Politics

    "Politics" is derived from the words "poly" meaning "many", and "tics" meaning "blood-sucking parasites." 

    Hosted by Michael Hampton and Gabriel Rich.

    Everything in life is political and when words come out of the mouths of elected officials whom the  American citizens entrusted to speak in their behalf, they don't, and it seems there is a miscommunication in play. Politcians campaign on issues that effect the community, but often run off and play cops and robbers against the world, making money off our backs and forget about us. The American citizens  sit back and watch how bad the conditions of this world is becoming, the shock sometimes prevent us from acting in our own behalf. The shock of the betrayal is slowly coming off and most of us know by now ,  the 'Bankers 'and 'Moneychangers' are running and attempting to control the world. We feel we have no control, but with open and truthful communication on Yesterday's Problems, Today's Issues and Tomorrow's Future, the people do  have a voice and the ability to be creative in our steps to action. Does voting in a democracy help our cause? Do Politicians really speak for the people whom we  have voted  into office? Or is voting just another system robotic exercise? Join Michael Hampton and Gabriel Rich as they break the 'Tics" we are exposed to.


    *Sponsored by African American Ain't African




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    Christmas Tree in the Window

    in Comedy

    Christmas Tree in the window is a jolly ideal (rolling my eyes)

    -As it helps the robber find the idiots homes to rob....with open arms the people welcome in robbers...

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    Celtic Tree Wisdom: Elder Tree

    in Spirituality

    Venus, dark green, Midsummer's night, fertility... What do these have in common? The great Earth Mother tree, Elder. 

    It's time for a new Celtic Tree month! From warding off robbers to making toys, experimenting with electricity, and using for medicine and magic, the Elder tree has long been held sacred. Join your hosts, Melissa and Grant Virtue, as they discuss the importance of reconnecting with this month's Celtic Tree. They will discuss the legend and history as well as the medince and magic of Elder. There is much wisdom to be gleaned and lessons to be learned from this ancient tree.

    Join in the live chat room or call into the show! 

    Melissa will offer a special surprise for the audeince so be sure to tune in! 

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    On Why Yet's Watch with Cedric the Author

    in Books

    Cedric Lewis is a native of Greenville, South Carolina, who turned his life around after being incarcerated and became an author. In 1999, Cedric read his first novel, True 2 Da Game by Terri Woods. But it was Wahida Clark's novel, Thugs and the Women Who Love Them, that inspired Cedric to write his own novel. Those two novels encouraged Cedric to reflect on his life, living in the projects among bank robbers, drug dealers and users, gang bangers, murderers and ghetto superstars. Being a product of the streets and living a lifestyle with only two possible outcomes, prison or death, Cedric's life was snatched away by the State agency at fourteen. While incarcerated, he worked hard to turn his life around and give others hope. Cedric's journey is a testament that when one door closes, another door will open up and no matter how many times you stumble, dust yourself off and try again.

    Join me, Why Yet, as I sit down and chat with Cedric the author and discover his inspiration for turning his life around. Call # 773-897-629

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    Tonight a look at the inner mind of our brother George Jackson through his letters to his parents. We know that the system of so called Justice in America is geared towards keeping the prisoner a convict and we see it in the fact that a man convicted of petty theft who is Black is put in the same system with harden criminals who are White.  Thereby having the Black man fighting for his survival and becoming more of a criminal while in prison than he was before he entered.  We see this even today, and it is the same harden type of White criminals as it was yesterday, the serial killers, the children rapers, the rapists, the bank robbers.  White criminals being far more violent and sever offenders against society than the Black Man being treated better and getting lighter sentences for far more dangerous crimes.

    George Jackson was convicted of stealing $70.00 from a gas station with a gun. As I see it, it was not the robbery that cost him his life but the fact that a Niggar had a gun was a danger to white society and only that.  For a Black Person to fight back against the poverty they inflict upon us by taking from them what we need to survive without a struggle is the real crime against them. The suffering of Black people is the objective of White America, and how server they can inflict that suffering upon each individual Black person. The reaction they cause is a study to them of our humanity as if we are an experiment in a laboratory.I will not only read his letters that show his contempt for this system of injustice but the tribulations he experienced with his inner spirit of love for his family and his belief that an omnipresent creator could not exist if the extent of his power could not save him or other Black people from a system of slavery in which we still exist. Oppression is oppression no matter the severity of it, to hold a people captive under codes in a system meant to take away their human dignity is still slavery.