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    "Why Black LIves Don't Matter?"

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    “Why Black Lives Don’t Matter?”

    In this multi-media presentation Imam Shuaibe will address the recent injustices which have incensed the world of people of conscience across this nation.  He will address not just the judicial branches of the tree of INJUSTICE that black men and women are being lynched on but its ROOTS.

    The potential cognitive dissonance that comes up when you read the title is deliberate. It forces you even on the subconscious level to try to make sense out of it for clarification.

    It seems to affirm that “Black lives don’t matter”.  And it does.  In the sense that the Cultural System has shown that “they don’t matter”.  This address will explain “Why?”

    It also asks the question, in an “ebonical” manner, kind of like the “slave asking his master” – “Massa, Why Black Lives Don’t Matter?”

    It can also be read like an arrogant white supremacists, like Taney, the Chief Justice in “The Dred Scott Decision”, who is insulted by the very suggestion that “Black Lives Matter”.  His reply would be an exclamation not a question - “Why, Black lives don’t matter!”

    In his decision he said,  “Blacks are regarded as beings of an inferior order, .. unfit to associate with the white race ..so far inferior that they have no rights which the white man was bound to respect.”

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    Black Lives Matter...Really???

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    For a little over a week now, I have been seeing the phrases Hands Up and Black Lives Matter everywhere and it has really pissed me off.  You have had members of the Congressional Black Caucus make 'hands up, don't shoot' motion on House floor, five St. Louis Rams players stood with their hands raised in a show of compassion and solidarity for Ferguson protesters and Hollywood’s and Hollywood-Backed #BlackOutBlackFriday Boycott.  If Michael Brown was on his way home from school and he was shot down in the middle of the street because he was minding his own business then I would be just as outraged.  That was not the scenario…he made the conscious decision to walk into a gas station, brazenly steal some cigars, and assaulted the employee who confronted him.  He walks down the middle of the street and when Officer Darren Brown tells him to move to the sidewalk he wants to get into a confrontation with him.  Those are the set of events that got him killed not being black.  Now there is a nationwide movement that condones his behavior.  If his life mattered, where were his parents to put a stop to his behavior before it escalated to him getting himself killed?  Why didn’t the stepdad step up as a man who took on the job of parent and made sure Michael Brown knew “hands off what isn’t yours”? Instead you have them parading around with Al Sharpton crying about justice not being served because their son is dead.  I do think it is unfortunate that Michael Brown lost his life over some cigars but I have adopted the following philosophy “when you commit a crime, you should always expect death to be on the table.” Tell me where I am wrong this Saturday from 2pm - 4pm

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    Experiencing Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities

    in Spirituality

    Next time on I Dreamed I Was Human...the Radio Show, "Experiencing Parallel Lives and Alternate Realities".

    Are we all connected to and even influenced by parallel dimensions?  Can we consciously access alternate realities and what could be the possible benefits of doing so?  More and more, reknowned scientists and metaphysical practioners are theorizing and proclaiming multiple-existence scenarios.

    On this journey Carolyn shares a mystical, other-worldy experience of her own, that some might call magic.  You won't want to miss this.

    Please join Carolyn and her co-host/husband Doug for a program that promises to be intriguing and definitely "out-of-the-box", Saturday, December 13th... 9am Pacific/12noon Eastern.

    More about Carolyn...

    After more than 35 years of study and research in metaphysical-spirituality, Carolyn has discovered her own view of spirituality and how that equates to the dream of life. Carolyn tackles some very thought provoking concepts that take you on an inner journey, stretching your mind beyond the limitations of belief and perception. 

    She is certified in spiritual psychology, clincial hynotherapy, has a master's degree in holistic nutrition and has been a professional singer for more than twenty-five years.  You can see Carolyn's messages frequently appearing in The Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine.  Find out more about Carolyn's new book and her services by going to: idreamediwashuman.com and awakeningyou.com



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    Black Lives Matter.. Or do THEY?

    in Women

    Please tune in and enjoy the show, we will be dialoguing with a panel of 6 Magnificent, Educated, Intelligent and progressive thinking black men. We will be discussing the issues that are impacting the African American Community. Sit back and lets hear what they have to say our guests are:

    Ryan B- Ryan is a 32 yr old young man who is Employed and is a single father of two lovely daughters.Ryan is very active in his daughters lives, 

    Chris B- Chis is an Employed college student who plans to set the world on fire. 

    Kevin J- Kevin is a Newtwork Engineer, Childrens Author, Motivational Speaker and he is the father..

    Folson C.- is a college graduate with a background in business. Folson spent over a decade working with various social services programs...Also he has years of experience as a Real Estate Salesperson.. Folson currently a mentor to young boys and teenagers  and he is looking to be more involved in that aspect

    Mr.Barnett- Mr. Barnett is Present and CEO of T.H.U.G (True Healing Under God) John is also known as, the Prince of Civil Rights

    Mr. Steer- Mr. Steer is gainfully employed married and is also a father who is interested in the development of spirituality and economic empowerment







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    SIDETRACKED Episode 104: Lives Matter

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Lives Matter

    Side Topics:  Foreign money buying up Beverly Hills, good or bad?  Santa Claus & a theory of adult government fairy tale continuation.  Google gives you more reasons not to let your under 13 y.o. child on the internet.  Boy commits suicide after being bullied for joining Cheerleader squad.  Black Friday Music sales ups & downs.  Military rape incidents ups & downs.  Michelle Obama's school lunches look like something out of a prison flick.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!

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    BLACK LIVES MATTER: Solution Strategy Centered Conversations

    in Culture

    #BlackLivesMatter Yes, Black Lives Matter, but before we can convince others, we must know it, believe it, and act from this fact ourselves. The Master Griot Project in partnership with the BBS Value Tour have been in search of positive actions and strategic solutions to America's historical disregard of Black lives and we've found some! So, let's have conversations around sound strategies and positive actions as we work toward defined goals. Using think tank, THE HARVEST INSTITUTE's guidance as our framework, we'll talk strategy and commit to actions in our new monthly purpose driven words series here on Master Griot / NBBTA Radio.

    "...disciplined, rigorous, peaceful protests, and they had a goal and intention in mind. You just can’t march and not know what you’re marching for.” Oprah Winfrey || This show's goal is to create disciplined, rigorous, peaceful ACTIONS with a clear goal and intention in mind.

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    Shattered Lives: Campus Safety

    in Current Events

    Going away to college is a time in a young persons' life that should be about discovery, learning, and making lifelong friends. However, as parents send their children away from home, some for the very first time, there is even more to be anxious about, especially their safety on campus.

    According to the Justice Department, "1 in 5 women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape." When these incidents occur on campus property they are in the jurisdiction of campus police, and many victims do not report, or are discouraged to report by school administrators. 

    With sexual assaults, active shooters, and luring into human trafficking from our college campuses, the college experience has changed. 

    Guest for the hour S. Daniel Carter will discuss these issues and what is being done to create real, enforceable guidelines for campuses to follow in order to make the environment safer for students everywhere.

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    Top 10 Days of Our Lives Spoilers and more!

    in Entertainment

    Cathy Cathy of Dayscafe.com infamy is baaaaack with the story of what she's been up to plus her thoughts on the Top 10 Days of Our Lives Spoilers ...

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    Past Lives and Near Death Experiences, How to perceive your past Lives In this

    in Spirituality

    Past Lives and Near Death Experiences, How to perceive your past Lives

    In this episode RemBrandt will explore past lives he has perceived in himself and how one can through meditation perceive ones own past lives.  He will also talk about some near Death Experiences that he has had and elaborate on Ones Life Flashing before ones eyes.  


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    AMERICAN MENTORS: Black Lives Matter, A Christmas Story

    in Relationships

    By Christmas Day 2014, every living president and every public official will need to recommit to a common American value.   A simple statement, #BlackLivesMatter promotes a new season of healing not unlike that of 2000 years ago.  The national motto, IN GOD WE TRUST is the best evidence that trust exists as an American value.  But, we’ll need to weave that trust into a cloak of protection around our most vulnerable citizens.

    2.1 billion Christian jurists can build a faith-based case for why Black Lives Matter from the original Christmas story.  In the second chapter of Matthew around the 15th verse, we see the fulfillment of prophesy, a vision of the future coming into being.   -- I have called my Son from Egypt -- the old testament prophet foretold.

    Bishop John R. Bryant, SENIOR BISHOP of the AME CHURCH is one of 2.1 billion Christians on earth today.  He believes that BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Bryant has called on friends and kin of the CHRISTIAN FAITH to designate the 2ND SUNDAY OF DECEMBER as "BLACK LIFE MATTERS" SUNDAY.Bishop John R. Bryant, SENIOR BISHOP of the AME CHURCH is one of 2.1 billion Christians on earth today.  He believes that BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Bryant has called on friends and kin of the CHRISTIAN FAITH to designate the 2ND SUNDAY OF DECEMBER as "BLACK LIFE MATTERS" SUNDAY.

    You can tweet us @YouthUSA, Like us on Facebook.com/YouthAchieversUSA or call in during our live show 657-383-1405 Saturday, 12 noon ET, 11 am CT, 9 am PT.

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    If Black Lives Matter, Then...

    in Culture

    Dr.Nebkheperure delivers some mid-week motivation to the divided black/african nation to bridge unity and productivity in the right direction. Visit www.nebkheperure.org for more information

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