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    "Relationships - Rant/Rave 2016 @7 pm Eastern 646-727-2914

    in Relationships

    Welcome to *Relationships - Rant/Rave" 2016.  Were are relationships today?  Do we communicate more or less.  Are we so busy we don't have "me time" anymore.  Who are our loves, Boyfriend, Husband, Significant Other, Partner, Sugar Daddy, Shorty, of course the list could go on, you get my jest.    Call in and share your opinions or questions, or experiences, it could be just the answer someone is looking for OK!

    Phone number:  646-727-2914  Host:  Lennis   Co-Host Tina

    Website:  www.theessenceofsuccess.com   www.Facebook/GaiaBocelli.com




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    Panther Power Chat (Open Rant)

    in National

    This group follows the original philosophy's of Brother Huey Newton and Brother Bobby Seale including, Self Defense, The 10 Point Program,and The New Black Code. Here we will speak about the issues in our community and invite the People to dialogue with us and bring solutions to our community. It's time for us to be the leaders we have been waiting for no more waiting for what the people want and need now is the time to STAND UP!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE NOW AND ALWAYS! 

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    The Red Room Random Rant

    in Relationships

    Host Shelly L. Brooks will return live next week for Part 2 of "From Single to In a Relationship"  Tonight Co-Hosts James and Vic Love will take calls from our listeners who have a random rant about what's been bothering you, irritating you or annoying you about life and relationships giving you an opportunity to vent.  No rant is barred!  We have been snowed in on the east coast for 5 days so I'm sure there will be a lot of rants to release!


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    Royal Rumble Rant

    in Pop Culture

    Today Shane and Jeff try to maintain their composure as they rant live about the logic hole known as the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble. They will likely fail in spectacular fashion.

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    #362 Detect Sabotage, Do Well & Do Good, 21 Days to a Big Idea, Pop-up Retail

    in Business

    Segment 1: Bob Frisch, managing partner of the Strategic Offsites Group, is considered one of the world’s leading strategic facilitators, having worked with executives and boards in sixteen countries on five continents. He is the author of Simple Sabotage: A Modern Field Manual for Detecting and Rooting Out Everyday Behaviors That Undermine Your Workplace.

    Segment 2: Elizabeth Gore is the Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at Dell, where she is working with Dell to extend its global advocacy efforts to raise entrepreneurship to the public policy agenda, encouraging policies and practices that support and enable entrepreneurial growth globally. 

    Segment 3: Bryan Mattimore is co-founder and chief idea guy at the sixteen-year old Growth Engine Company, an innovation agency based in Norwalk, CT. Bryan and his firm have managed over 200 successful innovation projects leading to over $3 Billion in new revenue for his clients.  He is the author of three books on business creativity and innovation including the recently re-leased, 21 Days to a Big Idea.

    Segment 4: Katherine Darnstadt is founder of Latent Design, which specializes in ideation, strategy, and execution of scalable and highly experiential architecture and urban design. They have created Boombox which is a prefabricated micro retail kiosk installed in high volume public spaces to provide short-term pop up commercial opportunities and cultural experiences. Erik Harmon is of Executive Director of the Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber of Commerce in Chicago.

    Segment 5: Aaron T. Walker is a Businessman and Life Coach who has inspired many through his leadership, mentorship, and consistent pursuit of excellence.

    Sponsored by Sage, Nextiva, and Pure Chat. 

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    The Awakening - Rant-O-Mania

    in Politics Conservative

    For G_d, For Country, For Freedom.

    It's one of those nights where a rant is needed.

    Sorely needed.

    I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers that I requested a few weeks ago for my friend Sharku.  Sadly, Sharku passed away early this morning.....

    This comes from the son of my beloved friend Sharku:

    This morning at 5 am my father passed. For anyone who wants to join us we will be gathering Monday at 2 pm at my aunt's.  He Will forever be apart of my life and could not have asked for a better father and friend. My sister and I will be going to Burning man next year upon his wish to join half of his ashes to the sands of the Arizona basin. Rest in peace and I love you.

    Rest in peace brother - you fought a battle only a true warrior and patriot could muster.  Rest now, say "hi" to your Dad for me and thank him for his service.  I love you and miss you. - Holger

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    Rant Radio: Racism, Sports, Politricks, and Tom Foolery

    in Radio

    Rant Radio today will focus on the controversy surrounding Super Bowl Quarterback Cam Newton.. You know he happens to be young, winning, and black.. A crime in the minds of a lot of Americans. We will also talk more about Flint, Michigan and the Tainted Water scandal... Who ya doing the fool for is the question? Is it time for us to put an end to all of the Tom Foolery goign on among our people and get back to focusing on creating Harmony for our children and people across the globe? 

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    Thursday Night Rant - STEVIE MACK RADIO - 02 04 16

    in Comedy

    #StevieMackRadio –  Thursday Night Rant - 02 04 16

    Mon -Thu 10pm (PST)

    Call in 646.716.6113

    Stevie Mack (Writer/Host) takes the news, current events and pop culture, flip it up, slap it and rub it down with an urban edgy twist! Listen in as political pundits Montel Jackson, Bygh Myke and Rev. Al match wits with Stevie Mack on the "Topic of the Night"

    Visit  http://www.steviemack.com

    Follow  http://www.twitter.com/ComicStevieMack

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    Nicole Arbour Rant On The LRD Show

    in Entertainment

    Please join me, Lois Riley Durham, as I discuss different topics from business, to life, and everything in between. Follow on Twitter or Facebook.

    Sponsored by LRD Virtual Admin Service. Durham 3D, MKX Vapors and Come Into Your Own

    Music By: Visit Vlora and Monstercat

    Video Clips By: Nicole Arbour - Dear Fat People and RobWillSelfDestruct - Robin Williams on the Vatican and Homosexuality

    On today's episode of The LRD Show, I will discuss Nicole Arbour and her video "Dear Fat People" and give my honest reaction / opinion about this video.

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    Working retail on Black Friday

    in Current Events

    St. Bonaventure student/journalists who work part-time retail jobs discuss their preparation and expectations for Black Friday. Guests include Jacqueline Clark and Madeleine Faircloth. Reid Okoniewski hosts the podcast.

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    Rant Radio: Tainted Water and Tainted Democracy

    in Radio

    Thursday January 21st Rant Radio, we will discuss Flint Michigan and the stripping of Democracy through out the state of Michigan. How both political parties are at fault. We will also talk about the impact of Frances Cress Welsing in the Conscious Community and the legacy she leaves behind. All these things plus whatever is on your mind when you call in... To listen click the link or call 347-826-9600. Press option 1 to talk