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    Hebrews 4, the rest of God.

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    In this episode I will discuss the rest of God talked about in Hebrews chapter 4. The rest of God that is entered by salvation. I will talk about sanctifying grace and how we can enter that rest. Rest alone doesn't mean that it is a guarantee of redemption, but it is a sign of being born again. I will read from Hebrews chapter 4

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  • WANT POWER? Get some REST!

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    How many of us just run, run, and run some more thinking that’s the secret formula for the success we think we want and need in our lives? I don’t know about you, but being busy 24 x 7 is NOT going to get you anywhere but over-worked, overly stressed, and completely non-productive… and if that’s not all, we will also begin to suffer some type of illness in our minds, body, and spirit.

    Listen in and participate in what will be an awesome conversation about the Power of REST!

    Tamarra Causley Robinson, Telecia Ellis, and Jennifer Flynn will jump into this timely conversation about the importance of rest and how when ignored, can be so very detrimental to our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. They will also discuss some of the best ways to encourage more rest in your life for maximum productivity and peace of mind.

    Telecia Ellis is a Personal Success and Wellbeing coach. She delights in helping women and healthcare professionals reduce stress in order to achieve their optimal level of wellbeing and performance. Find out more at ExperienceAnew.com.

    Jennifer Flynn helps others reestablish balance in their lives. When you find that you are never enough, overwhelmed with work, realizing you have no time for yourself, she helps you get you back on track to your destination of a joyful existence. For a free discovery session visit thebalancemaven.com 

    Tamarra Causley Robinson is a Life and Career Transitions coach who works with professional women who are frutrated, feeling over looked, over-worked and under-valued in their life or career choice by helping them to reconnect to their happiness, purpose, and passion for the life and career they want and deserve.

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    Disobedience in the Sight of the Lord

    in Christianity

    Disobedience in the Sight of the Lord by Pastor Russell L. Long Jr.

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    The Fear Of The LORD:

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    The fear of the LORD is a major theme in both the Old and New Testament, but it is severaly lacking in "Western Christianity". Is the lack of teaching on the Fear of The LORD the number one reason for such a lack of true holiness and true conversions? Is the Fear of The LORD the ultimate key to recovering True Church and True Christianity? Please join brothers David Pace and James Sisneros on a in-depth series on the Fear of The LORD.

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    The Fear of the LORD (Part 5)

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    The Fear of the LORD, as shown in the Deuteronomy 28 record implicates the Gentiles: it bears their sin, at least one of them. So, the Gentiles paint the Lord as a threat to their security and survival. They combine their military forces, giving them the mission to remove the threat, neutralize and contain the people of the LORD God. But the political and religious leaders of the Gentiles lied against the Lord.The Lord was removed, and his people neutralized and contained.

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    Join us today! Are you lonely and depressed? We would love to have you join us!

    We are women of all sizes of all ages of all races of types--BUT we are sharing the love of Jesus and sharing God's saving grace and His power.

    We teach the World of God and enjoy fellowshipping with each other

    You can also start your own chapter-just contact Rev Robin by the website and she will get back with you.



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    The Fear Of The LORD: Part Three

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    Their are many in moden Christanity that think that the fear of the LORD is not needed in ones Christain walk. However, a clear read of the scriptures from Genisis to Revelation and we will clearly see that The Fear of The LORD is essential to the True Christain Faith. Please join James and David as they dive into the Word to unvail this important issue.

  • On the Fear of the LORD

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    Much is written on the fear of the LORD. But what is its source? What is the purpose in fearing the LORD? Is the fear of the Lord clean? Should you really fear the LORD? The LORD will get to the root of this matter of fearing the LORD.

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    The Fear of the Lord (part 4)

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    I shall continue to speak on the Fear of the LORD. Find out that which is fallen, the thing that led to the fall, and what does the fear of the Lord have have to do in all this.

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    Fear Of The LORD: Part Two

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    The scriptures make it clear that The fear of The LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and understanding. In order for someone to have true wisdom and understanding they must fear the LORD. The lack or absence of the fear of the LORD is the reason so many are void of true wisdom and understanding in this day and age. The call of The LORD in this late hour is to repent and fear the LORD! Without a pure fear of The LORD one will never see the great need to depart from evil, or their need for true wisdom and understanding. Please tune in for Part Two of, "The Fear Of The LORD".