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    SiGn Of ThE tImEs w QueenTahiyrah & CoHost LaQuay Juel The Ebola Crisis WAKE UP!

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    The purpose of tonight's dialogue is to provide aid to African based organizations and workers on the ground in Africa: Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, and counting.

    Tonight we will speak to the group "Save Lives from Ebola", which is a coalition of very concerned African American and Diasporan people, organizations, and businesses acutely concerned with saving the lives of our brothers and sisters that have been abandoned by the international community!

    We care and will do all we can to spread awareness and recruit aid in order to help acquire: medical supplies to prevent the spread of this deadly communicable disease in the form of bleach, gloves, face masks, disinfectant, alcohol, gowns, respirators, eyewear, biohazard bags, communication devices, printed material and more. 

    Please join us for this discussion. The Call-In Number is 424-222-5250


    DONATION LINK: http://www.gofundme.com/Save-Lives-From-Ebola

    COORDINATED BY: https://www.facebook.com/ljue.l22.49.99?fref=nf 

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    The Know Your Rights Hour

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    Join Doctor-Attorney-Author Mayer Eisenstein, Vaccine Rights Attorney Alan Phillips, Autism Action Network (AAN) Executive Director John Gilmore, and Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust radio show host Shawn Seigel as they discuss the amount of mercury children used to get in vaccines; how AAN helped pass laws in eight states making it illegal to administer mercury-containing vaccines to young children and pregnant women; how AAN uses political pressure as a tool to change public policy; why the increase in inflammatory language about anti-vaccinators in recent months may be a postive sign for their movement; the significant increase in recent years in the number of parents who think that vaccines cause autism; the high rate of vaccinated children in recent outbreaks in the U.S.; why a small number of people can be very effective legislative activists; how the CDC's change in the definition of polio and in the diagnostic parameters for polio prevented as many as a million polio cases from being diagnosed as polio; how respirators have replace the iron lung machines of the 1950's; how vaccination status biases doctors' diagnosis of infectious diseases in children; why food proteins present in vaccines pose a health risk to vaccine recipients; how vaccines interfere with the body's ability to prevent illness; and more! See www.autismactionnetwork.org, and Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, logosradionetwork.com, 2-4 pm CT on Sundays.

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    Live Friday August 1st Hip Hop MC Charles Sweeting

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    Charles Sweeting is the embodiment of modern day hip-hop. He combines all the best elements of rap to create unparalleled, cutting-edge music. Inspired by raw, and at times impossible circumstances, he relays these experiences through his music. Though “She Bout It” is his first mainstream, national record, Charles Sweeeting has been grindin’ for a minute.

    Charles was born on February 11, 1983 in Carol City, Florida. Growing up, he would walk to football practice with his headphones on knowing that one day he would be the music in the headphones. But with football being his first passion, music would have to wait. After moving to Miramar and starting high school, Charles began to take music seriously. Believing that they could compete with the music that was in the marketplace, Charles and four high school friends started a group called Dirty-Mob-Click (DMC). His stage name was Slick (his AKA today), and his music career began. Subsequently, DMC broke-up but Slick and group member Dro decided to link up and form the tandem Slick and Dro. Still in high school, Slick and Dro won countless MC battles and competitions in South Florida. As their profile and respect grew, they recorded “Sho Nuff” a crazy high-energy Crunk record. The song garnered great regional radio success and tremendous buzz for Slick and Dro. As a result, the duo began opening shows in South Florida for top artist such as: Lil’Wayne, TI, The Ying Yang Twins, and BG. At the same time, Slick saved all his money and built Top-Knotch studios, a place where he would hone his production skills, and produce and engineer records for countless local artists. At this time, both Slick and Dro decided to part ways and pursue solo careers.

    Due to financial difficulties Charles went to work 15 hour days, in the steel-mills of Ohio. At the plant everyday, the workers had to wear respirators, flame retardant suits, gloves and metatarsal boots. Charles states “it was the craziest thing I had ever experienced,

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    Safety Meeting - Respirtory Protection

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    The first in our series of safety meeting chats. Round up your employees, grab a coffee, a donut and refresh everyones memory on respirators and dust masks (Part 1). Tune in for part 2 which will cover 1/2 and full face chemical cartridge respirators.

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