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    5 Famous Prayers In The Bible

    in Christianity

    I wrote this Internet article several years ago and todate it has received over 42,000 views. I share it in this broadcast today because many may wonder what type of prayer arouses GOD’S attention and get results. Effective prayer is direct communication with GOD. It acknowledges individual faith in a power higher than oneself who can help, guide and bring comfort. Prayer should never be our last resort.   Prayer is the very first tactic of powerful, resourceful people living in complete dependence on GOD. Throughout the Bible when situations occurred, prayer made the difference for the person praying.  

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    NFL Divisional Round '16 Recap + Conf. Finals 2016

    in Football

    The home teams held serve during the conference semifinals, and both the NFC and AFC have their 1 and 2 seeds squaring off for the right to go to the big game.  Jay and Dre examine why the Panthers and Patriots looked dominant although the Pats only won by one possession while the Broncos and Cards scuffled.  Then Jay has to choose which game he will intentionally go opposite of Dre, since he's more than five points behind in their scoring system.  Bruce Arians' fearless Arizona or Ron Rivera's powerful Carolina?  Bill Belichick's relentless New England or Gary Kubiak's resourceful Denver?  Listen live to our 90-minute supershow for our picks, and join in the fun!


    Theme music credit:  "Breaking Bad" by Jahzzar


    CC BY-SA 3.0

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    Making Every Breath Count with AlerSense

    in Health

    CEO & founder of AlerSense; Skip Sanzeri will be our guest  to provide information to the listeners regarding AlerSense. Alersense is a the world's first smart allergy and asthma quality alert system. It should be utilized as your overall Asthma and Allergy management plan. Alersense was founded by a team of passionate people whom are determined to change the way we look at airborne contaminants and toxins which causes allergies and asthma. Skip is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has helped a variety of startups launch grow and exit. He has launched a few of his own companies. We will learn much from the show and this is very resourceful for those whom are embarking upon the Spring 2016. These tools and resources will help you to say bye-bye to getting caught off guard of these allergies and asthma illnesses.

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    American True Grit - How We Lost It, How We Can Get It Back

    in Politics

    The character Rooster Cogburn certainly had True Grit, but so did the majority of Americans in our history.

    Unfortunately, the well-known American True Grit; our courage, honesty, common sense and heartiness have virtually disappeared from most Americans in the 21st Century.

    We are no longer the United States of the Minutemen, the Cowboy, The Boys of Pointe Du Hoc, the Mountain Men and Merrill’s Marauders.

    Where is the America of Jim Bowie, Jedediah Smith, Wyatt Earp, George Patton, Chesty Puller, Teddy Roosevelt, Molly Pitcher, Rosie the Riveter and millions of anonymous, tough, brave, resourceful heroes who built this great country?

    America of 2016 is the nation of overweight kids, soccer moms, socialist public school administrators who ban dodge ball, metrosexual men; transgender TV stars, helicopter parents and college kids who need safe spaces with Play Doh.

    On the Thursday, January 21, 2016 edition of the Ray Starmann Show, Ray discusses how Americans have lost their True Grit and how we can get it back. Ray also covers the ongoing Hillary Email Scandal and other news of the day.

    Join Ray for another politically incorrect broadcast.

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    Terrorist Threats and Water Woes

    in Radio

    TERRORIST THREATS:  Barbadian terrorists on the loose!  

    WATER WOES:  The debate continues about water woes of the people of various parishes around Barbados. These water mains (photo attached) were exposed to the media as proof that the government of the day had neglected the health of the people of the country when they halted the relaying of millions of dollars in water mains as they now turn from the black color to a rusty color in bushes.  It adds to the woes of the only hospital on the island which is experiencing a shortage of supplies.  Not to mention, students who are pursuing a tertiary education, both home and abroad in Jamaica, are yet to receive their bursaries.

    As the three most important aspects of health, education and water are being compromised by the bad management of your government's sloppy approach to you as a people, a healthy population cannot flourish! An educated people can be viable as they can be resourceful and last but not least the most important item; water, which is life as our people do need water for their health assurance.  Any good and thoughtful government would explore these three important aspects of these matters of great concern.  Copied from Rawle Maycock

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    Facebook: Resourceful or Ratchet

    in Comedy

    The state of facebook in 2012 is in need of a discussion. Is facebook more resourceful or more ratchet? Call in the Nutthouse Radio show and touch this very wide topic with your favorite host..Marcus Miles aka Poke John Paul IVIIXI

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    Michael Hiltzik: Big Science

    in Politics Progressive

    From Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and Los Angeles Times contributor, Michael Hiltzik, the untold story of how science went “big:” built the bombs that helped win World War II, and became dependent on government and industry—and the forgotten genius who started it all, Ernest Lawrence.

    Since the 1930s, the scale of scientific endeavors has grown exponentially. Machines have become larger, ambitions bolder. The first particle accelerator cost less than one hundred dollars and could be held in its creator’s palm, while its descendant, the Large Hadron Collider, cost ten billion dollars and is seventeen miles in circumference. Scientists have invented nuclear weapons, put a man on the moon, and examined nature at the subatomic scale—all through Big Science, the industrial-scale research paid for by governments and corporations that have driven the great scientific projects of our time.

    The birth of Big Science can be traced to Berkeley, California, nearly nine decades ago, when a resourceful young scientist with a talent for physics and an even greater talent for promotion pondered his new invention and declared, “I’m going to be famous!” Ernest Orlando Lawrence’s cyclotron would revolutionize nuclear physics, but that was only the beginning of its impact. It would change our understanding of the basic building blocks of nature. It would help win World War II. Its influence would be felt in academia and international politics. It was the beginning of Big Science.

    This is the incredible story of how one invention changed the world and of the man principally responsible for it all. Michael Hiltzik tells the riveting full story here for the first time. Audio edited/replaced Jan 17, 2016 11:45am pacific.

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    Dr. Michelle Brody on Life Lessons talks about Stop the Fighting

    in Lifestyle

    Start the New Year with brand new Big Picture solutions to stubborn problems – fights between couples. Standing apart from the 'norm' in the self-help genre, Dr. Brody, an experienced couples therapist, uses creative cartoons to show how to get out of a fight and break the cycle. This innovative approach delivers real solutions to real problems that couples can actually see! Her book is insightful, resourceful, funny and wise – and can help anyone learn how to stop fighting and build a healthier relationship. To see some sample pictures, go to www.stopthefight.com.

    This show is presented by America's favorite inspirational card and fine art store...www.gracefully-yours.com. Visit gracefully-yours.com to see all Church Kitchen Ladies products.

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    GJU Radio 1 Year Anniversary

    in Current Events

    George Jackson University December, 2015

    Dear Comrades,

    On behalf of GJU (George Jackson University), we would like to express warm felt gratitude by thanking you for your contributions and participation in GJU programs. We greatly appreciate your time and efforts.  Your participation is what makes GJU a valuable and resourceful institution. We strive to always be an institution that is a servant to the people and our communities.

    As GJU continues to expand and grow to meet the increasing demands of the people, we are mindful that we will continue to need your support. As we strategize for 2016, your input, participation, and solidarity in upcoming events and programs would be monumental to our continued success. 

    We are happy to announce December 17, 2015 as the 1 year anniversary of George Jackson University radio program. Our broadcast is usually held on Wednesday, but due to the anniversary marker, we will be moving the radio program to this Thursday (Dec 17, 2015), starting at 8pm/EST. We invite you to join us as we move forward into another year of institutional building and the struggle for liberation.   Please lets also use this time to highlight the work and advancements that you have done in your local regions and around the world, each and every one of you. 


    Sundiata J, GJU- Course Curriculum Developer

    Kilaika B.  Executive Director of GJU-Financial Administration Department

    George Jackson University  

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    Pray, Press, and Praise - 15 Minute Encourage Me Strategy Session

    in Christianity

    Excepts from my book Get Out of The Dry Places. "Prayer is the very first tactic of powerful, resourceful people living in the favor of GOD. Prayer allows mere humans to transcend the supernatural and contend with the forces of evil.  Prayer champions know the secrets of calling upon scriptural promises to bring about triumphant change."