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    ResaleRights.club - The Nicheprof explains the concept of Resale Rights

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    Dr. Ron Capps, aka the Nicheprof, talks about his new membership website, the - ResaleRights.club - with Ken English, aka the MediaMojoGuy.

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    JIm Fridas Talk Show

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    What are you looking for?  50 states or international?  land, commercial, residential, resale, new homes, real esate investment clubs!  The world of opportunities is endless so join us for the world or real estate here on the jim Fridas Talk Show where America talks real estate!  How insurance and taxes play an important roll in the advancement of private and commercial parcels of land and property so that you are able to sell or develop the parcels rapidly.  Joining associations and real estate investment clubs for networking to increase potential profits as soon as possible.   Networking with different organizations like the American Legion, the VFW, Lyons Clubs, REI Club, CREonline and other organizations.   Individual commercial sub sections, warehouse conversion to rental apartments, farm property, ranch property, horse farms, starting a storage yard or center.  Adding income property to a portfolio, adding extensions as well to current property, why buy forest land and mountain property.  Commercialize a high mountain parcel add development to mountain property.    

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    Networking Squared Featuring LBN Troy Senior Services Chapter

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    Rich Sparks with Keller Williams from 1:30-2pm
    Ron Robling with R and R Resale 2:00-2:20
    Nita Bhatnagar with Always Best Care 2:20-2:40
    Bill Luscombe with Luscombe & Assoc. 2:40-3pm 

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    Jim Fridas Talk Show

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    Lets begin with the beginning of our real estate venture, adding a number of different types of programs such as owner builder programs, bird dogging for others as well as coops in real estae development. Welcome to the Jim Fridas Talk Show where we are discussing all things real estate, including insurance and taxes, in addition we are discussing things related to real estate such as owner builder programs, buying a new home, buying a resale home, investment property and what is investment property, commercial property, fixers and land purchases, buy and selling, becoming a Realtor.

    International real estate, vacation property, retirement property, apartments, condominiums, town homes, duplexes, tri-plexe’s and other types of rental property.    Individual commercial sub sections, warehouse conversion to rental apartments, farm property, ranch property, horse farms, starting a storage yard or center.  Adding income property to a portfolio, adding extensions as well to current property, why buy forest land and mountain property.  Commercialize a high mountain parcel add development to mountain property.    

    How insurance an taxes work to help your potfolio grow over time as well as other options available we will talk about


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    Contact Lens Resale Price Cases: New Prescription or No Change?

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    Costco v Johnson & Johnson and its implication to the manufacturer, retailer, and MAP policy relationship. Will this case effect MAP policies as we know them? Gene Zelek, a partner at Freeborn and Peters, LLP in Chicago shares his insight and experience on the case and how to prepare for what may come as a result. Gene Zelek may be reached at ezelek@freeborn.com to ask him questions directly. You may also learn more about Mr. Zelek at www.freeborn.com.

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    Introduction to the PROGRAM

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    The SUPER AGENT Real Estate 101 COURSE



    INTRODUCTION TO OUR ONLINE TRAINING SESSIONS. HOSTED BY MIA "SUPER AGENT" WILLIAMSON. Mia Williamson is a top producer at Weichert Realtors - West Orange. She led the region in resale listings 2-11-15 and has consistently been recognized for her outstanding achievements in Real Estate Sales. She is a mentor, coach, speaker, author and founding member of 100 Black Women in Real Estate and the NJ 100 - two professional social clubs headquartered in Essex County, New Jersey. 





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    St. Louis' First Resale Boutique on Wheels!

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    Two years ago, the first mobile resale boutique in St. Louis, Mystique Boutique, became a reality due to the forward and creative thinking of two women, Gretchen Gannon and Ann Marie Brown. They teamed with Connections to Success to use the tractor trailer donated to them a few years ago to create a space to sell gently used or new designer items to the public while benefiting CTS.
    Founded by Kathy & Brad Lambert, CTS is a charitable organization which has many programs, one of which is Dress for Success.  The goal of CTS is to break the cycle of poverty one family at a time. All proceeds from the sale of clothing go to benefit the programs of Connections to Success.
    About the Mystique Boutique and how all profits go to the charitable organization of Connections to Success What the Mystique Boutique needs most How you can book the Mystique Boutique for your organization or party Gretchen Gannon and Ann Marie Brown both grew up in St. Louis, MO. Both have backgrounds in the style industry. Learn more about these creative women who wanted to give back to St. Louis in a way that helps other women get the help they need to move forward with their lives.

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    Lets talk about all that there is to talk about in real estate, including being an owner bilder, resale listings, new homes, finance, loans, banks and credit unions, land not only by states, but everything from Canada to Chile and Argentina and the Caribbean. Commercial, residential, retirement and investment specials.  Auctions, land sales, buidings of all types shapes and sizes, including modular, and the new storage building conversions into homes.  How to build credit, add svings and streghten your credit standing for lenders.   Lenders who provide the best loan to value loans for newhome construction.  Control companies and how to lists!!!  Any and all varieties ofinvestments and retirement or jobs in foreign nations for those interested in living abroad while building your retirement in additon to  those who are also preparing for retirement in a foreign country!  partnering with fqmily members or friends to help build your home, vacation homes, rental homes, ski resort specials and more!

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    Amari Cooper's sublime size-adjusted agility

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    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 124: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion laments the imposition of fantasy football questions on social media. 

    Amari Cooper is the most precocious wide receiver prospect since Julio Jones. 

    Once situation and resale value is factored in, Breshad Perriman becomes a top-2 rookie wide receiver. 

    Intractable fantasy analysts are generally slow to adjust pre-draft rookie rankings based on post-draft landing spots. 

    Amari Cooper's college dominator rating, breakout age, size-adjusted 40-time, three-cone drill, 20-yard shuttle, and agility score fit the profile of a one-a-generation NFL route runner.

    Andre Holmes' development, or lack thereof, will determine Amari Cooper's role in the Oakland Raiders' offense. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com.

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    I hope to have many real estate features in place, including foreclosures, owner builder programs, financing, investment tips and techniques, what is trending now in the real estate market!  Find a fixer, find a new home, find a resale, find a community, maybe commercial.  Commercial can be in the realm of a fixer as well.  Commercial properties that are warehouses that can be converted into living quarters.  Living overseas, investing overseas, retiring overseas, starting a business overseas, working overseas.   Selling real estate overseas.  Vacationing overseas, traveling overseas.   Making a living overseas. 

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    4. The Art of Thrifting, Resale Shops & Affordable Jewelry

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    Hosted by Anyiah Essentials
    The Art of Thrifting Resale Shops Affordable Jewelry