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    10 Writing "Rules" We Wish More Authors Would Break--Part 1

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    In this episode Write Pack Radio, the Write Pack explores io9’s wish list of rules that they would like to see authors (Science Fiction and Fantasy) start to break. We discuss these rules, why they exist, how to possibly break theme and how they are used across all genres.

    In this episode, we cover:

    No third-person omniscient.
    No prologues
    Avoid infodumps
    Fantasy novels have to be series instead of standalones
    5) No portal fantasy

    For the article: http://io9.com/5879434/10-writing-rules-we-wish-more-science-fiction-and-fantasy-authors-would-break

    Our episode: http://tinyurl.com/n9svand

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    Author Ellen Reid on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Ellen Reid! 

    Ellen Reid is a Book Shepherd, an author, and a speaker who practices what she preaches. Her primary focus is assisting authors in starting their own independent publishing company and producing a book that will represent the excellence of their message. She does this with an uncanny ability to get inside her clients’ minds, grasp their vision, then guide them in creating materials that take them to levels beyond what they had imagined possible.

    She has steadily built her reputation as one of the field’s premiere Book Shepherds by consistently producing top quality, often award-winning books for authors who chose the lucrative indie publishing approach to getting their books to the public. She is able to do that because her unique background gives her the experience and vision to assemble a creative team and, through her direction, inspires them to exceed the vision of her clients.

    Also her book, Putting Your Best Book Forward: A Book Shepherd’s Secrets for Producing Award-Winning Books that Sell has won several awards. She sponsors the National Indie Excellence Awards now in its 9th year. Ellen makes her headquarters in Southern California and serves clients worldwide.


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    reality rules survivor recap

    in Film

    Tonights recap we will have 2 special co host as andrew is out having worldy adventures.

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    Team Boom Renegades Live "Social Saturday" Host SirB and Diva

    in Radio

    Tonight Live with the Renegades Social Saturday.We will be Discussing two topics starting with Family Feuds and then "Wonder why the call you Bitch" So call us up the number is (347)857-4391 press the number to talk with us show starts @7pst 9cst 10est. The Turn up always real when its Renegade Official...... 

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    Author Jill Mooradian on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Jill Mooradian! 

    Jill is both the creator and master teacher of the Synergenic Way™ - “the artful science of soul fulfillment.”

    The Synergenic Way™ is a structured approach to re-establish unification, alignment and balance into the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit, for the purpose of self-empowered healing and spiritual evolution.

    For more than 25 years, Jill has dedicated herself to learning from leading experts in their specific field of knowledge. Her ability to understand pathology and pain from a multidimensional perspective has allowed her to assist thousands of people to transform disturbances in their health and sense of wellbeing. 

    Jill’s skill to track the evolution of a person’s soul and recognize the signs and symptoms associated with spiritual misalignment is what makes her sought after internationally.

    Jill’s years in a global practice has given her a deep appreciation for the diversity and commonality of our human experience.


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    Team Boom Renegades "Halloween Thriller Night" w $irB, Artemis,Niesha&,Johnny2Xs

    in Radio

    Join us for the Renegades Halloween Thriller Party. Also we will also be discussing who cheats more men or women. Tatsy Treats and a Few Tricks. The Show starts at 7pst, 9cst,10est. The number to dial is (347)857-4391. As always Keep it Booming....

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    Author Kathleen Stapleton on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Kathleen Stapleton! 

    Kathleen Stapleton, CFP, is celebrating her 30th year in the Financial Services Industry. She is an independent CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner in the Los Angeles area. Ms. Stapleton is a Master Elite Advisor with Ed Slott, the renowned IRA expert. She is a past Board Member of the National Tax Shelter Accounts Association, which specializes in retirement plans. She holds many security licenses that enable her to work with people with extensive and varied portfolios.

    She herself came through the school of hard knocks. She was two years old when her Dad passed away unexpectedly. The tragedy was compounded by the fact her parents had an appointment with a lawyer that very day to create a will. Because the will was never created, Kathleen grew up living with the consequences of no financial planning.

    Kathleen holds a passion in her heart for women, helping them create practical, long-term solutions to provide financial stability and a sense of security for themselves and their families.


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    Author Kimberly Forbes on Write Now Radio!

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    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)

    Viki Winterton interviews Kimberly Forbes! 

    Kimberly Turner-Forbes grew up in Southern California leading a pretty normal life. She graduated Top Ten Senior and with top 5 Montview League Honors and lettered in sports. Life looked promising. After completing some college, Kimberly worked in Retail and Corporate jobs, then her entrepreneurial spirit and talent for sewing lead her into the world of bridal design and custom work. When her health deteriorated to the point she no longer had confidence to complete projects, she went on a quest to determine why and ultimately received a diagnosis: Heavy Metal Toxicity.

    Looking back, she realized health issues plagued most of her life. She went from a vibrant, inquiring, active, athletic, engaging woman to isolated, fatigued, brain damaged, aching, tortured and useless.

    God guided her life and turned tragedy into triumph, not only to show His love for her, but to be able to share life-changing resolutions for people suffering in this day and age of our toxic environment. She has become an advocate for Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense.


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    Write, On, Write On! Episode III. Guess , Erica Mosely

    in Self Help

    This Episode feature is from our Write On, Write, On series.  I am encouraging you to join us by submitting your selection of poems. We have invited Miss Erica Mosely to assist us in reading some of these poem. You may join us by calling into the station at the following phone number.  646-478-0270.

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    KNOT: What Are the Rules to Dating?

    in Romance

    Follow us on Twitter: KNOT = @knotradiotalk; Dantea = @jusTay_willdo; Nieama = @nieamab; O.T. = @DocPorterOT - Like us on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/knotyourtypicalradiotalk

    Call in at 661-449-9318

    Is there a certain type of etiquette when dating that should be strictly followed? Is chivalry necessary or condescending? Does the male open doors and pay the check? Should the woman eat light? How should you dress? Is kissing acceptable and when? Does having a set of rules stifle the possible magic of dating someone? Do rules force a person to subscribe to societal and gender norms? 


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    Trucking News With Your Hosts The Safety Mentor Team of Steve and Jaynie

    in Entertainment

    Today's main topic is the New Driver Training sent to the White House from FMCSA. 

    A lighthearted discussion regarding the very serious topic of federal regulations, state laws, commercial drivers' rights and what is in the trucking news!  Let's face it the regulations and rules will always be here, they may change, but they will always be here.  Everyone knows a piece of paper doesn't make may you safe but the regulations can make you crazy!  Missing putting a state abbreviation on a log doesn't make you an unsafe driver but many other actions do.  So what's the purpose of all of these regulations and rules?  That's what we will discuss.  How we keep our sanity trying to follow them without losing our main focus of safety or our minds.  Your input as a driver, a company officer, an inspector or a safety person is valuable.  What works, what doesn't?  Together we can increase the safety of our highways and maybe have some fun while doing it.  Join us!