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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Dr. Christobel Llewellyn of KINDERJAZZ!

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    First, it's good to take the opportunity to say thank you to Michael Stover for the introduction to Kinderjazz :)  How WONDERFUL that, close on the heels of me saying I'd love to focus on Music Education, here comes the news of a big band specifically geared to kids?  Here's what grabbed yours truly about Kinderjazz: they don't believe that childrens want "sound bites."  They (I'll get to who THEY are soon) believe that young minds want to soak up the musical information the way that adults do.  With more interest, possibly.  Children want the experience of sound and instruments.  This 12 piece Big Band gives it to them - with passion and devotion.

    Dr. Christobel Llewellyn and David Llewellym are the beautifully involved creators of Kinderjazz.  In 1997, they formulated an idea that children could be encouraged to reach their full potential through live music.  How incredible!  They have been SO active since then that seven albums have been recorded.  The most recent is the one that we'll discuss on the next episode of "Hybrid Jazz."  Get ready to be delightfully surprised!  Latin, Ragtime, Swing, Blues - stunning Jazz - it's all here.  You might want to ponder the notion that Kinderjazz has re-created the concept of family entertainment.  This array of caring and motivated musicians have sold-out the Sydney Opera House time after time.  Dr. Llewellyn has been Australia's Citizen of the Year - so profound has been her impact in her country.  

    THIS radio host has made a commitment to Music Education in 2016.  And there's no better way to focus on that than with this stunning ensemble of talent.  The ONLY Jazz Big Band for children :)  My, how we'll relish discussing children becoming enlightened and inspired via JAZZ!  Join us at two p.m. Eastern USA time.

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    YES LORD has become as a national anthem for those who want to be pleasing to God. They relish the relationship they have with Him and choose to do all He requires and request of them. Consider your relationship you have with the LORD, does it reveal you have said yes to His will? Hear the Word of the Lord brought by Pastor and Prophet Mary Washington from Irving, Texas. Visit us at www.fmsmgospelnetwork.org and email us at fmsmchurch@outlook.com. God bless and keep you!

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    Could There Be Another Shula In The House?

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       Can you believe there is a shot that ANOTHER SHULA could come to Miami??  Look for yourselves at the short lists of head coaching hopefuls for the Miami Dolphins!!  There's Sean Payton...  Hue Jackson...Josh McDaniels...and....MIKE SHULA!!!  A name that sends chills down a bunch of dolfans bodies!!  So...is that just a name?  Is he even capable of being a head coach?  Or, is it all a pipe dream living on the memories of years past???  We will dig deep into this and relish in the VICTORY OVER THE RAVENS this past Sunday....  As well as look ahead to the Monday night matchup against the Giants in the THROWBACK UNIFORMS that our hero's of the Papa Shula era willsport.

      You shoud be a part and can....by calling in Thursday night at 6:30PM at (516) 453-9433!  Give Hez & Josh an earfull of how you are thinkin!!

    Seeya then!!

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    The end of the first half of the season si tonight.  Glenn is alive, Maggie's pregnant and the walls are a-coming down.

    Walkers in the house.

    Join ustonight as we recap the last two episodes and relish in tonight's gut-wrenching mid-season finale.

    What now Rick?!

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    Brian Freeman: Takes center stage: with WEST 57th

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    At times a ghost can come in handy when you need one. Imagine being able to talk with your father’s ghost, get his take on things and help running a publishing house that he left to you. But, Julie Chavan is anything but usual. She is headstrong, impulsive and often finds herself in situations that she wishes she could avoid. Like owning West 57th the publishing house that is how her own responsibility and the thought that it might go under is something she does not relish. Debts owed. Only one book being launched with and author that is anything but conventional or even talented.  King Royal is brash, drunk, enjoys saying outrageous things in public, reciting limericks and short poems and often finds himself in wild and strange circumstances. But, just what is behind King Royal’s behavior and what secrets does he know about Sonny, Julie’s father that could change everything?


    Owning this company is just one of the daily troubles dealing with her overbearing mother Cherie who wants to orchestrate and run her life hoping she will chuck it all, marry her ex-finance, deal with her wild best brined and find her way to Los Angeles and running her production company. Everyone thinks that they know what Julie should be doing or want. But, what about Julie? Fran Lewis: Host


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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Ben Nadler

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    The Sea Beach Line: A Novel ~

      Set in post-Giuliani New York City, The Sea Beach Line melds mid-20th- century pulp fiction and traditional Jewish folklore as it updates the classic story of a young man trying to find his place in the world.
      After being expelled from Oberlin for hallucinogenic drug use, Izzy Edel seeks out his estranged father—a Polish Jew turned Israeli soldier turned New York street vendor named Alojzy who is reported to be missing, possibly dead. To learn about Alojzy’s life and discover the truth behind his disappearance, Izzy takes over his father’s outdoor bookselling business and meets the hustlers, gangsters, and members of a religious sect who peopled his father’s world. He also falls in love.

      As Izzy soon discovers, appearances can deceive; no one, not even his own father, is quite whom he seems to be. Vowing to prove himself equal to Alojzy’s legacy of fearlessness, Izzy plunges forward on a criminal enterprise that will bring him answers—at great personal cost.

      Fans of Jonathan Lethem’s Motherless Brooklyn, Nathan Englander’s For the Relief of Unbearable Urges, and Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union will relish to Ben Nadler’s combined mystery, love story, and homage to text and custom.

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    "Relationship Tuesday" Heal From Past Relationships To Help You Move On

    in Romance

    Whether or not you believe in karma, fate, or destiny, we do have a great deal of control over many things that occur in our lives. Our outlook and the way in which we handle life’s challenges impacts our future. The energy we give off, which some people refer to as our aura, is what attracts people to us or repels them from us. This is true professionally, socially and romantically. We have all heard about people’s baggage - and I am not talking about luggage. The fact of the matter is that the less baggage we carry, the better our future will be. The good news is that we can do things to lessen our load, regardless of our past.

    Do take personal responsibility for your contribution

    We are living in a day and age in which almost nobody takes personal responsibility for their actions and behavior. A relationship involves two people and both are responsible one way or another in its success or failure. Self-awareness can be rather painful because it forces us to recognize our mistakes and imperfections. However, we must always remember that “to err is human” and nobody is perfect. Before taking on the role of victim and playing the blame game. 

    Do give yourself the gift of forgiveness

    Don’t let someone live rent free in your head. By refusing to forgive, you are allowing someone to live rent free in your head. Your ex may not know or even care that they continue to cause you such angst. In fact, if they knew, they might even relish in such knowledge.


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    This Day, It's Mostly About the Benjamin - The Continuing Saga of Dr. Ben Carson

    in Current Events


    To the shock of many, the retired neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson is quietly, yet with great fanfare, making great headways as a credible GOP presidential candiate for the upcoming 2016 race.

    While Donald Trump holds the lead among all GOP candidates, Ben Carson, having no political experience (like Trump), has impressed many, including this writer, with his staidness of faith, family and reason. 

    Of course, there are areas of contention, but just think what it would be like to Hillary, should she lose twice to a black man (I relish the thought).

    As Trump has engaged in some attacks on Dr. Carson, I have not noticed any of the mainstream black "leaders" coming to his defense. Hmmm. It seemed not too long ago, Trump was being "Trumped" for some unsavory comments about other candidates or celebrities.

    Of course, it stands to reason, many black people are still angry that Carson disobeyed the "Black Commandment", that no black people are allowed to question Barack Obama, much less disagree or take issue with his errant views and policies.

    Yes, sadly, this thinking (better, emotion), carries over unto blacks who claim to have a faith-based outlook. 

    Maybe after all, liberalism has indeed become the religion of a large segment of black people, which is why, unlike with Obama in 2008 and 2012, they are not clamoring to Dr. Carson, a man who's expressed decidedly conservative and scripturally-based views on family. 

    A man who brings a fresh ray of sunshine to an increasingly decadent political pool.

    Did you hear that he went to Ferguson, Mo, to take on issues of police - black community relations, as well as express his views on Black Lives Matter?

    Speaking of, when will black lives matter to black people?

    Thankfully, the most incompetent Mayor of Baltimore has decided not to seek re-election.

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Craig Alston and Rose Hudson!

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    Let's tell you at jump that we have a VERY different time for you to consider on 8/11/2015.  Our show starts at three p.m. Eastern/Noon Pacific.  This is so that we can accommodate the schedules of TWO artists who need focus NOW.  Who also happen to work day jobs :)

    First up, Craig Alston.  A multiple instrumentalist who has made a name for himself in Baltimore and beyond.  Most notably, as saxophonist for the once-in-a-lifetime group, Fertile Ground.  With the band, Craig toured the United Kingdom, France, Japan and other countries - everywhere that appreciated the message delivered the mix of Jazz, Soul and World music.

    Craig was heavily involved in Music Education at Morgan State University - but he got hooked on the performance aspect of playing, as opposed to teaching.  Still, that educator side of him never left.  Happily, he does both, but those of us who are fans relish the opportunities to watch him on stage.  Something he'll do this Friday night - as part of a Birthday Concert with fellow Leo, trumpeter Theljon Allen!  And die Musik in Baltimore will be rockin'!

    Vocalist Rose Hudson is quite a story.  A nurse and Mother of eight, she has been singing the Blues for a long time - with a big following in Central Pennsylvania.  But Jazz has always been in her radar - and EC Coleman discovered that.  Our friend, EC, has had an ear for special Jazz singers for as long as he has been in the business - and Rose bowled him over! She has had previous work on disc, but "A Rose in Full Bloom" is a different vibe.  Soul and standards, done with love and passion.  Rose can't do it if she doesn't FEEL it.  Whether she has been singing or acting (that's a whole 'nother story!) or doing her life-saving work on a daily basis, she LIVES life to the fullest.  You'll hear it when you hear HER :)


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    "Up Close & Personal" with Mr. Guitar " David P. Stevens"

    in Entertainment

    A versatile musician, Stevens grew up playing piano, drums and guitar at the Church of God, developing a dynamic performance style playing gospel music. He spent his teens playing in jazz and gospel bands, and developed sound and stage presence like one of his idols, Norman Brown, when he later emerged as an urban jazz artist. As his fan base grew with his early album releases, Stevens went from playing “any dive bar where they allowed jazz” in Philly to top clubs like North By Northwest, Warm Daddy’s and Relish. He and his band also played at various clubs down in Maryland, as well as the Woodrow Wilson Festival and the iconic Blues Alley club in Washington, DC.

    Stevens has also performed at The Harlem Meer Festival, at The Iridium in NYC with Alex Bugnon, and the Jazz Base in Reading, PA. Over the past two years, he also did a full European tour through Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In addition to playing on the Capital Jazz SuperCruise, he has been part of the All-Star Jam Festival at Berks Jazz Fest the past three years, sharing the stage with such luminaries as Gerald Albright, Nick Colionne and Scott Ambush from Spyro Gyra. “One of the things I’m known for live is bringing a lot of energy to the stage and incorporating many exciting elements, including background singers,” Stevens says.

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    Melody Carlson Launches New Series

    in Romance

    Melody Carlson fans get ready. With over 200 books in print, this best selling author is ready to launch a new series. You won't want to miss this show. Maxine and Jeannie are ready to talk with Melody about her newest release:  In Once Upon a Summertime, the first book of her new FOLLOW YOUR HEART series, readers are carried away to New York City for a summer of excitement and love. Carlson’s current fans and new readers alike will relish getting to know Carlson’s characters and seeing what goes on behind the scenes at The Rothsberg, NYC’s newest boutique hotel.