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    Religion vs Relationship

    in Christianity

    The show discusses the difference between people who just believe Jesus Christ died for their sins and go to church consistently and people who live a lifestyle of serving Christ in their home, work, businesses etc. Great music and a Great time as we engaged into helping ourselves and others examine their current walk with Jesus Christ and see if we are really living to serve him.

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    Versus - Relationship vs Religion - Regeneration X - Shawn Cleveland

    in Religion

    Join on Regeneration X - Shawn will be discussing the difference between Relationship vs Religion - What is the difference! Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    Religion vs. Spirituality vs. Faith vs. Self-Belief

    in Spirituality

    Many people in the world believe in some power that is outside of themselves.  Some call it God, Source, Divine, etc.  There are different words used to define how one reviews these thoughts.  What is the difference between religion, spirituality, faith, self-belief, intuition, no belief, etc.  vOn Friday, Jan. 22, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK, join host Cindy Freeman.  We will discuss these terms, how they differ, and why it is important to understand the difference. Find out how these words relate to one's purpose also. If people want to call in and discuss their faith tradition--myths and truths--they are welcome also. It will be an open show with no one disrespecting what someone else has to say. 

    Cindy is an ordained non-denominational minister who seldom uses her title. She lives her life by faith and makes her spirituality and her belief structure to guide her actions.  There are times when that faith may seem to falter, but it is always there.  We all know that there are times in our lives when these parts of our lives may be shared more than others.  Cindy finds that there are times for religion, spirituality, faith, and other related things to be forefront and shared with others and there are times when they are just part of her life. 

    Join us live via Skype or calling in to 347-205-9075. Also join us either live or archived in the Facebook group Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    EP#13 - Relationship Goals: Epectations vs Reality

    in Entertainment

    Tune In Tonight, Jan 12th at 9PM ET./8PM CT. to Hearts Exposed Heart Online Radio Show.with hostess Lakrush Hearts. Let's talk about matters of the heart "Relationship Goals: Expectations vs Reality". Join us as we delve deeper into the idealizing one has about relationships versus the truth of being in a relationship. Do those same ideals ultimately sabotage our relationships?, How significant is to have relationship goals? and much more.

    Listen, Comment & Chat
    Call-In 347-989-0691
    (Press #1 To Speak)

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    in Homeschooling

    Join me in a intimate conversation on religion & it's many myths. Voice your opinion!!!!

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    Relationship building with your Preschooler

    in School

    Learn how to developers a more meaningfully relationship with your Preschooler.

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    Religion vs Experience

    in Travel

    Does more or less experience, both in life, and as a driver, make you more or less religious? That's the topic up for discussion.

    Plus, we'll be bringing you top stories in trucking news, and general debauchery from around the country.

    Also, our special guest for the week, "Pheonix" will be joining us again tomorrow.

    And we'll be taking your calls!

    So be sure to tune in!

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    Religion Means Alive: Imam Edward Aziz

    in Religion

    Religion Means Alive w/ Imam Edward Aziz

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    Religion vs. Spirituality \ Religião versus Espiritualidade

    in Spirituality

    If God is a Spirit, what kind of connection should we create to improve our relationship with God? Let's talk about it.

    God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

    Se Deus é um Espírito, que tipo de ligação deveremos nós criar para melhorarmos a nossa relação com Deus? Vamos falar sobre isso.

    Deus é Espírito, e importa que os que o adoram o adorem em espírito e em verdade. João 4:24

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    Religion Means Alive: w/ Imam Alfred Mohammed

    in Religion

    Religion Means Alive: w/ Imam Alfred Mohammed Friday show

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    Religion Means Alive: Open Forum

    in Religion

    Open Forum  

       Today on Religion Means Alive we want to hear what you have to say by creating an open forum on the show. During the Open Forum we will discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from Politics, Science, and Business and of course Religion. Throughout the broadcast Imam Alfred Mohammed along with another guest will mediate the Open Forum in order to ensure that the listeners as well as the people asking the question can properly get there question to Imam Alfred Mohammed. You can call into this Open Forum by dialing 805-727-7013 you can also press 1 to ask a question. We want to hear what you have to say so ask away.