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    SPIRITUAL FOOTPRINTS with Host Toni Gamarro

    in Spirituality

    Irene Sonja was born in Praque, Czech Republic. After the Second World War her family migrated to Brazil, where she grew up.  Then as God had purposed in his master plan, they moved to the USA. In her teenage years, she developed a sixth sense, but she avoided it because of her devoion to traditional reliegon. Over the years she endured many hardships along her spiritual journey and felt pushed further away from God. Until she had a dream which helped her along her spiritual journey and helped her open doors she had closed a long time ago when she decided to block the gift she was given.
    She is not surprised anymore as she encounters more people who relate mystical experiences beyond the conventional. This spiritual awakening is sweeping across the globe as we enter Universal Consciousness. Universal Consciousness is the conscious and unconscious union with all of creation and its Creator. In this union we "live as children of the light" and there is no separation between the dimensions. We are all one, separation is an illusion!
    Today her own mystical awakening and enlightenment has developed to greater stages of awareness and her vision is not limited to this realm. She connects to higher energy vibrations in the spirit dimension and consciously synchronizes with angels, archangels, and ascended masters. Withb ehr telepathic audio sensitivity, she has become the Mystic Channel, the conduit, on behalf of those seeking divine direction and spiritual healing. Ultimately jer purposed is to remind her brother of their divinity, their forgotten "secret", the way back to God is in Self.