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    The Topical Hour: Current Jewish Life Events.

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    Join Rolene Marks on DJVSA Blog talk radio as she speaks to Barry Shaw, author of Reclaiming the Narrative as he chats about his campaign to honour the Munich 11 and Lawyer and activist par excellence, Brenda Stern as she chats to us about plans to re-beautify Johannesburg.  Candy Calo Israeli gives us an update on events in Southern Israel and Eco-tourism in the Negev.  45 Minutes into the broadcast we can hear the rocket attacks near Candy's home in Southern Israel. (Podcast updated)
    top·i·cal 1.pertaining to or dealing with matters of current or local interest: a topical reference.  2.pertaining to the subject of a discourse, composition, or the like. 3.of a place; local.
    DJVSA Members are welcome to call / Skype into the program and participate in the conversation.  See our FB Group for directions on how to set up a listener account.

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    Tonight we will revisit the document written by Martha Rose Crowe, AMERICA'S DARKEST SECRET:"The Nine Stages Of American Autogenocide. This document can be found@
    We encourage you to open document and follow along, we welcome your questions and coments!
    do not hesitate!

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    America is being destroyed or changed city by city and state by state

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    By special guest Tyrone Travis have done extensive research on this issue and Mr. Travis believes that he has the solution on how to reclaim our cities. This will be a very informative show. Sunday July 6 at 7:00p est.

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