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    Reckless 2.0 - W/ Jane Ward - Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Males

    in Education

    Professor and author Jane Ward will be stopping by the program this evening to dialog about her recent book “Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Males. Ms. Ward is a white female and Associate Professor and Vice Chair Department of Gender and Sexuality Studies LGBIT Studies Program Chair University of California, Riverside. Ward's published work has focused on a broad range of topics including feminist ography, queer parenting, transgender relationships, the corporatization of gay pride festivals, the race politics of same-sex marriage, and the social construction of heterosexuality and whiteness. Ward’s focus on white men primarily serves to circumvent racist discussions of “DL culture” and to shine a light on behavior she feels white guys could get away with without scrutiny as forbearers of the so-called norm. We look forward to a very intriguing and candid dialog on white anti-sexual behavior, as well as discuss her work on the LGBT movement and feminism. It should be quite a candid and revealing dialog. Put that gag reflex on hold (pause) It’s  going to be Reckless. 

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    NEW RSD and You Show with Charles Mattocks

    in Health

    hey everyone,

    Join us for the new and improved RSD and You Show on WIRN Internet Radio Main channel on blogtalkradio... Along with myself the WIRN™/JGF® Diva Crystal L Murphy and the Vulcan co-host Kimmy Simonsen will explore everything RSD, treatments, symptoms, events, projects, information, research, etc.

    Our first guest on this debut show will be Charles Mattocks , celebrity chef and director of the new documentary coming out for RSD/ CRPS... JGF® Organization and WIRN™ Internet Radio is a proud support of this film... we will be discussing the film and future upcoming events with Charles .... We will discuss his mother's experience with RSD/CRPS and what treatments she is trying to quell this horrible disorder millions of people deal with all around the world..


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    Crossover Radio Present's Freaky Friday, with guest NeNe Capri

    in Entertainment

    Tonight 's topics is, 1. Do you think parents of a child who are no longer together can stay in the same house without having sex?
    The gag reflex can a person be taught how to relax it?Is their a medical procedure to remove it?and would you have the procedure done? Plus we have the author NeNe Capri stopping by to chop it up with us about these questions and she will also be talking about her novels she has out and the new ones that are about to drop. So don't miss out call in @10pm eastern and 7pm western and push your 1,you might be the winner of tonight's gift..

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    Authors Are Leaders. You are what you write and publish...

    in Politics

    The Talk of our times

    Things in the news.

    There are good authors and there bad authors:

    Authors who write and publish trashy over the top demented sexual material that advocate violence against women and others.
    Write to educate and to entertain.
    Authors are leaders, your writings should reflex that.
    Writing is hard work but fun, do not  write with self hate with guns on the covers.
    Know your audience. Your audience are not gangs and thugs. They are readers.
    Smart quiz question/What ocean is on the west coast of the United States?

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    When Glass Shatters

    in Spirituality

    Most of us have experienced glass shattering. When we know it is falling, we have two choices, reach for it and try to keep it from hitting something hard, or just let it fall and then clean up the various sized pieces. 

    Our lives can be like breaking glass at times.  We can see that something is about to happen and we can either try to stop it or just let it happen and pick up the pieces, salvage what is salvagable and toss the rest, or just release it all.  How do we decide?  How do we know wat is right in the moment?  It is somewhat intuition, some reflex action, and some just wait and see. 

    On Friday, May 22, Purpose Talk Radio host Cindy Freeman will help you answer these and other questions.  You are invited to call in and share your own experiences as well.  The number is 347-205-9075 or you can Skype in after the show starts.

    Join host Cindy on Mondays live or archived to explore the area of living with purpose. Check out more information at Purpose Talk Radio and join the conversations on Facebook at Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    The 180 Degree Wellness Solution With Tara Gesling

    in Health

    Tara Gesling visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio (PhatMan Radio) to discuss her book the 180 Degree Wellness Revolution.

    At just 28 years young, Tara was disabled. Diagnosed with a myriad of conditions including late stage Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue left her overwhelmed with no hope for healing. The medical system prescribed surrendering to a life riddled with limitations and pills. Devastated, she never imagined this would be the beginning of an incredible journey from despair to triumph. It was from her lowest point of wheelchair dependence that Tara's personal 180 Degree Wellness Revolution was inspired. Her self-guided process of reversing damage and rebuilding health is restoring her to function and vitality.

    She is an example of the healing that is possible when a simple, functional approach acknowledging bio-individuality is implemented. In this book, Tara shares her discoveries, research and experiences that have contributed to her return to a joyful and fulfilling life. The 180 Degree Wellness Revolution can help you learn to listen to your symptoms, begin uncovering the root causes of chronic conditions in your life and propel you to find your own healing solutions.

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    Dr. Masgutova, Creator of Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration - MNRI

    in Self Help

    Our guest, Dr. Svetlana, Masgutova, will join our show to discuss the MNRI Method.

    Dr. Masgutova has conducted research on nearly 3,000 children, ranging in age from 1 month to 18 years.  She found sign significant correlations between poorly integrated reflexes and specific developemental delays.  Her findings show how incomplete integration of reflex patterns can be linked to many functional and structural challenges.

    On today's show she will talk about her work in Russia, Poland and the United States.  She will discuss how the MNRI Method can help children with developmental challenges.

    Listeners can get the free book by visiting the website, and click the Mailing List Sign Up button.  After entering your info, you will be instructed on how to receive the free downloadable version of Trauma Recovery - You are a Winner! book.

    To learn more, please visit her webiste:  http://masgutovamethod.com

    You can learn more about the Cranial Sacral Therapy Center 

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    YOUR BIOFIELD: The “electrical” system holding answers to your health mysteries

    in Health

    What if your body could tell you what it needs to work at its peak performance so you can look and feel amazing? Learn about the impact of EMF radiation, oral health and physical traumas on your health, and walk away knowing the one-second test that will empower you to quickly identify toxic substances.

    Join us as we speak with Danielle Zanzarov, CNC, a certified Quantum Reflex Analysis practitioner and founder of South Bay Wellness, as she shares  how you can access the biofield to initiate the most rapid and effective resolution of deep-seated, chronic conditions simply not possible by any other means.

    Meet Danielle and some of the other top integrative, wellness oriented healers, authors and celebrities from around the world at the upcoming NAVEL Expo

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    Thermography with Dr. Getson

    in Health

    Thermograpic imaging is a proven tool for detecting many diseases at their very earliest stages, when it’s just inflammation. Learn how thermography can find issues like a bad tooth or breast cancer using a specialize camera that reads the heat of your body to within a tenth of a degree. 

    Philip Getson, D.O. is a board certified family physician in practice for 38 years in New Jersey. He is an internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and has lectured extensively on the subject.  

    Host: Shirley Gutkowski

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    Healthy Ageing Rocks with Dr. Jeff Senechal

    in Nutrition

    Today's guset Dr. Jeff Senechal is a Chiropractic graduate of Life University in Marietta, Georgia and has been an associate with Dr. Tent since 2009. He utilizes CRA (Contact Reflex Analysis) for assessment and diagnosis both in Chiropractic Care and Nutrition. Dr. Senechal is also certified through the Functional Medicine University as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP). He is pursuing a Diplomat in Nutrition.

    He is very active in his community and lectures on various health topics several times a year. You can find his recent health lectures on DVD at the his office or on YouTube via the Diverse Health Services. Dr. Senechal is also a member of the South Lyon Business Network International Group and Michigan Association of Chiropractors.

    Dr. Senechal's passion is alternative healthcare and he strives to change the mindset of people by getting them to think outside the box.

    To contact Dr. Jeff Senechal 

    (248) 477-0380



    To contact Michael & Theresa 

    (609) 861-2323


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    Khaotic Boyz - Reflex FM

    in Radio

    The New Reflex FM Radio Bringing The Best Urban Music , Topics , Entertainment , & More From The Host Kidd , Co-Hosts DameFresh & Ceddi4life !