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    Creative Integrative Medicine with Dr. Paul Drouin

    in Health

    “This book is a story about my own journey as a medical doctor toward creative integrative medicine. It is about my passion to promote changes in the health-care systems and medical schools that will lead to a greater understanding of the true nature of the human being and assist us in reaching our greatest potential through healing on all levels.”

    “It is now time to redefine a form of medicine based on the new scientific model of understanding of the universe according to quantum physics — a creative integrative medicine. Doing so will be the key to solving the current health-care crisis, and it will lead to a new vision of integrative health care based not on disease but on the full potential of the individual. Our understanding of the human body will expand to include the body’s subtle energy systems and the mental and emotional connections to the physical body. How the mind works can be explored from a nondualistic viewpoint, compared to the dualistic philosophy used today. It will open the door to creative new approaches to healing that have the opportunity to solve problems still unresolved by conventional medicine, specifically in the areas of chronic and degenerative diseases.”



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    A Newly Separated Man: Date Him or Ditch Him?

    in Relationships

    Sandra Fidelis is a Dating Coach and co-author of the book Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life. She empowers women to shift how they view themselves and to redefine what they believe they deserve in every area of life. Sandra creates groundbreaking programs for women all over the world to help them obliterate the obstacles that are standing in their way of meeting Mr. Right. Join us as we discuss red flags in dating and whether it's okay to date a newly separated man. 

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights professional leadership coach Kristiina Hiukka

    in Business

    Clyde Hill, WA – Imagine a world in which everyone had someone who focused on their strengths and built up their confidence to be the best they can be and fulfill their potential throughout lives. What kind of leadership would we see? What kind of workplaces would we have? What kind of relationships would we enjoy?

    There is no profession that would not benefit from having a support system for each individual’s growth and performance and productivity.

    According to Kristiina Hiukka, curiosity is the foundation of innovation and leadership. Hiukka is a professional leadership consultant, trainer and coach that believes the best leaders know their core values and are able to communicate this to their teams.

    “When individuals have a sense of clarity about who they are as leaders and their leadership philosophy they can engage their team with passion and inspire because it comes from a place of personal commitment,” says Kristiina. “Leadership is about willingness as well as capability. Most of it is between your ears, your ability to communicate.”

    Originally from Finland, Kristiina was hired right out of university to be a trainer and training manager in continuing education for entrepreneurs focused in the area of communication and enjoyed a long career in leadership and management training. Kristiina first came to the US 20 years ago, establishing her coaching practice Big Agenda Coaching.

    “I realized how powerful it is to help people to discover within themselves the best way for them to reorganize and redefine who they want to be and how they want to work,” says Kristiina. “It’s very rewarding for me when I see people go through that process of self-discovery.”

    For more information on, visit www.kristiinahiukka.com




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    A conversation with Gaia Journey: Stories and taking back the human narrative

    in Spirituality

    Tomorrow Jen and Jacob of Gaia Journey and I  are going to talk about Stories, Storytelling and how important it is that we take back the human narrative that has defined humanity. We will talk about the stories that we have been told about humanity and to humanity that aren't true and how important it is that we redefine ourselves through the stories we tell.


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    Renewing Your Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Sharonda W. Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Sharonda W. Johnson Consulting, LLC, a Savannah-based life coaching and transformation consulting organization. She helps women facing life-changing transitions create more authentic and fulfilled lives. Dr. Sharonda provides training, coaching, and speaking so that her clients can reclaim their voice, redefine their purpose, renew their spirit, and revision their lives.


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    What Does Your Purse Say About You? with Danielle Watson of The Purse Process

    in Women

    Did you know that your purse is a reflection of what's going on in your life right now?

    One can gain deep insight into the things that are going well, as well as certain challenges just by taking a deeper look at a person's hangbag.

    This is what this episode is all about - your purse! In this episode Tracy interviews Danielle Watson, The Purse Process founder. Curious to know what your hangbag might reveal about you? Tune in!

    Danielle Watson is a global troublemaker, professional muse, choose your own adventurer, and the creator of The Purse Process®.

    As an anthropologist who doesn’t like digging in the dirt, she’s an expert at demonstrating how every woman can use a seemingly insurmountable problem as an opportunity to redefine what’s possible.

    Danielle’s knack for making connection between seemingly unrelated phenomena, along with her affinity for dresses, red lipstick, and all things girly, have made this unlikely anthropologist a pint-sized inspiration to women everywhere.

    Danielle’s Purse Process® is here to show you everything you need is “in the bag” and inspire you to create your own opportunities. Learn more at http://www.purseprocess.com/

    Tracy K. Pierce is a Clutter Coach, Holistic Organizer, and the creator of the Reclaim Your Space, Reclaim Your Life Programs. She is the owner and founder of Synergy Organizing and Synergy Wellness. Her mission is to propel her clients towards the realization of their ideal lives. Tracy assists holistically-minded and motivated people who are sick and tired of their clutter reclaim space for what matters most. Learn more at www.SynergyOrganizing.com.

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    Last Hours of 2014 Bringing Stark Prophecy to Pass & Shows What's Ahead In 2015

    in News

    Join me Live tonight as we discuss Breaking News Headlines matching Bible Prophecy unfolding ever so rapidly as we wrap up 2014 and see glimpses into 2015:
    - Cup of Trembling: Palestinian Resolution being forced in U.N. to kick Israel out of Jerusalem in the name of "Peace"
    - Crude Tumbling Again, Black Horse of Revelation Rides
    - Missing AirAsia Flight brings shock report, possible clues, received "text message" and an alarming prediction 13 days prior...
    - Mass Animal Deaths wrapping up 2014 and a look back on numbers in past 2 years
    -  Conflict on Earth, 2nd Seal: ISIS hacks news sites touting: "We are already here" and U.S. makes 2nd weapons drop in ISIS territory.
    - Distress of nations: Iran conducts massive war exercise in Strait of Hormutz; Egypt purchases advance system from Russia; Russia test 10-warhead ballistic missile, Intercontinental ballistic missile, supersonic bombers and a partridge in a pear tree...
    - Prophecy: End-Time Dreams (new)
    - Cursings on the land: Presbyterian Church USA votes to erase Israel from prayers
    - All women's college uses transgender admissions to redefine what a "woman" is
    - Former 7th day Adventist who "tried" Atheism for a year now claims: I don't think God exists"
    and much, much, more... SEE US LIVE NOW! http://www.emoaf.org/Evangelist-Anita-Fuentes-Live-On-Air-Radio-TV-Broadcast.html Is your name in that Book? http://www.emoaf.org/Is-Your-Name-Written-in-the-Lambs-Book-of-Life-.html Please Donate: http://www.emoaf.org/Donate.html 

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    Helping Our Kids To Shine - Redefine, Part 3

    in Religion

    Helping Our Kids To Shine - Redefine, Part 1  is a series of broadcast designed to redefine:
    our educational system, our role in an educational system and our perspective of success in that system. We will share both natural and spiritual strategies that will help our kids to shine. Please join us!

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    Progressive Conversation

    in Politics Progressive

    Andrea Miller, Terence Dicks, progressive politics, American politics, culture, demographics, social justice, economic justice, justice, social change, candidates, elections, policy, Congress, and more!

    John Bonifaz is the Co-Founder and President of Free Speech For People. Mr. Bonifaz previously served as the Executive Director and then General Counsel of the National Voting Rights Institute, an organization he founded in 1994, and as the Legal Director of Voter Action, a national election integrity organization. Mr. Bonifaz has been at the forefront of key voting rights battles in the country for more than two decades: pioneering a series of court challenges, applying political equality principles, that have helped to redefine the campaign finance question as a basic voting rights issue of our time; initiating and leading a legal strategy for revisiting Buckley v. Valeo in the courts; leading the fight in the federal courts in Ohio for a recount of the 2004 presidential vote in that state; and prevailing in federal court in Pennsylvania on the eve of the 2008 election to ensure that Pennsylvania voters would receive emergency paper ballots when they faced long lines caused by voting machine breakdowns. In addition to his work in the field of voting rights and democracy advocacy, Mr. Bonifaz has also served as co-counsel in international human rights and environmental litigation, including litigation to hold the Chevron-Texaco oil company accountable for its widespread destruction of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Mr. Bonifaz is a 1992 cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and a 1999 recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship.

    Andrea Miller will be joined by Rev. Glencie Rhedrick who will introduce her new show Women: Change Agents

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    Transform With Transcendental Energy! New You City Chat w/Danielle Mercurio

    in Entrepreneur

    What would it feel like to transcend your unique obstacles and challenges to success so that you can manage and expand your life with confidence, power and grace?  How can you turn your passions into something real and tangible?  Gail Baral asks those very questions to inspire you to invest in yourself first and reap the rewards that follow. The biggest setback?  That something needs to change.  On this episode, Host Danielle and Gail will explore the concept of "Transcendental Energy" so you can glide into the New Year feeling empowered and ready to move past the discomfort of playing it safe.  

    Tune in to redefine what it means to elevate to the next level of any area in your life!

    Gail Baral is a business coach and startup expert who helps ambitious dreamers become successful business owners. Known for her razor-sharp intuition and uncanny ability to help her clients clarify and articulate their ideas, goals and intentions, Gail’s results-driven business coaching style helps her clients develop and implement step-by-step strategies and tactics to achieve their business goals in record time. Learn more at www.gailbaral.com

    Danielle Mercurio is a lifestyle coach inspiring urban dwellers to find their own groove in the chaos and manifest their dreams into reality. She specializes in intuitive coaching, guided meditations, and astrological/tarot readings. For more information, go to www.newyoucitycoaching.com

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    Helping Our Kids To Shine - Redefine, Part 2

    in Religion

    Helping Our Kids To Shine - Redefine, Part 1  is a series of broadcast designed to redefine:
    our educational system, our role in an educational system and our perspective of success in that system. We will share both natural and spiritual strategies that will help our kids to shine. Please join us!

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