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    "Beyond the Physical"

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    This segment is Part Two of my conversations with Engineer, Inventor, Author, and Spiritualist MAGDY YOUSSEF.  Our topic tonight..... What's it like beyond the Veil?  What are we when we slip out of physical form, and move into the Unseen Realms?  Is there still some kind of structure or energy format governing human experience?  In his book DIVINE WE ARE, Magdy features several exercises for expanding awareness, and initiating personal exploration of parts unknown.  
    As I outline, from a Reconnections Perspective, our personal prerogatives as Creators and Explorers of All That Is---Magdy will color in those lines, using his own personal mixture of Science and Spirituality.  Our goal will not be to give the definitive statement on "how things are."  Rather, we will attempt to open some doorways within our collective awareness, and invite our listeners to go within, and ponder the vastness of how things COULD BE.  (90 mins) 
    Brief Bio:
    Magdy M. Youssef, is a Graduate Structural Engineer, Inventor, Author, and Spiritualist who possesses wide range of diversified interests and knowledge. In particular, he combines unique blend of scientific, technical, and analytical abilities, with keen familiarity, and understanding of Spirituality, and the Mystical aspects of our existence.

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    There is a level of being in which the ALL THAT IS truly is all there is. You have no need of anything--because you are everything! You have no boundaries because, when you are All That Is, there is nothing left to be outside of you./

    This is the level which we will now refer to as The Gathering of the One. This level of consciousness would be likened to PURE BLISS. There is complete diffusion of focus and a truly porous consistency to all things. Literally, everything and everyone can exist within the same space at once!  If this concept sounds somewhat fantastic to you, then realize also that even the words we speak to describe this level of Being are grossly inadequate and incredibly dense in //comparison to this level of infinite harmony and love./

    Copyright, 1992, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included/





    As Above So Below Part 1 & 2  /

    Pt 1 -  http://youtu.be/HtExkh6ZiNU /

    Pt 2 -  http://youtu.be/7YA-9iHKHJo /

    This Science of 'as above so below' is the most ancient universal system of harmonizing man with his natural surrounds! The stars above and the stars below, i.e.: our own bodies. Mankind is in harmony with Nature only when he realizes that he is the microcosm of the Universe and a Galaxy unto himself. /

    EBOLA PATENT  - Oct 4, 2012



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    READINGS-The Process Of Connecting with Spirit with Leanne Jorgensen-Thomas

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    I have connected to angels since I can remember. From about the age of nine I remember seeing and sensing spirits. I am a psychic medium who works with the angelic realm. Giving readings is not just what I do but who I am. I have a love for connecting people with their crossed over loved ones and their angels. As a medium I am both Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. I believe I have this gift to bring forward messages of love, hope, healing, and inspiration. I give private readings and group readings. I have studied with world renowned Lisa Williams who has taken me under her wing as one of her Master Teachers. I am also a reader on her website SoulConnections. I have been teaching mediumship and personal psychic development classes since 2010. I use Energy Therapy to support optimum health in my clients. I am a Reconnective Healing Practitioner certified with Dr Eric Pearl. I am also certified to do Reconnections which allow for the individuals true purpose to kick into high gear. I have been a public school teacher and Reading Intervention Specialist for the past 17 years. I love working with children and teachers. I have a Master of Arts degree in English Language Arts, a Reading Specialist Credential, and am CLAD certified. I also have a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership with an Administrative Credential. I believe my background in education gives me a unique perspective into the world of spirit. I do hope to teach children how to use their psychic gifts one day. To reach Leanne www.angelichope.com  and or Facbook...www.facebook.com/leannethomasmedium  

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     JOIN US AS   "We Rise like the Phoenix from the ashes!" *** JOIN THE CONVERSATION **** (Listener dial-in number) (347) 308-8131 M-T-W-F 7 PM est -- FOLLOW THIS CHANNEL - 

    Your Host & Co-Host  Ngon'e & Jammi

    "The struggle for total domination of the total population of the earth, the elimination of ever completing nontotalitarian reality, is inherent in the totalitarian regimes themselves; if they do not pursue global rule as the ultimate goal, they are only too likely to lose whatever power they have already seized. Even a single individual can be absolutely and dominated only under global totalitarian conditions" (90). - Hanna Arendt The Origins of Totalitarianism part III

    STASI: Decomposition pdf

    "Reality...........is like an enormous crystal.
    Every form, every possible expression,
    is but a facet of that same one Jewel. 
    Within its own context, each aspect 
    appears complete and whole.
    Yet each flicker of brightness,
    like pieces of a huge puzzle,
    reaches beyond its horizon
    to someday join with that Greater Light.....

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    Towards a New Understanding

    in Spirituality

    Join host Daniel Jacob, as he conducts a two-hour Interview with the Conscious Channel and Author of "Meta-Arc Transmissions." Powerful, Cutting Edge Concepts. Well-worth your time!

    Mikæla Christi accessed alternate realities at an early age but had trouble integrating them into her life as a child. An eternal student and something of a chameleon, she never capitalized on all her degrees and diplomas because she kept being drawn to yet another field of study or another environment to experience. So she ended up living many lives in this “summary lifetime”, reconnecting with a kaleidoscope of potential talents, lifestyles, relationships and professional activities, living in over a dozen places and travelling in nearly 40 countries throughout the world.

    In the late 1980s, a major breakdown and some very weird symptoms – typical of awakening humans – turned her focus inward. Therapy, years of research in psychology and a long, meandering spiritual quest gradually gave way to an all-consuming passion for esoteric studies... but she never settled into any of these domains, either. She felt that turning the inner passion into a livelihood would have slowed her own expansion.

    Instead, she jumped from day job to day job, mostly working as a writer and editor for international organizations in Geneva, Switzerland, where she lived a perfectly normal life within the world of humans. All the while, her deeper/wider self generated openings into other realms where she journeyed, rediscovered innumerable planes of expression, and created an evolving understanding of who we all are and what some of us may be doing here. Facets of that understanding were shared through the Reconnections website in a series that came to be known as the Meta-Arc transmissions.

    The Meta-Arc Transmissions:

    August 22, 2010. 11am (Pacific Time), 2pm (Eastern Time), 8pm (Central European Time).

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    Living Between Worlds

    in Spirituality

    Join Host Daniel Jacob, as he takes listeners into the world of Artist, Visionary Writer, and Poet Russ N'Just.

    Russ was born in America, where he attended high school, surfed, worked construction, and dreamed his way to age 20. His original goal at that time was to study Architechure in Rome---though he finally completed his studies in Copenhagen. Though he has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Russ chose to remain in Denmark---where he raised three children with two wives. His current Soul Mate now lives in Oregon, and Russ has spent considerable time writing on the subject of Spirit-Directed Relationship.

    Russ spent his early years teaching just about every course imaginable in the field of Creativity and Art---while expanding his personal portfolio of Alternative Energy Designs, Futuristic Designs, and Sacred Geometry. He occasionally does administrative work for various Social Projects in his town---and works part-time as an Energy Healer. The Reconnections Web Site has often been blessed by his contributions in Poetry and Spirit-Directed Prose.

    The topic "Living Between Worlds" is near and dear to his heart. His dual citizenship presents a physical experience of what he also believes is happening with ALL OF US in Spirit! A good deal of this concept is explored in his personal Meditation Work---and has also been a key topic for much of his writing.

    August 7, 2010. 11am (Pacific time) 2pm (Eastern), 8pm (Central European Time).

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    "Communication: Heart to Heart"

    in Spirituality

    Suzy Miller is a former Speech Pathologist who has dedicated her practice to working with young people who have been diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's, Dyslexia, and other challenges to learning and personal relationship. Her book: "Awesomeism," has been raising quite a stir in both the Teaching and Metaphysical Communities. Her unique style of "reaching out" to these young people is INTERNAL, and very personal. You might say that she is an expert in "communication without words." Suzy has been interviewed on many TV and Radio Shows, including Steve Rother's "Virtual Light" Broadcast and Sandie Sedgbeer's World Puja Program specializing in Children of the New Earth. Her gentle, cheerful nature earns her respect and devotion from young and old alike. She is the mother of four children, all of whom are moving through (or have moved through) the "Teen Development Corridor." I turn to her regularly when I need insight---and her keen spiritual edge is usually able to slide through whatever camouflage my ego self has erected. This 2 hour interaction promises to be chock-full of insight and inspiration. Come join me as I welcome Suzy Miller to the Reconnections Community. October 5, 2010. 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern. 2 hours.
    For more info on Suzy, check out her web site:
    http://www.bluestarbrilliance.com/ If you have questions, you can contact her directly by e-mailing: bluestarsuzy@aol.com

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    Days of Chaos

    in Spirituality

    Daniel Jacob, Channel for the Reconnections, introduces a round table for discussions concerning current trends of energetic change that are happening on Planet Earth. Tonight, Daniel is joined by Galactic Shaman Antron Coyote Bay---as well as some of the keenest minds among our Next Generation, commonly called "Star Children." We look forward to many such Round Tables, as the year 2012 approaches.

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    Another Reality Show - Daniel Jacob - Part 3

    in Spirituality

     Daniel Jacob is Returning on Monday Decemeber 10th at 8pm EST to Share his Wisdom on the 3rd and Final Installation on "Trans-Portal; Travel Within the Multiverse - Building Astral Bridges". I hope everyone will join us in this Wonderful Share Regarding Our Self Awareness and Joyful State of Being - Especially With All the Shifting Happening Within Us!!!!
    here are the links to the original articles Daniel wrote that we will be discussing:
    http://www.reconnections.net/trans_portals1.htm (part 1)
    http://www.reconnections.net/trans_portal2.htm - (part 2)
    http://www.reconnections.net/trans_portals3.htm  (part 3)
    You can read more of Daniel's work with the Reconnections at www.reconnections.net
    Thanks and Enjoy the Show!!!!

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    Chat with Daniel Jacob, Conscious Channel of The Reconnections

    in Spirituality

    Daniel Jacob is a Bio-Energetic Bodyworker, a Conscious Channel, a Visionary Writer, and Teacher of New Paradigm Metaphysics. He's been on a Spirit Path since the 1960s, a journey that has led him through Catholicism, Protestant Fundamentalism, 12-Step Groups, various studies of Philosophy, Psychology, and many facets of Alternative Health Care. In 1986, Daniel began serious studies in Metaphysics and Channeling, which led to his intersection with The Reconnections {the group he channels) in 1991.

    Since 1994, Daniel has been doing online research around planetary changes, physical transmutation, energy activations coming onto the Earth. He has developed a Worldwide Network of fellow Researchers and Grid Workers---who swap info regularly via his web sites, a sizeable mailing list, and two Yahoo Discussion Groups, to which he regularly contributes. For more information go to http://www.reconnections.net/about_daniel_jacob.htm. Another site is http://www.reconnections.net/SC_about.htm

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    Another Reality Show - Daniel Jacob - Part 2

    in Spirituality

    Alrighty - Daniel Jacob's Returning on Tuesday, Sept 18th at 8pm EST to Share his Wisdom once agin on "Trans-Portal; Travel Within the Multiverse". I hope everyone will join us in the Wonderful Show regarding Our Self Awareness and Joyful State of Being. 
    here are the links to the original articles Daniel wrote that we will be discussing:
    http://www.reconnections.net/trans_portals1.htm (part 1)
    http://www.reconnections.net/trans_portal2.htm - (part 2)
    http://www.reconnections.net/trans_portals3.htm  (part 3)
    You can read more of Daniel's work with the Reconnections at www.reconnections.net
    Thanks and Enjoy the Show!!!!

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