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    Survival Punk & Prepper Recon "Security"

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    Survivor Jack, Life Preservers, & More!
    American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Join James and Mike with Special guest Mark Goodwin from the site Preperrecon and new book Retreat Security and Small Unit Tactics.  Mark Goodwin is a Christian constitutional author and the host of the popular Prepper Recon Podcast which interviews patriots, preppers and economists each week on PrepperRecon.com to help people prepare for the coming economic collapse.

    Mark holds a degree in accounting and monitors macro-economic conditions to stay up-to-date with the ongoing global meltdown. The troubling trends in the political and financial landscape have prompted Mark to conduct extensive research within the arena of preparedness. He weaves his knowledge of economics, politics, prepping and survival into an action-packed tapestry of fast-paced, post-apocalyptic fiction.

    Today Mark is here to talk about his new book Retreat Security And Small Unit Tactics. The book is co written by David Kobler aka SouthernPrepper1 on YouTube. It focuses on how to secure your home. Tips to deter invaders. Set up defenses. It also goes into tactics for training as a small unit. It goes over hand signals to move a unit. The full review of the book will be coming soon

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    Nathaniel Lobas. Some people know me as Pete.After attending the Basic Reconnaissance Course, I began my military career at 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion in Okinawa,Japan in 2000. I attended the Urban Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course and Airborne School in order to support the 31st MEU, aboard the USS Bataan (LHD-5). On the 31st MEU my platoon trained in Thailan ,Australia,Guam,South Korea, and Singapore.Highlights of this deployment include a mock beach landing and hike up Mount Suribachi, Iwo Jima, 2 years in Okinawa I rotated to 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company in December 2002. Shortly after checking-in I was issued gear, began CQB training with my new platoon, and boarded the USS Essex en-route to Kuwait. My Force Recon platoon were among the first Americans to enter Iraq, March 23rd 2003. We fought in the Battle of An Nassaryia, and were involved in the Jessica Lynch rescue. We worked our way to Al Kut, and ran weapons interdiction mission on the border of Iraq and Iran.I ended my tour of duty with the Marine Corps as a Sergeant in January 2004.

    Dr. Leona Di Amore Hm3 Navy Corpsmen Stationed with East Coast Explosive ordnance Disposal 1987-1992. Served as the Medic to this elite group of bomb experts/Navy Divers. Traveled on operations & training exercise. was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for Life saving measures as a result of a situation on an operation.After serving in Navy,Leona returned to college and became a Doctor of Chiropractic 1998 Since that time Dr. Leona has worked with / volunteered with Post traumatic stress Unit at camp Pendelton California. The focus was to remove NEUROLOGICAL STRESS which is associated


    Tony Aguiniga (AKA Tony Pino) is a U. S. Army Veteran, who served from 2001-2012. He was in special forces as a Green Beret and part of an activated team during the invasion of Iraq. Tony is an entrepreneur and involved in many entertainment projects, including the movie, Range 15.


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    Justin Murray

    I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1988 after graduating from Shawnee Mission North High School in 1987.
    Upon completing Boot camp and School of Infantry, I spent 2 years in the Marine Corps Infantry. In 1990 I volunteered for Recon selection and training. After completing Recon selection and training, I was deployed to the Middle east in support of Operation Desert Storm and participated in humanitarian relief efforts in Bangladesh. Also participated in Counter-Narcotics missions supporting various government agencies.
    After completing various schools and training missions, I was deployed to Mogadishu, Somalia in early 1993 in support of Operation Restore Hope. Was later redeployed back to Somalia in 1994 in support of Operation Continue Hope. Last several months were spent as a Recon Instructor. Departed the Marine Corps in 1995.
    A. Rank - Sgt.

    B. Branch - U.S. Marine Corps.

    C. Years served - 1988 - 1995. (7 years).

    D. Specialty. - 0321 Amphibious Reconnaissance Marine. - ReconTeam Leader. Recon Instructor.

    E. Deployments. - The Gulf War (Desert Storm). 1990-1991. Mogadishu, Somalia. 1993 and 1994.
    Multiple training deployments.

    F. Awards. - n/a. Would rather not announce all awards if that's ok.

    G. What you do now. - Retired/Disabled Veteran. And President of local Kansas City based organization called SSOF. (Support Special Operations Forces).
    Our mission is to provide direct support
    to Special Operations personnel and /or their families

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    Last Chance For The Greatest Foreclosure Sale On Earth--Episode 42

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    We've been telling you about this for months and now it's almost here. The Greatest (in Mike's humble opinion) foreclosure sale on Planet Earth. At present time there are over 4000 properties on the auction block. Over 2000 of these are single family, duplex and triplex homes. Some are in excellent neighborhoods and in great condition. Others not so good. There's one seat open at Mike's Boot Camp. Apply now at TeachMeMike.Com and join us. The dates are 10-24-15 to 10-29-15. Mike's giving you three days of his own time to help you recon and evaluate potential properties, so you can get a great deal. His assistance is certain to make this a very profitable trip for you. 

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    Anthony joined the Marine Corps reserves straight out of high school and was a 0321 Amphibious Reconnaissance Man. He served for 8 years and deployed in 2011 to the Sangin Valley in Afghanistan with Bravo Company, 3rd Recon Battalion where he was a SAW gunner and a team medic. Since then, Anthony has opened his gym, Moro Performance, where they focus on sport specific training, CrossFit, and tactical readiness. He is about to complete his degree in Exercise Physiology from Concordia University Wisconsin where he played football and ran track. Next he plans to either attend graduate school for biomechanics or avionics.
    He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in February of 2013 and now uses his knowledge of physical fitness to combat his symptoms and help others to do the same. Anthony has been a lifelong athlete with a passion for physical fitness. He is a strength and conditioning coach who has worked with everyone from junior high hockey players, FBI SWAT team members, and even the Milwaukee Bucks Dancers. He has attended seminars and certifications such as NASM-CPT, RKC, PCC, Strong First, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Football, Attitude Nation, and USA Track & Field. Anthony and his gym are strong supporters of the Marine Recon Foundation, The Raider Project, and the Recon and Sniper Foundation.

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    The Delusion Solution/ Liberty 4 Free

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    Delusion Solution-

    What is really happening to our state, to our country and to our world? What does the future hold? Will our educational system continue to dumb down our children?  Has America arrived at the point of no return?” 

    Are you ready to make sense of current events, to know the truth, to pierce the veil? Join me 'Tara Dawn' and my co-host ‘Barry’ as we will be bringing you the news and how it relates to the times we live in. How it affects the Christian, and how we can make informed decisions concerning the times we live in. 

    Liberty 4 Free - Well enough fucking around. I've had time to play and get ready for the show so... It's time to turn up the heat. With much time spent on working out the extra security we will now turn towards the darker side of the real life.

    My show this week will by with an unknown, because he can't be known for security reasons. We will call him Skär, commanding officer of the massive underground militia "Unit 601" & Vigilante Group the "Shadow" whose numbers & whereabouts will remain unknown for security purposes. As the leader of Operation U.S.B.R. (United States Border Recon) which 2 years ago defended the Texas border between Laredo & McAllen by appearing along the border in locations at random, and clearing the area of all threats, such as the Mexican Military, the Mexican Drug Cartel, ISIS, MS13 & human traffickers, He along side with 50+ border patrol agents each night fought those who invaded our border that brought violent criminals, poisonous drugs and kidnapping of American children to be doped up with heroin to be smuggled back into Mexico to be sold as sex slaves.

    Telling the real life story. So tune in!

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    Albert Roberts is a disabled veteran of the US Air Force and Army. He served as an airman during Operation Desert Storm, and then joined the army during the Global War on Terror. He became a captain in the Military Police Corps and served combat duties in both Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as his duty as a public affairs officer at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He is the recipient of two Bronze Stars medals, and an active alumni of the WWP.After his honorable discharge, Albert has since become an actor and film producer. His horror film, Test Group, premieres this October, and he is starring in and producing three other military themed films, to include Indomitable, in which mr. Roberts is the lead male role.

    Timothy Parkhurst retired from the Marines after a career spanning over 25 years, including service in Panama, Desert Storm, OIF and OEF. He served as a Communicator, Infantryman, Scout Sniper and Parachute Rigger. He proudly served in all four Marine Divisions, various Logistics units, two Reconnaissance Battalions and with Marine Special Operations Command.Tim and his wife Leony have been married since 1992 and have two beautiful daughters.

    E.J. Snyder is a 25 year veteran of the US Army. He is a former Army Sergeant Major (E-9) with a background of leading Soldiers in Airborne and Infantry Units, ALWAYS serving in Army Ranger coded positions throughout the Army. He is renowned for ALWAYS leading from the front and by example, as is his loud and "In Your Face" style of leadership. E.J. lived by his nickname "The Skullcrusher".He is a Highly Decorated Combat Veteran of both the 1991 Gulf War and OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom) in Iraq. He has planned and conducted a broad range of missions covering the entire operational continuum. He is most proud of his Ranger Tab, Combat Infantryman's Badge with Star, Master Parachutist Wings, Pathfinder Badge, Drill Sergeant ID Badge

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    Charles Black
    Veterans At SeaThe purpose of the “Operation Restore Hope – Retreat” program is to significantly enhance the lives of
    wounded veterans, their families and caregivers through self-care and peer support. Achieving this purpose ...
    will also have a direct effect on the communities where these families live, by reducing the high risk of family
    crisis from mental or physical injuries that in the past has led to domestic violence, divorce or suicide.
    The Need:The decade-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been experienced not only on the battlefield, but also back
    at home with military families in the United States. The ongoing threat of ISIS and the possibility of a new war
    in Iraq and Syria will only add to the current problems these families have.

    Lance Manning 
    I am a native Texan and in 1990 I graduated from Southwest High School in Fort Worth, TX. After high school I went to MCRD San Diego, while in the Marine Corps I served as a Heavy Gunner in Weapons Company 3rd Battalion 1st Marines. While I was assigned to 3/1 I took and passed the Indoct for Recon. Upon completion of my deployment with 3/1 I went to 1st Recon Battalion where I served as a Point Man/Navigator in a six-man Recon Team and also as training cadre for Indocts and RIP Classes. I was honorably discharged from the Marines in ’96.After the Marines I got a job working on Commercial and Industrial Boilers and in 2004 one of the boilers I was working on exploded on me and I sustained a TBI and SCI C1-C6. I spent several years in recovery at places like Craig Institute in Colorado, Centre for Neuro Skills in California, several local hospitals and home. During this time I had to learn how to read and understand or comprehend what I just read as well as how to do math again. Not to mention many other life skills old and new that many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

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    Dane VanMeter was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1983 to Sam and Linda VanMeter. Graduated High School in 2002 from Weatherford High School in Weatherford, TX where he earned varsity letters in wrestling and football as a sophomore. He joined the Marine Corps at 18 yrs old. Attended Boot Camp in June 2002 at MCRD San Diego. Upon completion of recruit training, attended the Basic Rifleman (0311) Course at SOI West. His first duty station was 29 Palms... , Ca, serving with B.co 3rd LAR in OIF 1 (2003) and a MEU deployment. After that, attended and graduated the Basic Recon Course at Coronado, Ca. Received orders to 1st Recon Bn, Charlie Co, 2nd plt. and served in OIF 3 and 4 in Fallujah, Iraq 2005-2006. In June 2006 he received orders to 1st Force Recon Co where he served in 4th Platoon. In November 2006 1st Force Recon co cased it's colors and was re-designated as 1st Marine Special OperationsBn.(MSOB), MARSOC (Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command). For the next six years he served in 1st MSOB (1st Marine Raider Bn) where he Deployed to Afghanistan as an element member with MSOT (Marine Special Operations Team) 8113,Alpha Co. During that time he was a lead mentor for Afghan National Army and Afghan Commando forces, thus participating in some of the most dangerous missions in the Global War on Terror. He operated in Herat, Farah, Delaram and Helmand provinces of Afghanistan. In August 2012 he left the Marine Corps with an Honorable discharge.Foreign Language: Pashto (afg)1+, 1+Personal Decorations:Navy Commendation Medal with V for valor, Purple Heart, Navy Acheivment Medal with V for Valor, Combat Action Ribbon with gold star, Meritorio.



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    Recon 2012 Recap

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    An eclectic representation and commentary of this year's ICSC Recon, we try to present this show as if "You were there." We talk about what we saw and what we did, as well as who we spoke to. We talked about new things and old things and the good, the bad and the ugly and I am not talking about a spaghetti western here. 
    Find out the latest from Betsy Laird (Senior Vice President Global Public Policy, ICSC) on internet taxation and the Marketplace Fairness Act and other similar bills before congress. Hear us have some fun as Ian Ritter from GlobeSt.com and I play dueling interviews and beg for a little deliverance.  Our interview with Jon Mills, founder of Motion Loft is a perfect example of the advantage of radio and hearing things for yourself rather than second hand.  This is the first of two shows reviewing this years RECon. The second show will be made available as a podcast within the next two weeks. 

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    Recon 2012 Prequel

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    It is that time of year again.  Spring is here, Flowers are blossoming, the smell of grass is in the air, we are sneezing more and RECON, the annual ICSC Convention where the most successful people in commercial retail property go.  This is where deals are made and people get to know and be known.
    This is our second year at RECON as well as our second RECON Prequel Radio show in which will give a "taste" of what you will see at the show and the best way to make it valuable.
    This year we are doing something a little different though.  Our Prequel Show, our interviews during RECON and our post RECON RECAP will have a greater focus on substantive issues.  To accomplish that, we have chosen a few SIG's (Special Interest Group) sessions and have interviewed some of the speakers describing what their presentation and session will be about.  You will hear it from the speaker's own mouth.
    Among the topics to be discussed during this show will be:
    Optomizing Shopping Center Performance in an Lackluster Economy with Yvonne Jones; The United Nations of Retail, a detailed look into foreign retail emergence in the US with Faith Hope Consolo; Updates on the Hispanic Marketplace with Jorge Lizan; The ever popular Retail Runway chaired by Grant Guidinger; Regional Malls, What Comes Next with John Crossman; and  The ever-present GlobeSt.com with Ian Ritter