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    Good Business Opportunity Y'all, Make Sure You Tune In.

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    Controversy Episode, Tune In To Know More About It.

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    A Journey from Being a Rebel to College Finances

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    Listen to one show with two special guests this week! Wendy Manganaro will have the Ultimate Rebel Kate Humphrey and College Financial Planner - Jean Keller on.

    When it comes to health and lifestyle advice, Katie Humphrey is the ultimate rebel. She takes a no-nonsense approach to weight loss and hormonal balance, showing women how to ignite an inner revolution and give up quick-fixes, fad diets, and calorie counting. As a lifestyle expert, author, speaker and certified health coach, Katie’s community empowers women to be healthy, happy and body confident. www.KatieHumphrey.com

    Jean Keller -  Since 2003, she has taught over 500 families how to reduce their college costs without reducing college choices.  Her unique background in both the education and business arenas takes the guesswork and mystery out of college and financial aid planning allowing families to stretch their college budgets as far as possible. Jean help's parents and students learn the ins and outs of getting into college and planning for the future
    Jean combines her 8 years of experience teaching at both the high school and college levels with her 6 years of marketing and sales experience for national entertainment companies to better position students with the colleges so that they get in AND they get scholarships and aid to better manage today’s out-of-control college costs.  Jean holds both a Master’s Degree in English Education an MBA.


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    I Welcome Back Troy (Chuy) D. Video Animator, Director and Producer. Back On The Rebel Radio Show.  His Links & Email Posted Below.







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    New Show Disussing Current & Future Events.  As well as Past Events.

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    Escapism by Rebel Life Media

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    Escapism presented by the Ohio Hip-Hop Award nominated Rebel Life Media brought to you by the Ohio Hip-Hop Award winning GIPBKR. Escapism invites you to leave all the problems and negativity of the world outside as you enjoy great music from signed and unsigned artists around the world. Episode 21 features a conversation with rap artist King Cobra (@LORDKINGCOBRA). Follow Rebel Life Media @rebellifemedia on Twitter. To sponsor, have your music featured or product placed email: rebellifemedia@yahoo.com

    Music on this episode is by T-Pain, KK Holliday, Kardinal Offishall, Bonde Das Maravilhas, Dirty Cakes Band, Towkio, Chance the Rapper, Lido, Kreesha Turner, T.O.K., Nyanda, Thais Perssi, Lahlipop, T.O.K., Brittnye B., King Cobra, Mookie Mo'Tonio, Princess Eud, Dedkra Z, Is Tropical, Dayseeker, Chance Burny Madoff.

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    Celebrity Interview - Ricky Rebel

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    One of the best parts of my interview today is that once again I get to showcase and spotlight a young man with guts, gumption and in the end gets the glory. Ricky Rebel's story is one of success, secrets, and strength. He has been blessed with opportunities on small stages and large theaters. He has traveled and toured with some of the finest, and he has also had to pay a price to continue that creative path. Today, we will discuss his climb to capture his star, and how he risked everything and was still able to maintain the Real Ricky. Do listen in as we dish with this delight!!

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    Let Your Inner Rebel Rock To Discover Yourself

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    Join Sharon Sayler, host of Life Interrupted Radio and Susie Steadman, the master of “Letting Your Inner Rebel Rock,” to discover and release your own inner rebel to create the courage and strength you need to make changes in your life so you too can reap the rewards you have only ever imagined before.  Susie will share:

    - Why today is the day to start to change
    - How to stop fear, self doubt and overwhelm from ruling your life
    - Why backing yourself will always be a winning bet
    - Your 5 P's to unleashing your inner rebel and the success you desire

    Learn more about Susie and her inner rebel work at www.innerrebelcareers.com

    Listen in to the show this Friday May 1 at 7PM EDT at http://LifeInterruptedRadio.com/Susie_Steadman


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    Salute to Poets

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    As National Poetry Month draws to a close, Susanna K. Green-Sawyer of Sweet Nectar Publishing and Etienne A. Gibbs of In the Author's Corner with Etienne have combined efforts on behalf of poets everywhere to present the poetry of 9  contributing poets to the Poetic Gumbo anthology in this special 2-hour event. 

    Poets will answer questions from the host and hostess, render their readings, and take questions or comments from the audience as time permits.

    To speak to the poets directly call 642-721-9611. Visit our chat room for the links to the poets' contact information and website links.

    Poet #1, Darlene Henderson, from Chicago, Illinois; lives in Tampa, Florida; her debut poem is included in the anthology.

    Poet # 2, Robert DoQui, from New Orleans, Louisiana, lives in New Orleans; actor, poet, writer. 

    Poet # 3, Billy Hitz, from Ozone Park, New York, lives in Margate, Florida; Radio  Host/Poet.

    Poet # 4 Aaron Hampton, from Newport, Rhode Island; lives in Tampa, Florida; Music Artist/Poet.

    Poet # 5, Kitty LaRue, from Detroit, Michigan; lives in San Antonio, Texas.

    Poet # 6, Darrell Freeman Jr., from Crowley, Louisiana; lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana; Author/Poet.

    Poet # 7, Justin Toney, from Wichita, Kansas; lives in Savannah, Georgia; Writer/Musician/Poet.

    Poet # 8, Levi Mericle, from Tucumcari, New Mexico; lives in Tucumcari, New Mexico; was in a documentary; Poet.

    Poet # 9, Enos Dade, from Brakwa, Western Ghana; lives in Tema, Ghana; considers himself a Neo Poet/Author.

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    Ep-69 - YSS - Annie and Sarah rebel!

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    In this show Annie and Sarah rebel about over-parenting and letting our children just be who they are.   Great study tip from Lauren and a few wake -up calls for Parents. 


    Join Sarah Newton (www.sarahnewton.com) and Annie Fox (http://www.anniefox.com)  as they answer the fundamental question, what makes youth successful? What empowers them? What makes them want to change? Why do they behave the way they do and most importantly, how can we positively impact and influence them? Together, Sarah and Annie have over 40+ years experience in the youth field. Sarah, an ex-police officer in London, started her consulting business 14 years ago and is well known worldwide for her TV and radio work. Annie is a parenting expert who has been answering teen email questions since 1997. Join them on The Youth Success Show as these two seasoned experts  share their ideas, thoughts, perspectives and tools to help youth thrive.