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    Reach The Masses - Guest: Dainhen Butler

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    Reach The Masses

    Sshow #36

    Topic: "The Alto Adjustment: the Life Story of Dainhen Butler: A Documentary"

    Host: Shane K. Floyd, Ph.D.

    Guest: Dainhen Butler

    Call In No. 1- 646-652-2269

    The following show will spotlight discussion with Dainhen Butler. In the mid 90's Dainhen Butler was sentenced to serve 10 Years (1996-2006) in Lee Arrendale State Prison for armed robbery. Lee Arrendale State Prison formerly known as ALTO. Upon his release, Dainhen became a very successful business man in the Georgia. Hear his riveting story.

    For more information go to: www.reachdrshane.com

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    Reach The Masses - Guest: Dianne Collins, Do You QuantumThink?

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    Reach The Masses

    Topic: Quantum Thinking: Perspectives in New Thought

     April 17th, 2015                                                               

    10:00am EST

    Host: Shane K. Floyd, Ph.D.

    Guest: Dianne Collins

    Call In No.1- 646-652-2269

    The following show will spotlight discussion with Dianne Collins.  Dianne is an author and innovative entertainer of New Thinking. She is an author of the popular book Do You QuantumThink?  According to Dianne, Part science, part philosophy, part spirituality, Do You QuantumThink?  draws on a wide spectrum of sources, from cutting edge innovations in science to the insights of the world’s greatest spiritual leaders.  This book will make you laugh, free you from limiting ideas, and introduce you to the most advanced principles and practical methods for living.

    For more information go to: www.reachdrshane.com

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    John Carver Show - When You Reach It

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    God doesn't let you see it until you trust to reach a specific point.

    On April 1, 2015, I was praying for a good parking space at Gold’s Gym parking lot. I didn’t see any spots open but I had this hunch to keep driving closer to the front door area.  THAT’S when I saw a very close parking spot.  I couldn’t see the open parking place until I got closer to what I hoped was going to happen…a close parking space.

    There are times, in your life, when you would like something to happen but the “noise” that you allow in your life drowns out the “hunches…the direction” that you need to get what you desire.

    There are times, when you need to be quiet, in order to LISTEN/FEEL/KNOW which path to take in your life.

    I will repeat this often today…there are times when we become so busy we MISS the opportunities to come to a place or turn a corner and our lives are changed forever.

    There are situations and people that, if you allow it, will push you right past the moments that will change your, entire, life.  

    Proverbs 3:5-6 - Living Bible (TLB) -  4-5 If you want favor with both God and man, and a reputation for good judgment and common sense, then trust the Lord completely; don’t ever trust yourself. 6 In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

    Mark Twain once said that, “If the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning is to eat a live frog, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that’s probably the worst thing that’s going to happen to you all day long.”

    People allow life’s situations to control their direction instead of having an inner compass that controls their reactions to their situations.



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    Pets Teach Us So Much Radio 158 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

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    The most popular pet podcast on the planet, Pets Teach Us So Much Radio has a fab episode planned!

    Pets Teach Us So Much Radio is so happy to have Author, Angie Bailey join us tonight to chat about her new book, Texts From Mittens.  We love Angie and we can't wait to talk about that Judge Judy loving kitty, Mittens!

    Plus we have our usual, unusual, funny and informative mayhem on tap.



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    Staying Current in Your Career on The Teach Jim Show

    in Education

    Change is happening so quickly in companies and technologies today staying current becomes a challenge.  

    Some of us work for companies that are not keeping up and thus our career may become obsolete while we are working hard and doing a good job.  So now what?

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    Reach The Masses - Guest: Min. Marcus Gould

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    Reach The Masses 

    Friday Show Live

    Topic: Defining Community Engagement: Discussion with Min. Marcus Gould of Integrated Consulting & Management

    Host: Shane K. Floyd, Ph.D.

    Guest: Min. Marcus Gould

     Call In No. 1-646-652-2269

    For more information about the show contact: www.reachdrshane.com


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    8 Social Media Site for Business on The Teach Jim Show

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    Educators and Entrepreneurs have so much in common it is down right scarry.  They each learn by doing.  

    Teachers learn about their students by teaching them.

    Entrepreneurs learn about the success of their products and services by the purchases made by the clients and customers.

    The elephant in the room today is the fact that social media continues to be an important part of everyday life for learners and businesses.  

    Today's show discusses 8 social media platforms recommended to businesses by Boyd Petersen of BP Media (bpmedia.com).  Boyd (@boydpete) shared these sites at Entrepreneurial Launch Pad in Kaysville Utah this afternoon (3/12/2015).

    You'll want to listen to the show and get Boyd's white paper on the topic.


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    Reach The Masses - Guest: Bishop Howard McClearin Lee

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    Reach The Masses

    Show #33  

    Topic: What Can Educational Chaplaincy do for Urban Schools: Discussions with Bishop Howard McClearin Lee,   

      February 13, 2015   

    10:00am EST 

    Host: Shane K. Floyd, Ph.D. 

    Guest: Bishop Howard McClearin Lee       

    Call In No.1- 646-652-2269 

    Call In Time: 9:55am (Please call in from a Lan Line to aid the quality of our discussion) 

    The following show will highlight discussion with Bishop Howard McClearin Lee and his role as an Educational Chaplain.   We will have dialogue regarding Educational Chaplaincy for America and how it can impact Urban Schools.

    For more information log on to: www.reachdrshane.com 

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    Reach Out America - Patriot Nation

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    World Alliance Radio Network Reach out Presents The Week in Perspective with James Bostick starting at 7pm eastern, Followed by Patriot Nation Radio Live with Mark Hoffmann at 8pm eastern.On tonites Double Bill Mark will have Debra Allen whose War fighting Vietnam vet Husband was on the infamous V.A.patient lists and died Awaiting treatment.Then we have Rev Rosemary Dalton who will discuss the coruption and abuse at the hands of CPS, plus Tell us about the upcoming rally Called Law day that kicks off May 1st.Tune in Tonite www.blogtalkradio.com/worldalliance

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    Our returning guest is Pete Upham, Executive Director of The Association of Boarding Schools. I love this subject as my son went to boarding school...and he's a world traveler today.

    www.boardingschools.org  @boardingschools

    Presented by SMARTBRIEF

    www.smartbrief.com  @sbeducation


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    Reach The Masses - Guest Spotlight: Model/Actress Aida King

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    Ladies & Gentlemen,

    Tune in this Friday (LIVE) at 10am EST  

    Reach The Masses

    Our guest will be rising star and Canadian Born Model/Actress, Aida King. She will also be taking on the role of Queen in HBO's new upcoming pilot series King Kamehameha.

    We will discuss Ms. King’s rise in the model and film industry along with other topics relevant to her own experiences.

    Host: Shane K. Floyd Ph.D.

    Guest: Model/Actress, Aida King  

    Call in 646-652-2269. It's not just talk radio, its relevant radio

    For more information about the show go to: www.reachdrshane.com

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