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    RapHead 2013 Krush Groove with Too Short, Warren G, Mack10!!

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    RapHead headed out to Los Angeles, CA for this years 93.5 Krush Groove event. It was crazy! The show was extended to 2 days because of previous sell outs on the traditionally 1 day event. We had a chance to catch up with some of the West Coasts legends like Too $hort, MC Eight, Mac 10, Warren G, and more!!!! 
    We also caught up with some indie artist doing their thing so we def. wanted to have them on and give them an opportunity to have experience the RapHead Movement. Take a few minutes and listen to Master Loverman discuss his career thus far and his track "Undecided". 

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    RapHead Links Up with JAG of WiseGuy Entertainment

    in Hip Hop Music

    JAG is a Hip Hop artists out of Steubenville, OH. He is currently signed to WiseGuy Entertainment and has done collabs with legendary artists like Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan and Jim Jones. 
    We wanted to check in with him to get the drop on his latest projects, shows, and thoughts on the negative attention that his camp has recieved from the press in Steubenville, OH. JAG clears up all the misconceptions and airs out the BEEF he has with certain individuals in and outside of the rap game!

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    Spallden Nterprize Opening Up For Ambition via RapHead.com

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    via www.SpalldenNterprize.com -- Spallden Nterprize is a record label founded by rapper Mic Ruckazz. It is currently distributed by Dubbspot records, Spallden Nterprize release its first mixtape  2010 folowing Mic Ruckazz Murdermore city pt. 1 . after the release Ruckazz decided to focus more on bringing up coming artist to his label. He then subsequently brought on Jay brookz from west Baltimore and release Amerikkkaz Nightmare mixtape,in 2011 Spallden Nterprize release Sixx Sense by another west Baltimore emcee that goes by the name Sixx Hunnit and later that year brought on another artist that goes by the name Eaze the wizard, on January 31, 2012 Spallden Nterprize release Mind of a Wizard by Eaze. Spallden Nterprize success continues throughout 2012 with new comers young Dyna$ty and Disrespektful.

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    Introducing J-Deez

    in Hip Hop Music

    J-Deez Live!!! Take a walk with as we bring into J-Deez World of Music. As the newest client of RapHead Promo we are exciting to bring this exclusive piece as part of the Pittsburgh movement giving birth to new Hip Hop music!!

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    "Truth & Power" Stops by to Introduce How He is BIG PIMPIN!

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    At the age of 13, T.P. moved out on his own in North East Washington D.C.  He became involved in drug dealing, robbery, guns and street life. At 15, his street hunger was beginning to pay off. Struggle was a far cry with ownership of 6 vehicles, along with other things, being his proof. He was living the life. However, while on this road, T.P. received 6 gun charges in various cities.

    His street credibility and curious "pimpy" mind then led him to a new chapter of life, the" Pimp Game".
    Known as a street-smart reputable pimp, T.P. once explained, if pimping had not come along, he doesn't know where he would be today. The pimp game paved a new road to success for him.
    Although he began pimping at the age of nineteen, T.P.'s thug mentality was not easily forgotten. It took T.P. to the age of 21 to completely get out of pullin capers and hustling drugs. The reputable T.P. got his name from when he first began pimping in D.C. His in-depth initials describe his development from a troublesome teen to a mature entrepreneur. T.P. explains it best himself: "The pimp game is a gentleman's game, thuggin' is not allowed. When I got in the game, I was so pimpy and so much of a thug, the old school pimps started calling me 'Thug Pimpin'. They knew I would leave the thuggin' alone like all good pimps do. When my pimpin' grew to a certain level, I didn't want pimps to think I would rob them or draw heat by thuggin' so I changed it to 'Truth and Power' ". The change in his mindset helped T.P. to move forward quickly in the Pimpin' World. He currently has chopped it up on 50+ plus tracks in multiple cities in 19 different states.

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    Murda Baby of Lazy K Productions Goes In!!!

    in Hip Hop Music

    Murda Baby who is Manager Producer/SongWritter, and Worked with Everybody from... DJ Lazy K, Cory Gunz, Frenchie 1017, French Montana, Max B, Waka Flocka, Cashis, is stopping through to give us an update on his latest projects and his team!! Don't miss this one!!!

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    "Ashley Dinero" talks Wiz Khalifa, Inked Up, and More!!

    in Hip Hop Music

    Ms. Ashley King AKA "Dinero" gets an exclusive RapHead Radio interview to give listeners insight on who she is and what her Dinero Gang represents! She gives us all her reasons for getting "inked up" as well as the ups and downs of the Music Models!!

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    Filthy Fly on Hip Hop and Politics

    in Politics

    Filthy Fly talks about Hip Hop and Politics

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    Freestyle: Court (East Wheeling, WV)

    in Music

    New member Court looking to get on board with RapHead so we got him on deck with an exclusive for the Community!! Make sure you stop by his page and say "what up!". EWC!!!

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    Debate: Is Lil Wayne leading the Youth to Destruction?!?

    in Hip Hop Music

    New Money Johnson shares a healthy debate with Whispers Da Don about Hip Hop's social responsibility. The target was Lil Wayne, largely due to the fact that a Philadelphia pastor has released a new book, Deadest Rapper Alive: The Rise of Lil Wayne and the Fall of Urban Youth which criticizes Weezy's achievements. Pastor Jomo K. Johnson's book accuses him of being under demonic influence. In the book he goes on to say, "Lil' Wayne as an unbelieving man is not only under the influence of Satan but he is also involved in demonic occult practices. Those who are involved in this type of practice will fully have interaction with demonic spirits in order to receive some earthly benefits. These benefits are usually money, influence, protection, or revenge."
    Check  this one out!!

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