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    Rajen Persaud: Why Black Men Love White Women

    in Romance

    Why do so many high-profile black men date and marry the most ordinary white women?
    Why do so many other black men desire and covet the company of white women?
    And why does this subject deeply touch so many people of both races?
    Are these provocative questions matters of love, sex, revenge, power, or politics? All of the above, asserts Rajen Persaud in this illuminating, no-holds-barred book that will have you laughing with recognition while fundamentally changing the way you see just about everything -- from sex and marriage to your own gender and race in all its foibles, pretensions, and ultimate possibilities.
    Challenging every one of our preconceptions about mixed-race relationships, Rajen Persaud's commentary lights up a topic that has only deepened in intensity and relevance in the decades since Sidney Poitier asked the world "Guess who's coming to dinner?" The answers, so deeply ingrained in our fabric as a nation and even grounded in our past, force us to look at ourselves and our culture with new eyes while pondering matters of
    CELEBRITY: From Michael Jordan to Bryant Gumbel to Tiger Woods, high-profile affairs and marriages with no shortage of controversy.
    SEX: Are black men choosing white women -- or rejecting black women?
    RACE: How white male insecurity is the key to understanding racism.
    RELATIONSHIPS: Is it more than love that brings the races together?
    POLITICS: How fear is used to gain power, from sexual politics to global war.
    MEDIA: How movies and television keep black men running to white women.
    ...and much more. Get ready for Why Black Men Love White Women -- and finally understand the relationship phenomenon of our times.

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    Rajen Persaud: Why Black Men Love White Women

    in Lifestyle

    Many black girls fear that a growing number of black men who choose to date white women will leave them with fewer marital choices. Rajen Persaud shares his insight.

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    Alice we are going down "The Rabbit Hole"

    in Current Events

    Is it just a FEAR TACTIC?
    Donald Trump blames President Obama?
    Africa as a continent is a gold mine to man; is this the new way to genocide the nation?
    Is this a way to keep us out for them to get in and take over?
    Hmmmm, something to think about! Join my guest G Devi-Turtle Persaud and Renata Marillia Ottley as we take a journey down the rabbit hole on the Bridget Norvell show @12pm Est.

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    Why Black men Love White Women with author Rajen Persaud

    in Romance

    We will discuss this topic with Author Rajen Persaud.  Be sure to tune in and tell a friend.  To advertise on this or any other of The Love Zone USA Shows be sure to email sales@masterpiececorp.com 

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    3 Chicks On Lit Features Author Rajen Persaud

    in Books

    Join us as we discuss "Why Black Men Love White Women". This book has been causing quite a stir. Tune in as we put the author is our hot seat and find out if love is really color blind!

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    Christine Persaud

    in Legal

    Show your support and attend the hearing of Christine Persuad on December 16th at  9am. 271 Cadman Plaza East. Brooklyn NY 11201, Judge Elizabeth Stong, 3rd Floor. 

    Persaud needs to have her day in court. She won the appeal.  The court of appeals agrees that Persaud should have her day in court  but the trustee does not.
    The trustee fraudulently entered Liberty Home Care on November 30th 2011 and demanded the account password to see the account balance.

    Black Star News States that - Persaud points to the history of the case and contends there is no need to even place the businesses, Caring Home Care and Liberty Care under the care of a Trustee. Caring Home Care currently generates about $35 million in revenue, Persaud, who founded the business, contends.
    On February 8 this year, an intruder entered Persaud's residential building and kicked on her door in an apparent bid, she says, to harm her or intimidate her. Persaud believes the invasion, caught on the building's security camera is connected to her case and describes the person as a possible "hitman." She reported the matter to police. She has offered a $5,000 reward for information about the intruder.

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    Christine Persaud

    in Legal

    Christine Persaud is a Guyanan Immigrant who came to the United States and started a home health care agency from the ground up. Ms. Persaud would later find that her 30 million dollar corporation is stolen through forgery. Listen To the story of Christine Persaud!!
    Also, we will discuss LOCKED UP - What To Do When Your AZZ Get's Locked Up - The Poor Man's/Woman's Guide To Freedom.

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    Talking to Rajen Persaud of Why Black Men Love White Women

    in Politics Conservative

    Talking to author/comedian Rajen Persaud about his provocative book, his experience on the Wendy Williams show and of course, interracial relationships.

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    Is College a Lousy Investment?

    in Current Events

    This week's TALK topic is ripped from the headlines of Newsweek, "is College a Lousy Investment?"  We will discuss the article and debate the topic with industry experts, college faculty, hear from parents and students alike.
    This week our special guest co-host will be comedian and author of Why Black Men Love White Women, Rajen Persaud.
    If you have a child in or entering college, you'll want to tune in and chime in!
    Listen by phone: 347-989-8305
    or Listen by Internet: www.blogtalkradio.com/ttylertalks

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    October 25, 2012

    in Business

    Matthew Burr  serves as Patent Counsel with MWR Legal, practicing in intellectual property (IP) and related areas of law. Mr. Burr has been a registered Patent Attorney for more than 17 years and is experienced with all forms of intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. 
    Sidney Goldin co-founded Goldin Peiser & Peiser, LLP . As a partner, he oversees  the firm’s IRS defense practice and is responsible for representing clients in audit, collection, IRS appeals .He is skilled in numerous practice areas including: trust fund recovery penalties, offers in compromise, general penalty defense, innocent spouse representation, audit representation and collection defense.
    Dave Kaplowitz, Marriage and Family Therapist    Peter Howley is a best selling author and serial entrepreneur with unprecedented experience in successfully building high growth disruptive technology and service companies. He has an unusual reputation, even for Silicon Valley, for making good things happen fast. Under his leadership, Centex Telemanagement was recognized as one of the fastest growing, best managed, most profitable companies in America, in both good and bad economies.    Eknauth and Kafi Persaud married left and right brains as described by Dallas Morning News Columnist, Cheryl Hall.  He's a former Marine and graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute who is both a business and technology junkie. She's a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in psychology and a passion for data and translating how people think into software applications.