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    Ragged Isle - The Final Chapter

    in Entertainment

    ♥One of my favorite SciFi Web Series is coming to an end - Ragged Isle! After 1 1/2 years creator of the hit SciFi thriller Barry Dodd is finally releasing Season 3. Barry Dodd and some of the cast joins us tonight to take a look at Seasons 1 & 2, as well as give us a few hints as to how it's all going to end. 

    ♥We will also chat about psychics, mediums and the undead!



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    Return To Ragged Isle!

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    Tonight, join Soaps in Depth exeucutive editor Richard M. Simms as he chats with Barry Dodd, the man behind the spooktacular Web soap Ragged Isle. With the series now re-airing from the beginning (at http://www.entertainmentexperiment.com) — and the answer-filled, secret-revealing shocker of a final season slated to air this summer — we get inside the creator’s head in an attempt to suss out clues as to how things will rap up. Plus, find out how a soap from the past influnces events on Ragged Isle and what future projects might be percolating!

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    Ragged Isle with Barry Dodd

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    ♥Sadly the Season 2 finale of my fav Scifi web series Ragged Isle airs on 8/7 so we are going to chat w/the creator of the hit web show, Barry Dodd!  You never know who might show up with him....



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    Will and Thunder Welcomes Mercy Isle!

    in Rock Music

    Mercy Isle presents a soundscape that blends synth pop, smooth vocals, crunchy-punchy layers of melodic metal, with splashes of baroque and classical music. Mercy Isle: sanctuary for the outcasts and loners, the ones who've felt left behind and pushed aside. Here is your strength. Here is your voice. Here is your music. Welcome to Mercy Isle, Islander. Welcome home.

    We'll be chatting with vocalist Kassy and bassist Chad about their music, their interesting back story of the band's formation, their international band line-up that spans from the U.S. to The Netherlands, and play some tunes from Mercy Isle as well as past bands and musical projects. Be sure to tune in!

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    Ragged Isle & Tomorrow Waits For No One

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    ♥Marcello Lafranchi about his new web series Tomorrow Waits For No One ♥Operation Anne Sweeney Campaign ♥I'm also very excited to be talking with the creator, producer, director and writer of the Indie Soap Award for Best Drama and Best Cinemetography Ragged Isle's Barry Dodd!  This web series really reminds me alot of the XFiles and Twin Peaks.  There is a supernatural undertone, mysterious characters and people in the town have more going on than they want to let on.  This show is entirely filmed in Maine, as its' creators as well as many of the actors are native to the area.  If you haven't seen this show yet, it's a great one, so check it out on www.sfntv.com/raggedisle.  ♥

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    in Lifestyle

    The more we produce scholarship, the more we are dedicate ourselves as masons to the pursuit of ethics and priniciples the more we reach out to like minded men. Comparing us to a country club does a deservice to the country club and the Craft. They meet entirely different needs.  We have our place when a man needs it?  Intellectually, we dip into this reservoir as much as we need at a given moment. The individual determines the interval. A summons is only a call out.  Filling seats is a different task. In fairness, we have extended the season. Each season, year by year our lands became crowded. He cannot expect time to stretch and neither do we. Better to avoid any pretence of imposition and to present ourselves as indifferent to a mans life. 

    Showing him dedication is an obligation the better students offer to the new boys.  Thoughtful discussion, encouraging his questions, meeting his needs; these are aspects we at times overlook. Perhaps this accounts for those who drop out before the 3rd Degree, but not likely.  We initiate a great number in hopes of finding the worthy. It's a pretty big seive and many fall through the grid- no worries- it was meant to be that way. Perhaps he will return- best respect his decision and not chastise or chase.

    As we improve our skills, we can begin through our work to express gentle expression and emotion. Leave it to the new boys to punch too hard, too often and have hope they will eventually find just the right touch- the OMG moments- after all- it isn't called the Gentle Craft for nothing.

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    Dayplayerdish with Ragged Isle Creator Barry Dodd

    in Entertainment

    Join us as we talk with the creator of the Indie Soap Ragged Isle, Barry Dodd. Ragged Isle won 3 2012 Indie Soap Awards!!! This is a show you won't want to miss!!

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    Island Fever: Catching Up With Ragged Isle!

    in Television

    There’s something fishy going on off the coast of Maine. It seems locals are dropping dead like flies… drowned flies. The only problem? They’re not anywhere near the water. To help solve the mystery, host Richard M. Simms (executive editor of Soaps In Depth magazine) gets a guided tour of the mystery spot known as Ragged Isle from none other than one of the only people on the planet who actually know what’s going on out there, Barry Dodd. Want the scoop on season two of the show named Best Web Series (Drama) during We Love Soaps’ third annual Indie Soap Awards? Consider this your one-stop guide to the hottest mystery on the web! To catch the show from the beginning, head to http://www.raggedisle.com, and be sure to head there Tuesday morning for the latest episode!

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    The Life of a Hair Scrunchie by Mallorie Moody

    in Social Networking

    It seemed as if Madison and Abigail would never get to leave the Wal-Mart hair supply isle until one day a miracle occurred. After being purchased by the young Annabelle Dakota, Madison and Abigail experience new adventures such as attending middle school, going for a scary swim, being lost, and many more scrunches. See how the scrunchies “hold up” in a world that requires a different kind of… flexibility.  Stay tuned for this exciting interview with Author, Mallorie Moody.

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with Artist and Oklahoma Professor of Art, Chris Ramsay.

    in Art


    Our guest on Metalsmith Benchtalk on Thursday, April 30th, 2015 at 3:00 PM PST/ 5:00 PM CST is Chris Ramsay, artist and Professor of Art at Oklahoma State University, where he teaches metals and jewelry courses.  Ramsay's artwork is composed with objects that he has collected and arranged to pursue his interests in conservation, life cycles, and his relationship to nature. 

    Professor Ramsay has taught at Oklahoma State University since 1990 and served as the Head of the OSU Art Department from Fall 2008-Fall 2012. Ramsay has taught workshops in numerous locations around the world and during the summer of 2008 taught jewelry making classes for the University of Georgia, Study Abroad Program in Cortona, Italy. Ramsay has been awarded artist-in-residencies at the Oregon School of Arts and Crafts, in Portland, OR. and Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island, Maine and was awarded an Open Studio Residency at Haystack School of Crafts, Deer Isle, ME. His artwork is in several personal collections and the permanent collections of the Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK., Children’s Hospitals of Cleveland, OH., and the botanical gardens of Southern Living Magazine, in Birmingham, AL.

     “As an artist I am concerned with the subtle, yet, dramatic relationship between all components of our environment. To fulfill the requirements of this idea, my artwork utilizes a variety of media, form, and scale. I integrate collected objects into my work as a metaphor for the cycle of change that all materials and objects are affected by, including myself. ”

    Chris Ramsay:  Meditations in Stillwater will feature more than 30 works from the past two decades by artist and OSU professor Chris Ramsay.  



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    Columbia Records Count Basie, Harry James and the Happy SIX

    in Music

    “Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn

    Columbia Records Count Basie, Harry James and the Happy SIX

    Count Basie and His Orchestra ‎– I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town

    Basie Blues

    Harry James and His Orchestra ‎– I Can't Begin To Tell You

    Waitin' For the Train to Come In

    The Happy Six My Little Bimbo Down On Bamboo Isle

    Je ne Sais Pa Pa (I Do Not Know) 

    Podcast link:

    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions1 or Forgotten Music on 78 records or oscssw@juno.com

    ALL credit is due to the Artists, Companies, locations and everyone else.

    All on Shellac 10” 78 RPM

    Count Basie and His Orchestra 

    Label: Columbia ‎– 36601

    Released: 1942

    A: I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town

    Written By Rushing ("Mr. Five by Five") & Weldon

    B: Basie Blues

    Written By Jackson & Basie, Ebbins

    Harry James and His Orchestra 

    Columbia 36867 Year: 1945

    A: I Can't Begin To Tell You

    From the Dolly Sisters

    Vocals  Ruth Haag

    B: Waitin' For the Train to Come In

    By Skylar & Block vocals Kitty Kallen

    The Happy Six

    My Little Bimbo Down On Bamboo Isle
    by Walter Donaldson

    Blue Columbia A3345   79401 9-7-1920 New York, New York

    Harry Yerkes directed this group which featured New Orleans musicians Alcide "Yellow" Nuñez and Tom Brown. Also known as Yerke’s Jazarimba Orchestra http://www.redhotjazz.com/happysix.html

    Je ne Sais Pa Pa (I Do Not Know) 
    Fisher & Coleman 9-7-1920 Columbia A3304 79400