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    Radiant self-care: 3 steps to Radiant Self-Love with Lorilei

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    Inner Radiance of family life starts with one person, one parent, one family at a time.  I know all too well how the many complex layers that make up our "family life" demand our time, attention, and energy.  We want to be fully present for our kids because we love to share in those experiences. This how we create connections and memories that will live on in our hearts. Filling the well of Self-care for ourself as mom's is something we know is vital. The practice and engagment of that in our daily life actions can be completely another story.  Frankly, we put off the things we most need to fill the need of another family member. But, when do we go back and reframe that balance?

    3 steps to "push the reset button" ensuring the cleansing, maintaining, and creating our most Radiant Day. 

    Creating a simple 3 step plan to keep Radiant self-care at the center of our being, to Radiate Self-love.

    facebook: Radiant family life radio and pod cast and Inner Radiance of family life dynamic parenting community.


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    Leverage Your Network for Multiple Sources of Income

    in Jobs

    Leverage Your Network for Multiple Sources of Income

    In this episode of Own Your Career host Rod Colon will answer your career management and job search questions plus ...

    9:00 PM:      Leverage Your Network for Multiple Sources of Income:

    What do you do if you have one main client and for some reason the work from that client dries up? Perhaps the client goes out of business or goes in a different direction or just has a lull in business? Your main source of income is then gone. Which is why it's crucial as the CEO of Me, Inc. to have multiple streams of income. That's easier said than done. Tonight Rod will discuss several options for the CEO of Me, Inc.

    9:25 PM:       Author’s Corner with Kathleen Brady on Get a JOB!

    9:45 PM:       Live Coaching … taking your questions and comments 347-857-3320

    See you on the radio …

    Own Your Career and Keep Networking alive ...

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    WorldBeyondBelief 132 Medicine, Externalization of the Hierarchy,News Sources

    in Energy

    Pod Cast 132

    Title: Medicine, the Externalization of the Hierarchy and Credible News Sources

    We begin with a look at the allopathic medical system, its techniques results and overall purpose. This is a system that is above reproach because it is a killing field and will do much of the heavy lifting for the depopulation agenda. The pharmaceutical industry drives this killing machine using unethical practices (to say the least) to push drugs down your collective throats. Then the topic shifts to what the Satanists call “the Externalization of the Hierarchy” in which all of the components of the control mechanism are scheduled to be exposed so that the public can get used to the new type of control. We end with a list of some news sources that we use to keep us informed. 

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    Dynamic Self-care through Akashic and Health-Aura Readings

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    inner radiance of family life radio: a vibrant person, a vibrant parent, a vibrant family life .... one radiant choice at a time. Stay tuned....

    facebook: Inner Radiance of Family life and Radiant Family Life Radio and podcast

    Ever heard an Akashic Reading? This is completely amazing and ancient information.  It's not new but it is some what of a challenge to find, well once you are ready to receive a ready then the readings and reader find you. Sit back, take notes if you like, most of all be prepared to be enthralled.

    Today I offer you a sample from my readings regarding the creation of thought, changing your patterns from childhood, and moving beyond the roles we accept from our parents, friends, family, community, country, and world or societey on many layers.  Receive encouragement on how to align with your purpose and how to be aware when you are not. Are you tired? It might be an indication that you are not in your heart center, that you have chosen a course taking you too far away from the energy of your passion, purpose, and mission.

    Self care through Dynamic Akashic readings have been a part of my journey for 25 yrs, these entries represent 16 yrs of the most recent time, prior to my marriage and children. I chose entries that speak to many portals of energy influencing all of us, especially being a female, being a mom, and setting out to live daily our spiritual energies. namaste.


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    Creating a lifestyle: resolution through aligning actions

    in Self Help

    Radiant Family Life Radio ... it's beyond goal setting ..... ancient traditions intune with nature and therefore the creation cycle.... lessons in aligning with the qualities and opportunities we align with in our life... lifestyle through alignment ..... it's rewarding, there's natural balancing included so we don't have the big highs and lows.....explore today with Lorilei

    an intuitive reading has highlighted my own unique way of "discipline" not the forceful, calculated way I learned ..... there was encouragement to me, in the reading, asking me to realize what I am developing for the kids and myself through practice is what is useful and effective in our current state and trending for evolution....

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    Radiant Survivor

    in Self Help

    How to Shine and Thrive through Recovery from Stroke, Cancer, Abuse, Addiction and

    Other LIfe-Alterting Experiences.

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    In Touch Interviews with Rennae Hardy from Radiant Beings

    in Spirituality

    In Touch Interviews 1-2 p.m. Welcomes guest Rennae Hardy from Radiant Beings, discussing her work as an intuitive consultant, her business store front, reiki, classes, expos, workshops, reflexology, massage and more! Call in to listen and get to know her and what she has to offer to the holistic/metaphysical community! Visit our website www.bodymindspiritradio.com for more information. 

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    7 Sources of Free Money To Stop The Stupid Stuff You're Doing

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ tells us about 7 sources of FREE money to stop the stupid stuff you're doing.

    Watch: http://youtu.be/vKlz3BzW05s

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    Waiting for the world to change? One Radiating Global Vision

    in Self Help

    Stop ... waiting for the world to change... Your invited to connect with changemakers (yes, that's you) from around the world. Unite through a practice of visioning and affirming and connecting with how we want our world to be for all people, all over the world. Connecting changes the world for us and every other person. Join in and feel the transformation one day at a time.

    find us on facebook: inner radiance of family life or Radiant Family Radio and podcast

    send questions through email to a private message to me and I will respond on the show or directly to you.

    Do as one, be as one, we are one. And, for that I am deeply grateful, Lorilei

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    Delivering a Dynamic Day: 3 ways to dive in

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    Radiant Family Life Radio Host: Lorilei

    facebook: Radiant Family Life Radio and podcat, or Inner Radiance of Family Life

    What makes a day Dynamic or dreary, even drudgery? How about invigorating? let's explore and entertain 3 ways to create a Dynamic and Invigorating Day.

    We will visualize with our daily walk-thru.  We will visit our Gratitude logs. And Reconnect with our hearts desire for our life.  We are in the right place, at the right time, for all good things. (unless we think we are not)

    see you then,

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    7 ways to create tranquility in your home and life with Cary Weldy

    in Self Help

    Radiant Family Life radio show

    Host: Lorilei

    Show: Your family is your sacred space, your well Spring, and creative lab.  Your opportunity to create Radiance in your family life.

    This episode our dynamic guest is a shining example of all Creating, Maintaining, and

     transforming one life, one space, and one family at a time. 

    I am grateful and over joyed to have of course, Cary Weldy here with us today,

     to share with us his wildly successful visionary and inventor.  But, wait there’s more …..