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    Quilt of Souls with Phyllistene Lawson

    in History

    Join my special guest Phyllistene Lawson for a discussion of her book Quilt of Souls. Quilt of Souls is a memoir that represents the author's childhood, her loving grandmother, and an old, tattered quilt that tells the untold stories that have long since been hushed. A quilt sewn with the used clothing of her grandmother's loved ones. Each piece of fabric woven into the quilt tells stories of how that person lived and died. Tragic stories of pain and suffering threaded back together with each healing stitch of perseverance and courage.  Grandma Lula Horn (1883-1986) was like many other grandmothers of her era, a pioneer, and a symbol of hope who found alternative ways to soften the horrors of racism and bigotry. 

    Ms. Lawson completed her military career in 2013.  Prior to her completing 20 years of military service, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  Ms. Lawson is married with two sons and five Granddaughter’s and currently reside in Florida.

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    Challenging Patterns of Behaviour - Relationships, Friendships, Parenting

    in Spirituality

    Do you find yourself in relationships with the same or very similar challenges as your previous ones? 

    Why are you parenting your children the way your parents did despite having pledged that you'd "never be like him/her".

    Is it within your control to change these things or is this "just how you are"? 

    Would you change this a little or a lot if you thought you could?

    Dr. Chan and Seah invites you to join them in discussion and share your insights, questions, experiences on Challenging Patterns of Behaviour in Relationships, Friendships & Parenting in November's episode of Growing Consciousness

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    Poetic Patterns ~ releasing stagnant patterns

    in Spirituality

    High mind meets inner babe on the dance floor. 

    This week a clarion call to awaken and join the dance of life, celebrating the magnificence of our journey with Almine. We will be playing 16 minutes of Almine drumming, which concluded the final hour of the earthchants ceremony in 2012. 

    This is copied from the instructions given with the ceremony:

    'Allow the final hour of drums to break up all stagnant
    patterns in your body. Movement is encouraged,
    alternating with passive periods, in which you just allow
    the drums to remove the stuck patterns within the body
    and its fields'.

  • Spiritual Awakening-Aging is Optional& Breaking Old Patterns&FREE PSYCHIC READ

    in Spirituality

    2 HOUR SHOW!!!  Spiritual Awakening has many aspects to it and I will cover the details of acceptance of aging in detail.

    Yes, our chronological years tell us our age, however, aging is optional.  I do not understand what it means when someone says to act your age.  Seriously, is there a certain norm that we must follow as we chronologically get older. Does that mean that we have to stop laughing and joking around?  There's a difference between immaturity.  One can be immature in their 20's with humour that is not funny. As you spiritually awaken you will find the inner child within. You will see things for the first time perhaps just like a child.

    Do we have to dress a certain way?  I am into style and I think body image is important for us individually. It's feeling good about yourself.  If you hate looking in the mirror there is some body dysmorphic dysfunctioning occurring and this can happen at any age. I noticed many women who are middle aged resent young women.  I will explain why this occurs and if you are one of these women how to deal with it. This is a major issue for many middle aged women as they feel they have lost their youth.  Youth is within.  So, this will lead me into breaking old patterns. These patterns may need to be broken for any age group regarding love relationships and simply bad habits and negative thinking.

    Life is simple. However, people make it much harder than it really is and that's because of fear and negative thinking. Let's break these patterns. Shall we?

    FREE PSYCHIC READINGS!!! Contact me for a prive and detailed email or phone reading at mia0899cs@gmail.com or http://www.kasamba.com/MIA-ExpertPsychic

    Love and Light,







    in Lifestyle

    Tantalizing though it is to have secrets,  those of a freemason are as evident as the colour of his eyes or the measure of his gait.  Patterns of behaviour hidden in view tell the careful watcher much more about the man than what is said.

    What drives men to exclude women from this organization?  Perhaps it would be anti-climatic to tell you it is by design  not to exclude but to categorize. It is oak beside maple.  Why is one different?  How much does it matter?  They are trees with a beauty and character we ascribe. So be kind when you think of freemasonry. It is not perfect and neither are the men who join. Today  practitioners of the Masonic Arts & Sciences struggle to understand their obscure provenance and wonder if aspiring to the principles are as altruistic as claimed.

    Tune in as we talk about how the discovery of Utopia is a moment in time, a harsh mistress who extracts at toll for favours. 


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    Patterns can show up Visually

    in Lifestyle

    Anthony Lawlor , a former Oprah guest talks to us about the patterns in and around our individual lives

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    Changing Negative Thought Patterns!

    in Spirituality

    On tonight's show Rosie is going to discuss steps to take to change your negative thought patterns.  Learning to stop getting stuck in negative thoughts is a vital skill for a happy and fulfilling life. Doing this is toxic, especially if we're already feeling down. It's a serious block to our happiness, both now and in future. But the good news is that research shows it's a habit we can break.

    At the bottom of the first hour Rosie will be joined by Leslie Hale for the weekly "Astro-Talk" segment.  You can view Leslie's blog at www.lesliehale-astrology.com

    Rosie will be accepting calls the last hour of the show.  Call in early for the queue fills quickly.

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

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    Patterns of Victory

    in Religion

    Joshua (31 cities-states fortified w/ it’s own Kings .He was 110 years old when he died.
    Lead the people for 28 years  it took 7 years to conquer 7 years to settle and divide the land.
    Joshua is one of the great leaders of Jewish history. The Talmud says: “The face of Moses was like the face of the Sun, while the face of Joshua was like the face of the moon.” 1 This is understood to mean that the greatness of Joshua was reflection of his teacher, Moses, which is a tremendous compliment. But it also tells us that just as the sun is much greater than the moon, which only reflects sunlight, so too, had Moses lived to enter the Land, all of Jewish history and all of human history would have been different.
    Thinking Errors:
    1.      Justifying- In avoiding responsibility for their behavior a person finds a reason for what they have done. (ie. He yelled at me so I had to hit him).
    2.      Blaming: In order to avoid accepting one’s own faults, a person will find fault in another person and attempt to put responsibility for their own behavior on others. They find someone else or something else or be responsible. They blame others for what has happen to them. (Ie. Everybody else is serving and worshipping other gods.)
    3.      Excuse Making – A person will avoid being accountable for one’s actions by blaming situations or things for their own behavior. (ie. I couldn’t serve God because there were too many hypocrites.)
    4.      Hop-overs- In order to avoid taking responsibility a person will avoid the issue. They will shift the focus from oneself to someone or changing the topic of conversation to something else.

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    Part 1: Health and Wellbeing, Cancer and Colonization, the patterns of illness.

    in Spirituality

    Krow Fischer, Tranc Channel with Red, from The Council of Elders and Diana Davies. From Red... I suppose you could say I am representing a whole parcel of folks here. We come at the request of those of you who are interested in our opinions.When you request advice or information from us it’s our job to try to match your request to the information that is infinitely available to all of you anyways,isn’t it so?
    Through your imagination, through your contemplation, through those times when you are allowing yourself to recognize that you are part of all things, you are able to allow that creative process that brings through information. Many of you believe that you must fight this creative process with the logical part of the mind and you use the logical part of the mind as if it is a gate. We invite you to use the logical part of your mind as the host, the one who opens the door & invites the guest in, asks the questions & utilizes that creative time, rather than the logical part been seen as a block. You invite your creative process, then you take from that creative process what seems beneficial to you at this point in your life, because really, what's the point of bringing through knowledge if there is no application for it?

    So began a discussion on our health crisis with the huge rise in cancer & all the nervous system & autoimmune diseases sweeping through places in the world, while war, fear, misery, displacement & hopelessness are also sweeping through. How have we as humanity co-created this micro & macro crisis, how are we reacting to these crisis & how can we change this trajectory we have found ourselves racing along. A beautiful weave of hope & honesty, of love & ‘how it is’, practical 'how to' & emotional deepening, this was a very moving teaching session brought through at the request of the King City Spiritual Cinema Group.

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    Clearing Patterns of Disfunction Within the Family Dynamics with Raquel Spencer

    in Spirituality

    Join Marilyn, Joeaux and Raquel Spencer as they explore the family dynamics and how to clear the disfunction with gratitude for your family members

    About Raquel Spencer. Raquel Spencer is an internationally acclaimed Multi-Dimensional Energy and Cellular Light Specialist, Facilitator and Intuitive. Raquel has been described as a Multi-Dimensional Computer, Energetic Electrician and Master Healer of Cellular Light. Working within the Quantum Fields and Pure Potential of Light and Sound, she specializes in activating the dormant mind/body Light pathways and multi-dimensional cellular codes of Light that assist with remembering your Divine Essence.   

    Considered one of the “Next Generation’s Transformational Visionaries and Leaders’, Raquel’s mission is to assist humanity to expand our perceptions, embody our own unique soul essence and awaken to the truth that we are ALL Multi-Dimensional Masters of Light.

     Learn more about Marilyn and Adironnda, and Joeaux at Adironnda.com and their annual Visionaries in Light Convergence, next year in Denver, Colorado.

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    Code Connection - NLP and Patterns With Leslie Nipps

    in Spirituality

    Jesse interviews The Rev. Leslie Nipps - Episcopal priest, NLP and Family Constellations Practitioner.  She brings passion to her work: curiosity, delighted amazement at the human and cosmic condition, and faith in the trustworthiness of our lives. NLP and Family Constellations help us understand the patterns that often create havoc and bring pain to our lives. Ultimately, they are expressions of our need for safety and belonging. NLP and Family Constellations work help us revise these patterns so that we can live a richer, more choiceful life. Leslie has a rich combination of experience and engagement to bring to your practical dilemmas. She focuses on helping you to discover a new way with your problems that brings hope and gratitude for the remarkable honor of being human.  We will be looking at her work with NLP and the patterns in our lives.  You can learn more about her work at:  www.leslienipps.com


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