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    Poetic Patterns ~ rhythmic expressions

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we play with fragrance, poetry, rhythm, and song inspired by Almine, The Seer of Seers, and our light family.

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    Poetic Patterns ~ Tonal Expressions

    in Spirituality

    Avril and Jane play and explore spontaneous expressions inspired by the teachings and music of the Seer Almine.

    In the show today we are delighted to play an exclusive audio by Marc and Noor, the hosts of the radio show Beyond the Cutting Edge. 

    Our theme this week is water.....


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    Poetic Patterns ~ Fragrant Expressions

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to another poetic interlude with Avril and Jane. Do tune in. Come as you are, in your cozy slippers, wellies or dancing shoes. Express your unique note to enhance our fluid composition....

    This week we get inspired by the fragrances used with the 8 extraordinary meridians from Almine. Lily; Luxor; Blue Lagoon; Arabian Nights; Magnolia, Papyrus; Secret of Nefertiti, and Hathor. Diving into the alchemical songs the oils bring to experience and share tones of expression that colour our moments.

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    Poetic Patterns...surrender and trust to the potential

    in Spirituality

    Jeanne Temple is our guest today...Hurrah!

    We dive into some alchemical fragrances and how they can be expressed live on the show. 

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    Family Communication Patterns

    in Family

    A group of CSUN students that are getting together to discuss our research and finidings about the communication patterns of your typical everyday families. Please join us for a spirited discussion about a very interesting and important topic that we used in our everyday life.

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    Poetic Patterns...Celebrating the 20 goddess archetypes

    in Spirituality

    This episode we call the 20 goddess archetypes and celebrate the qualities they bring as brought forth by Almine from the Toltec teachings. There is poetry, impromptu music, spontaneous ancient language, laughter and a surprise guest. You can learn about the qualities of the goddess archetypes, see their sigils and wheels on Almine Diary. Link to the first one here..


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    How Patterns influence our lves

    in Lifestyle

    Author Anthony Lawlor takes us on a fascinating discovery of ourselves through patterns, shapes ,and design.

    Here we view through the intricate analytical eye as well as read through the intuitive brain how the patterns throughout our lives influence how we evlove, interact, feel or even process our lives~ fascinating insight.

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    Canadian Quilt Talk Promo

    in Hobbies

    A quick promo on what to expect from Canadian Quilt Talk - Canada's number one quilting and fibre art podcast. 

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    Ask God How to Release Resistance Patterns

    in Spirituality

    Ask God How to Release Resistance Patterns

    Karen Cressman, a Spiritual Interpreter & Self Empowerment Coach, who brings forth wisdom from other realms, will have a conversation with God to discuss the negative feelings and resistance patterns we have for our goverments and the unsustainable corporate structures that exist in our world. To open our energy fields and receive our manifestation requests, we must learn how to fully accept the world around us for our desires to be created. What are you not trusting? Call, or join us in the chat room to ask God for how to release those patterns for yourself and all of humanity.

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    in Self Help

    Join Scott as we discuss breaking healthy relationship cycles.  One of the most important things that a person can do is understand their own value.  Being in an abusive relationship can cause you to feel as though you do not understand yourself any longer.  Addressing patterns which cause you to feel out of control is one of the first things that you can do in order to regain the proper perspective of your own life.  For more information on becoming a guest on this program or four show sponsorship information as well as to follow updates related to future shows follow on Twitter @poperception or e-mail to set off a private consultation with Scott at Poperception@aol.com

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    Angel Healing for Addictions & Destructive Patterns

    in Spirituality

    This episode will discuss the many addictions that plague us on our spiritual journey and in life. We'll be focussed on healing those patterns that get in the way of our spiritual progression, and, in doing so, will remove obstacles to the miracles that await us. For the last several months, I've been conducting online classes for an energy healing method I call "Angels' Touch Therapy". These kind, loving "earth angels" will be joining me in sending angelic healing energy to all who seek it in this broadcast. During the class, we've seen so many healing miracles occur when this energy is evoked and used by those practiced and trained in it. 

    Addictions can take on many forms. The more obvious ones are excessive drinking, illegal drug use, gambling, smoking, but there are many more subtle things that get in our way, often in even more lasting ways. These can be overeating, overuse of pharmaceuticals, obsessive shopping. On a deeper level, an addiction to fear/negativity...to anger or finding something to be offended by...to poltiical argument and taking sides...to being "right" and not listening to any other views...to rigid religious views. 

    As we come to the holiday season, we can take a definitive steps to ask for these burdens to be lifted, then enter a new year with more hope and promise. Think about your patterns - whether you have regular joy, or what obstacles seem to repeatedly get in the way. 

    Lines will be open for on-air intuitive guidance from angels and spirit. Show duration will be up to 120 minutes. 



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