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    Exit Babylon: "The Great Deception" is Upon us now

    in Religion

    Yes thats right all the great deception is upon this nation and the world. It happened slowly over a period of Centuries,  decades, and years. now it is nearing its final stage, all the pieces are in place. the rulers of this dark world  are rejoycing at there acomplishements. Finally a one world System in on the horizon they can see it. They have hopes for this for so long.   No more  wars no more bountries, no more ( darkness) for they think that the ight that they are inviting to overtake the world is the true light.  Yet they themselve are deceived and have received a false light   yes they have brought upon us all the light that is darkness.

    But for the true beleiver this is a time of deliverence and true Salvation. for when the darkness aries the true light arises in the hearts of the Fatihfull, with their faithfull and true whitness JESUS messiah leading them into his true Kingdom


     What side will you be found on when the Day of the LORD begins and his wrath in kindles but a little bit?

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    Mystery Babylon

    in The Bible

    What is mystery Babylon?

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    Mystery Babylon

    in The Bible

    Is America mystery Babylon? We will look at the teachings tonight. Russia being bailed out by China, signing a deal with Turkey, and America agreeing to the U.N.'s treaty now to divide Israel it seems that the hits just keep on coming. Join us tonight at 8pm central to find out more.

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    Chant Down Babylon~ A Roundtable Talk with Bryson, McCaig, Thompson and Morales

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    Join us for a 2-hr Jam Session on the UCC (United Commercial Code) with the hosts of Evolve Quest Radio, Jack McCaig and David Bryson along with our guest co-host tonite, Lucas Morales and former guest on the show, David Thompson.

    Tonite we discuss the thrall of enchantment that holds this entire world in a Matrix Prison of Commercial Law and Corporate Enterprise, otherwise know as "Legalandia", and how to break the spell and lift the curse of Merchant Law that would turn every living man or woman into a tradable commodity, a profit-generating instrument, a corporate fiction and a soul-less commercial entity.

    Mother Earth is NOT pleased with this arrangement and we have Her help and ever-present assistance because of our organic connection to the planetary mind, the Gaian Matrix that is all of splendorous Nature, a brilliant networked system of pristine Natural Law untouched by the withering hand of Commercial and Corporate Law.

    The Earth is crying for deliverance and the Lions of Truth are beginning to ROAR~! Many are joining in helping to expose the Legal Fraud and we are approching critical mass, can't you feel it? How can we tune into our deepest intuition to feel and know the pull of truth, guiding our every step? How can we protect ourselves from the Agent Smith/Matrix Drones pervadingthe legal system? How can we engage shamanically to strike at the heart of darkness, to slay the Dragon of Admiralty/Mercantile Law that besets the Earth Mother, holding her children captive?


    This is the answer we will be seeking tonite~!

    Call in and join us for an enlighteneing and refreshing educational experience for your mind and spirit~!

    Please Share the link:

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    A Different Kind Of Love: All Hail The Queen

    in Entertainment

    Writing has been Michelle Cuttino’s passion since grade school, and she is also an avid reader. Cuttino grew tired of books centered on handsome, chiseled men, and long-haired, fair-skinned women who were thin, but very shapely. That wasn't her reality. Since she couldn’t find novels with characters who mirrored those in her daily surroundings, she decided to create them herself. Her mission is to publish content written by and geared towards the plus-size population. Join me in welcoming the self-proclaimed "Queen of Plus-Size Fiction," Michelle Cuttino, who will give us the skinny on the representation of plus-size women in fiction.  

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    Cowgirl Devotions

    in Women


    Rodeo Queen University

    1301 S Hamilton Road

    Moses Lake, WA 98837

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    5 Ways to Transition from Being a Local Beauty Queen to a Celebrity

    in Entertainment

    In today's segment Queen Chioma will share how you can go uplevel from a Beauty Queen to Celebrity Status.
    I will look at case studies and examine the lives of beauty queens that have moved to celebrity status from Halle Berry to Oprah Winfrey. If you are serious to become a celebrity and use your current title and crown to make a big difference in the world then this teaching is for you! :-)

    I will share 5 ways that you can make this transition and I will also share my story of how I turned my pageant career into a high profile career in the media industry, along with being a Beauty Pageant Director, I also work as a TV Presenter with over 5 years of experience in television, I will also share how I became an International Motivational Speaker and a professional Singer that has spoken and performed in over 4 countries which include Nigeria, the UK, Bulgaria and Turkey.

    Find out more about Queen Chioma here:

    Apply for England's Dazzling Beauty today 2014/15  today
    or apply for UK's Dazzling Beauty 2015: http://www.uksdazzlingbeauty.com

    Request an information pack and an application form:



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    The Fall Of Mystery Babylon w/LaRon Campbell

    in Spirituality

    LaRon G. Konsciousness Campbell




    Check out Vera from youtube new book.  Click the link below to check it out.  

    "The Age Of I Know: Unmasking The Magicians . . . . . The Bible Exposed


    Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/vera747/videos

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    Friday Night Sabbath - Coming Out of Babylon

    in Spirituality

    Live at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central, 2pm Pacific...Friday Night Sabbath - Coming out of Babylon

    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gocchurch/2014/10/24/friday-night-sabbath--coming-out-of-babylon-1 or 646-200-4309 if you would like to speak to the host, have a comment, or questions.

    TEXAS & SURROUNDING STATES CONTACT US: GOCCTexas@ymail.com or 972-793-7068

    Matthew 24:20 But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the Sabbath day:


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    Monday Madness with your host Queen Mzchoclit

    in Radio

    ITS MONDAY MADNESS with your host Queen Mzchoclit. Tonight will be a interesting show. We will have our Topic "Seatbelt, Texting, & Driving the 1st hour then the last hour will be the Contest "Slurper Sound". How many of us wear our sealtbelts all the time? Is the law being fair wen they give you a ticket or arrest you if you are caught texting or not having your seatbelt on? LET'S GET SERIOUS FOR A MOMENT. Now the contest is for the Ladies there will be 3 male judges. The ladies will need to come with their A game with making them slurping sounds. If you can make a man get hard without even touching him you should call in as aparticipant and show off your talent. LOL. DONT BE SCARED ITS ALL IN FUN! SEE U THERE

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