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    Research Methods in Criminal Justice – Quantitative and Qualitative Design

    in Training

    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2 hour session will review the work of Dr. Peter Kraska and Dr. W. Lawrence Neuman and their excellent textbook entitled “Criminal Justice and Criminology Research Methods” (2012, 2nd ed.).  This seminar introduces the listener to a very deep discussion about sampling. Sampling variables discussed include: Probability Sampling, Random Sampling, Systematic Sampling, Stratified Sampling, Cluster Sampling, Sampling Size, Nonprobability Sampling, Haphazard Sampling, Purposive Sampling, Snowball Sampling, Sequential Sampling, and Theoretical Sampling. Also discussed are hidden populations and mixed sampling approaches. Then we head into Qualitative and Quantitative research and the differences between hard and soft data. Reliability, validity, bricolage, interpretation (first, second, and third-order), and document analysis follow. Other topics will be discussed as time allows.


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    Rhondonite and healing properties & 1 card tarot readings to help guide you...

    in Spirituality

    I'm Del- owner and creator of youhavethepowerwithin, and Intuitive-Medium, Reiki Master, Life Coach and Spiritual teacher. I work with people who are stuck, confused and worry about what their next step in life is. I use all my Intuitive-Medium & Reiki Master abilities in specific ways to help them have more freedom, clarity and confidence to know what the next step is for them.  The mini readings are just that meaning that only a small part of what's actually there, for a more in depth reading go to www.youhavethepowerwithin.com/intuitivereadings.  


    Rhondonite crystal - is a brownish or rose pink, It aids the Root and Heart Chakra- helps with Love, Healing and Power.

    Rhondonite comes from? this powerful stone is found on Vancouver island- in Canada, Ural mountains-formally Russia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, So. Africa, Madagascar and Sweden and the United States.

    Rhondonite is consider to be the stone of Grace and elegance. Decreases anxiety, and increases attention to details. benefits the heart chakra. Rhondonite is a calming stone with energies used for easing anxiety and calms stress. It brings emotional balance and confidence.

    Remainder of the show - I will do 1 Tarot or Angel Card for callers- I will let spirit guide me on which to use for the callers.



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    Get LIVE! Online Date Scams - &."Is Romance Dead" I Need A Man With A Slow Hand!

    in Romance

    Let's Get LIVE!

    Hello! Good Friday night to you! Hope you are easing into a sexy eve! It is FEBRUARY!!! Lovers Month! And we are going to cover it all this month. Tonight we start with our first half of the show.. "Online Dating Scams!!"

    What to look out for...

    What are the RED FLAGS, AND... the sly lines!!! "Women" Listen up! Too many ladies out there jumping the gun with blinders on!!! All that glitters... (well, let's just say...) It could turn your hand green!! Shelling out those dollars!!!

    And, on the second half of the show...

    What DO Women Want?!!

    We have said it before... We will say it again! No "Wham Bam Thank You Mam!" NO!!!! Love making is like a fine dining experience. You must take your time to release all the seasonings...and flavor! 

    Now, we MATURE women can get as busy as the younger ones... go strong and just as fast! Even... put a little spin on it!

    But, sometimes ....you have just got to take your time.. to savor that flavor!

    Our theme on this one is...

    " I Need A Man With A Slow Hand!" ...

    Let's talk about honeys!!! 

    You've got Diamond in the house, warmiing up this mic!!! And the lovely ONYX! From Conversations..with Onyx!

    Join us!!

    As We Get LIVE!!! After Dark!!!

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    Fantasy Alarm Podcast: Super Bowl 50 Preview/2016 MLB Catchers

    in Sports

    The Fantasy Alarm Podcast returns with Howard Bender and Michael A. Stein previewing Super Bowl 50 and then easing into the 2016 MLB fantasy season.

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    Right At The Front Door…The Economic Collapse Of The Western World

    in Current Events

    This show will be a show about the deep inner workings of the complete collapse and decline of the Western world, especially and specifically America & Europe. We will be discussing the ongoing debt crisis that has engulfed the Western world and is now spreading at breakneck speed ,which is bringing the world as we have known it, to it's knees and eventual demise. This is the fulfillment of the prophecy the change of worlds in this great clash of civilizations.

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    Climbing The Cheating Staircase

    in Relationships

    Welcome welcome welcome everyone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show...where this chick'll Surely Have You Talkin...

    Last week, we ATTEMPTED to construct The Cheating Staircase...we didn't quite get there. Lol

    So THIS WEEK, The Diva has done is for you and we're gonna climb that staircase TOGETHER and hopefully, The Diva and her Dudes can help you break the fall when you stumble. We'll also be continuing with R. Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" series and we're kickin the show off with Part 5!

    You don't wanna miss Auntie Annabelle and Chocolate Syrup pay homage to the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Has Dr. King's dream been realized? We'll honor him by playing his famous last speech, "I Have A Dream"

    Remember...Cheating may indeed be cheating...but just like a staircase is a staircase, which STEP you stumble from will determine the level of pain and devastation to your ego as well as the length of time it'll take to recover from the fall!

    Make sure to join us THIS WEDNESDAY because I've got a feeling that this shyt could get heated! You NEVER know what you'll hear from Sj, Dj OR Reality when the topic is THIS JUICY. Call in, join us...LIVE

    (347) 857-4326 and press 1 to speak ON AIR with The Diva and her Dudes...

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    Hot Tubs, Saunas For Sale Minneapolis , Swim Spas MN

    in Lifestyle

    Hot Tubs, Saunas For Sale Minneapolis 763-450-5310 Check Our Huge Sale on Hot Tubs and Saunas in Minneapolis We Sell, Service Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Saunas

    Hot Tub Therapy For Back Pain 
    Whether discomfort is due to a chronic condition or is only temporary, easing pain is priority one. Here’s some information about hot tub therapy and how a quick dip may be the solution. 

    Hydrotherapy is Unique 
    Heat, massage and buoyancy, also called hydrotherapy, work together to relax sore, overworked muscles and joints. It’s the perfect combination for relieving back pain in a safe, comfortable and convenient way. 

    Eliminate Tension in the Back 
    Reducing excess stress and tension in the back is one of the fastest ways to eliminate pain. With targeted jets designed to hit a variety of areas on the body at once, a soothing soak in the hot tub eliminates tension, kneading away deep knots.

    Stretch, Soothe and Relax 
    Using a hot tub to stretch and lengthen muscles in the back is easy and convenient. Heat loosens tight muscles, increasing flexibility and range of motion while massage relieves stiffness, making movement freer.
    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of our free hot tub buyer’s guide, “7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub.” Just give us a call at 515-270-8702 or visit our website at http://hotspringgreen.com.

    Hot Spring Spas of Plymouth
    14100 21st Ave N, Suite B
    Plymouth, MN 55447

    Hot Spring Spas of Woodbury 
    650 Commerce Dr Suite 150 
    Woodbury, MN 55125 

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    Hot Tub Reviews Gilmer, Lindale | Swim Spa Sale

    in Lifestyle

    Hot Tub Reviews Lindale, Gilmer, TX Visit http://www.ILoveMySpa.com 903-561-7565 Gilmer and Lindale TX #1 Hot Tub Dealer Best Prices on New and Used Hot Tubs

    Healthy Living And Diabetes: The Benefits Of Regular Hot Tub Use 
    Regular hot tub use may offer some help by boosting weight loss efforts, improving sleep and reducing stress. Here’s what you should know about diabetes and the hot tub. 

    Weight Control 
    Studies confirm that submerging the body in the heated, massaging water of a hot tub can help reduce overall weight. It works because the elevated temperature dilates blood vessels, helping circulation - similar to light cardiovascular exercise.

    More Restful Sleep 
    Using a hot tub before bed increases body temperature, which decreases sharply when getting out of the water. This decrease signals the brain that it’s time to sleep, fostering an easy, peaceful transition from awake to sleep. 

    Promoting a Stress-Free Lifestyle 
    A hot tub is a proven way to relieve everyday stress that can lead to elevated blood sugar, sleeplessness, fatigue, even depression. Targeted massage hits tension points with pinpoint accuracy, loosening stiff muscles and easing stress related pain.

    To learn more about the benefits of owning a hot tub, pick up a copy of this free buyer’s guide “5 Hot Tub Buying Myths Revealed.” Just visit the company website at http://www.ILoveMySpa.com.

    Hot Tub Reviews Gilmer 
    Hot Tub Reviews Lindale

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    Time and the 3 Realms of Reality

    in Christianity

    The Natural Realm

    Time was created as part of the natural realm at creation. Time is earthbound, though there may well be other forms of what we call time in other aspects of the natural realm. Time only affects our natural aspect, or body. God has given us exactly the right amount of time, and everything that happens is under His control.

    The Supernatural Realm

    Time does not influence the supernatural realm. When we feel controlled by time in our mind, will or emotions (our soul), we are believing lies. When we feel guilty or wounded by something that happened in the past, we are letting time control our soul. Or if we are feeling anxious about something that is going to happen in the future, such as expecting God’s judgment or speaking in public, again we are letting time control our soul.

    The Spiritual Realm

    The relative quality we refer to in the spiritual realm is “eternity” or “eternal.” But this is neither a qualitative (better time) nor a quantitative (more time) term. Eternity has no beginning nor end, just as God has neither. Eternity didn’t start, and it will not change into something else, or end. It can only be entered. When we received salvation, we entered into eternal life. He didn’t just put His life into us, but He put us into His life — a different kind of existence all together. So in our spirit beings, there is no aging, maturing, or growing up into. As God describes Himself, so do we: I Am…I Exist.

    Timely News: The Old Covenant and the New Testament

    Through the Crucifixion, Jesus paid the debt once and for all. At the Resurrection He became the Way to the Father, fulfilling His purpose on the earth and establishing a new covenant. VICTORY OVER SIN came at the Crucifixion, but it wasn’t until the Resurrection that we gained VICTORY OVER SELF!

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    Romantic Truth Radio

    in Relationships

    Romantic Truth is a forum where sophisticated adults can actually learn about their relationships and singles can gain experience to handle what is going on in the dating worlfd.  Topics that are addressed are broad and contain many different turns and aspects so that listeners and viewers alike may learn something new or look at things from a different perspective.  Also, we look at quantitative and qualitative data to understand some of the behaviors that we have and why they are a part of us.  Even though there are some controversial topics, addressing them is part of the experience.  The goal is to enlighten and not to confront. Our topics will range broadly and there is absolutely no script.

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    Part 2- Judson Witham -Judicial - Political FRAUD Exposed!

    in Higher Education

    12/26 Join Carol and Judson Witham as Judson explains the facts about Hillary Clintons days at the Rose Law Firm and as shares his experience,expertise, and vast Knowledge on what is has been and is occurring. Land Grabs and Mortgage Fraud are just a few of the subjects Judson requested from FDIC the ASSETS retained by the Principles of Western Bank during the Financing and Folding of Western Bank into the Bank/ Banks and Insurance Companies that TOOK OVER Western National Bank after the FAKED INSOLVENCY. Short version is Western National Banks PRINCIPLES retained MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Real Estate, Buildings, Improvements, Fixtures and Bonds and Insurance associated with Their Operations in Houston etc. since 1957.






    Inside Job



    Critical Post Chicago