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    Quality of Life Radio Expo-Day 1

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    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith – publishers of Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine, for Day 1 of Big Blend Radio’s special Quality of Life Radio Expo, airing live from the historic Coronado Motor Hotel in Yuma, Arizona.
    Featured Guests:
    - Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD – Author ‘THE CHILDREN OF NOW...EVOLUTION: How We Can Support the Fast-Forward Evolution of Our Children and All of Humanity’
    - Mae Edwards – Singer-songwriter, violinist, recording artist, author 'Starlette & Saint: A Memoir On Dualism’
    - Asher Fox, C.Ht,.Sc.B. – Author ‘Fat to Fearless: Enjoy Permanent Weight Loss and End Emotional Eating...For Good!’
    - Aggie Garcia – Fashion designer and owner of Illusions by Aggie discusses Sewing History.
    - Glynn Burrows - Norfolk Tours in England explains ‘Why Buy Local?’

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     Our guests are  Nancy Barile, a National Board Certified Teacher of English Language Arts at Revere High School in Massachusetts and a blogger with the Center for Teaching Quality. She’s joined by her former student Eddie Scofield, now an education major at Salem State University.


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    Quality Transformation

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    Breathing new life into quality. Changing the perception of quality ownership by engaging agents so they could see their ownership in the process. The mission is building customer loyalty by providing a quality service experience the first time, every time.

    Join us as we talk with Toni Roberts, Diector at Delta Dental of Michigan, will be sharing her insight on Quality Transformation.

    Antoinette Roberts, director of Regional Operations, has been with Delta Dental of Michigan since1983. Prior to assuming her current role in 2006, Roberts served in various positions including director and manager of customer service. While overseeing the department, she executed implementation of large and national accounts and served as the direct point-of-contact for clients. In 2002, Roberts led the customer service department to its first BenchmarkPortal award, which recognizes the outstanding efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s call center. She is responsible for providing on-going service and support for large accounts, maintaining strong working relationships, offering problem resolution and retaining existing clients. In addition, Roberts manages two large accounts including the State of Michigan and the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS).


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    Assurance of No Condemnation - Romans 8:1

    in Christianity

    I know of no greater need in the Christian life than that of Assurance. And the greatest chapter on assurance in the entire Bible is found in Romans Chapter 8. 

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    You'll hear Jessica Cuthbertson, a National Board Certified Teacher from Colorado talk about why all should be involved in promoting quality education?...for all

    www.teaching quality.org   @teachingquality @jcuthy


    @pearsonnortham   @www.researchnetwork.pearson.com

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    Assurance of Completion - the process, Predestination, Rom. 8:29

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    We have looked under Assurance of Completion the Promise of Rom. 8:28; now the Process of how that promise is guaranteed, Rom. 8:29.  We have seen the process of foreknowledge and now we come to predestintation. Warning God-centered messages are apt to cause great stress to a man-centered world. But as J. B. Gambell, the first president of the Southern Baptist Convention wrote, "Great revivals have accompanied the heroic preaching of the doctrines of grace: predestination, election, and the whole lofty mountain range of doctrines upon which the Lord sits enthroned, sovereign in grace, as in all things. God always honors the preaching that honors Him."

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    Studio Quality

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    Master Violinist and Studio owner Nyke Van Wyk joins us to talk about music, performance and making this a year to re-imagine and reverberate. Nyke is simply one of the most talented dudes I have ever met. We have traveled many miles together and done some amazing things. 

    We want to preside over the end of the "webinar" , the boring, the bland and the blase. Since 2008 Nyke has been an instrumental part of the cadence, creativity, energy and excellence of everything we do! This is a can't miss show. 

    Honestly, would you rather watch a webinar or hear great music?

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    The Assurance of a Companion - Rom. 8:9-11

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    What a wonderful assurance this is!  We have many companions within -the Holy Spirit; the Savior; a Sinless nature; and yes even a Sin nature. We may at times feel lonely but praise the Lord we are never alone.

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    Quality Character can Bring Wealth

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    Every great thing you achieve will be based on character.  Achieving wealth requires certain character traits find out what traits to bring to the forefront in your life. The outcome of your circumstances can be shifted to work in your favor.  Also, Mario J. Payne of Raymond James Financial services will share some important financial resolutions to make if you want to increase your income.  People who want to be extraordinary do extraordinary things.

    Download a free chapter of Pat's book:  Click to download.     

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    Assurance of Consecration - Romans 8:12-13

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    We have assurance that we can live a life of complete dedication to God by our choosing to depend upon the Holy Spirit.

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    Your Service Quality Journey and the 95 Method - with Tripp Babbitt

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    Get your copy of The Service Cost Paradox

    My guest, Tripp Babbitt, is a long-time advocate of the work of the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming and created his company to help service organizations apply his philosophy. Tripp had been an executive for a Fortune 500 company and CIO in State government. He now spends his time working with service organizations in many industries including radio stations, engineering firms, information technology, government, telecoms, banking, and insurance.

    In addition to his consulting practice, Tripp produces and hosts the Deming Institute podcast. He writes several articles and columns for IQPC and Quality Digest. He keynotes on the work of Dr. Deming and continual improvement.

    He is also creator of the 95 Method. The 95 Method was created to assist service organizations build customer trust, improve morale and give management focus. 

    The 95 Method was inspired from the difficulty in US organizations’ adoption of Dr. Deming’s philosophy.

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