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    When a Good Man/Woman Goes Bad?!

    in Relationships

    Does one bad deed tarnish their reputation of being a "good" woman or man? Are there boundaries that shouldn't be crossed which automatically means this person is bad? This doesn't necessarily have to do with cheating, but I will discuss trust in relationships/finances/family & friendships as well. Can you still be a good man or woman when you've done a bad thing? Tune in tonight...Special Female Guest at 10:00PM EST who specializes in African American relationships and provides relationship coaching and boutique style match making.

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    What You Won't Do Someone Else Will?

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    So they say!  What says you?  lol  Tune in tonight as Qpid Rox discusses the fear of many in relationships "if I don't do it, will he find someone else to do it?  Will he leave me?" 
    From cooking skills, to bedroom skills, to plain ole educational skills....will your mate seek out another if you aren't doing what you are suppose to do to their satisfacation? 
    Then there is always the topic of "well he didn't appreciate me, nor did she appreciate what a good man is, so I had to find someone that would."  Are you guarenteed positive results with the next?  Is the grass greener on the other side or is it green where you water it?
    It's PURE, HONEST, FUN & FILTHY ENTERTAINMENT.  Log in from facebook to chat with the family or call in to speak to Qpid Rox or her thousands of listeners!!!

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    Real Men, Playa's & The In Between. Which one is Yours?

    in Entertainment

    Uh Oh.  Warning Warning.  LOL This will only turn into a male-bashing show if my Female listeners turn it into one.  Qpid Rox will not Male Bash, I will only speak on experience of the real men, the playa's and the in between.
    This is a show you don't want to miss!  Women are burnt out and men are tired of the complaints when they really are good men.
    Join Me and find out what type of man you have, and what type of man you SHOULD HAVE, men will Testify tonight...this is YOUR SHOW.  Special Male Guest for this episode....
    TUNE IN to Pure, Honest, Fun & Filty Entertainment ~ You'll Love it or Hate it. *muah*

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    Back to School! Fast Boys & Girls. How to Protect your Kid

    in School

    Ya'll already know...there is this one fast ass little girl that keep comin on to your son wanting to suck his 13 or 17 year old thang.  Or there is this horny lil boy keep pressuring your daughter to have sex.  You bout to have a heart attack when you see this person is calling your daughter/sons phone or your house!!!  Let's talk about it....what are you doing to talk to your kids about back to school peer pressure, sex, bullies and drugs?  Is it important to have the a talk with both parents or can the mother do it all?  What bout the father?  How many of you are getting through to your daughters and letting them know how foul some dudes can be?  Ladies, do you share your past mistakes in school with your children so they don't make the same mistake?  Let's talk about it family.  Join the chat room or call in on the hotline.

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    Submitting to your Partner/Spouse.

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    For all those people that go to church and try their best to follow God's word, we already know what the bible has to say on this topic.  But from a personal view what do you think about it?  Ladies have you ever found it hard to submit to your husband?  Men do you submitt to your wife or is that a contradiction?  And for those not married, do you find yourself submitting to your "boyfriend or significant other?"  Are they worth of submitting to since there is not definite commitment?  Is submitting to your mate something Christian couples follow only?  Is your man suppose to have the final word?  Ladies must you follow his lead at all times?  Men do you ever let her take the lead and you yield and submit to her?  Definetly a hot topic that's gonna ruffle some feathers....share your thoughts, and stories by joining the chat room or call in on the hotline.

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    Chivalry, Who Killed It? Or is it Still Alive?

    in Romance

    When's the last time a man gave you his jacket while you were on a date because he saw you were cold?  Are you a Sir Lancelot or a Sir Mix A lot?  lol  Do you know where chivalry comes from?  It's all gonna be discussed tonight whether the true meaning behind chivalry is alive and kicking.  I even got a quiz for some of you niggas to see if you a scrub.  LOL Ladies, ya'll aren't off the hook...there are some men who feel like we should be chivalrous.   Are you one of those women that even want chivalry?  Don't know how to act when a man pulls out his chair for you? Let's talk about it!  Does chivalry come easy with dating a certain race?  Ooooooo you don't wanna miss this one!

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