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    Late Night Zone Out with punisher

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    Punisher is pissed and has a few things on his mind then its back to a few topics and god knows what after last nights show and judges epic cherry popping

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    Late Night zone out Live with Punisher the Psychologist tonight midnight est

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    Join in toinght as Punishe talks about his change in format to the zone out

    what to expect in the future

    future guests

    When a new GM is making lots of mistakes what do you do 

    EWA is back under punishers ownership

    Did pun get any special guests to interview tonight

    he did....oh you will have to come to the show to find out who they are 

    Puns rant of the night...why the game and radio is going to hell 

    Q and A from the chat


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    EWA Late Night zone out with Punisher

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    come join me tonight as we talk about many things

    its one thing to comment about something or someone but making someone a majo topic of your show and not having them present?? any opinions

    bringing up resolved issues that you not involved in how does this help you

    interjecting yourselves in everyscene makes you

    westling talk one o one, last time i gave a step by step outline to a storyline that was gold

    now pun is going to talk about making things relatible to your gimmik and what is acceptable and what is taking a stretch too far....

    emember this is a radio show, if you call some one out you face the potential of getting them to call in, furthermore the views expressed on this show by Punisher are his opinions, if you don't like it too bad, he speaks his mind and wlcomes you to do the same. if you try to come on and talk trash and fail to do soo, beware pun will jump in and do your job for you, vdue to launguege content and im shure something im forgetting this show is intended for a mature listening audience



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    RBMW presents Punisher Talk Radio - The Late Night Zone Out

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    Tonight Punisher Talk Radio returns with the late night Zone Out

    12:30 am est 
    Pun talks about count and EWA
    Live Tournament to face me for the radio title
    Pun announces the next EWA PPV
    Talks Holidays in hell event
    EWA douche of the week still accepting nominations

    Punisher talks about what happens when you lay a web and why it can be a double edged sword

    Word of the night relevant

    Seperation of avitar and manager
    -why is this an issue
    -how is this in aissue
    -how can you change it if you dont

    Pun talks about WUhamony and its launch this friday

    WHen looking for a GM what do you Look for???

    and anything anyone brings to the show

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    War of the Words Relentless Radio #98: Welcome to The War of the Words

    in MMA

    Today we unveil a lot of big changes to our format, and introduce you to a lot of great things heading your way from War of the Words and our Southeast MMA Community. Tune in tomorrow to listen up on:

    War of the Words will now have a second show that will air for West Coast MMA fans

    Southeast MMA musicians music

    More detailed presentations of your favorite War of the Words classics

    Our new network of co-podcasts to cover all the more great news

    More interviews with figures that make MMA beyond the cage

    Cerebral Sundays

    Exposure to the true epic array of great SE products, casts, and more

    The Medic Moment with Nathan Bowman and Jason M. Roland

    Exclusive deals only heard here from local businesses in your area and online

    The latest updates on great places like Sor Sumrit Fight Store, Bad Apple, FightMedic and more

    The list goes on and on!

    MAKE SURE to catch tomorrows episode for the full run down, alongside some special guests and a handful of original music made by those involved in our MMA community right here in the Southeast!

    It's going to be one hell of a show. 

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    WDW Fan Zone BlogCast #61

    in Travel

    Join Stuart Sternberg, Lottie Ferguson, Darlene Nagi, and Kurt on this episode of the WDW Fan Zone Blogcast as they venture to Epcot’s World Showcase and go pavilion by pavilion to discuss if they would Keep it, Change it, or Replace it.

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    War of the Words Cerebral Sunday: Steve "The Creepy Weasel" Montgomery

    in MMA



    Join us on this weeks Sunday Service as we reunite with longtime reoccuring guest, and one of our favourites, Mr. Steve Montgomery! 

    That's right, the Weasel is back in the house, and we are ready for a FULL hour of classic humor, philosophy, martial arts, ass kicking and more. Since last we sat down with Montgomery, he has joined the UFC ranks in the 21st season of The Ultimate Fighter: ATT Vs Blackzilians. Cannot wait to talk about that road and more!

    Also, a very special Thank You to Steve for being the FIRST UFC fighter to rock the War of the Words logo!


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    Woman OF War

    in Lifestyle

    Woman battle with insecurties,rejection, Low Self esteem just name a few. Woman of War was birth out of all that,This Mission is to HELP BUILD/ REBUILD, RESTORE, MOTIVATE HER to become and Better SHE, some have support systems and some don't, this is a system for all Women to explore her Self worth and Demand a change in there Life.

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    WDW Fan Zone Blogcast #60

    in Travel

    On this episode of the WDW Fan Zone BlogCast Stuart Sternberg, Darlene Nagi, Lottie Ferguson, and Kurt discuss tips and tactics for finding the right souvenirs on your vacation to Walt Disney World. 

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    The Unknown Zone: The Takenouchi Manuscripts, The World's Secret History

    in Paranormal

    The Takenouchi Manuscripts, The World's Secret History.

    Transcribed by Takenouchi Matori 1500 years ago from an ancient set of manuscripts tell of the history of the universe beginning with the creation up to the Christian period.  The current universe began about 300 billion years ago.  The earth was a large puddle of mud taking 22 billion years to fully form.

    There was no evolution as is currently thought but "gods" who created 5 races of man and who ruled and appointed kings around the world.  This was the first of what would be 4 major human time periods on Earth including the current one which began in 660 BC 'til present.
    The ancients were more advanced than current man and built pyramids 6 million years ago with the purpose of communicating with the heavenly gods.  It has been speculated that the great pyramids of Egypt did the same.

    Learn this and much more on The Unknown Zone with Judy Sellins and Dave Turco

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    The War Against Black Degeneracy: It Starts Now

    in Politics

    The war for Black survival in the 21st Century begins with Black self-respect.  And self-respect for Black people begins with the acknowledgment that we as Black men have failed our Race by allowing and continuing the use of the N-word.  If we don't develop a strong level of discipline and self-respect, we will never successfully wage war against white aggression.

    As men, we are an embarrassment.  For over 2 1/2 decades, we have allowed our culture to decline into a situation where we allow ourselves to be classified as nig*ers and our women to be classified as bit*hes and whores.  As a result, (2) entire generations of youth have grown up in a culture where they don't remember a time when we didn't consider one another "nig*ers" and "bit*hes."

    This reality has led to the increase of Black-on-Black violence in the Black community, sexual abuse and molestation, "homosexuality", and overall Black degeneracy.  This phenomenon of Black degeneracy will be the ultimate demise of our Race if we do not wage war against it.  There is no nice way to convince our people that self-respect is what's needed to raise our people out of our current condition.

    Ultimately, in order to build anything suitable to save our Race from genocide and extermination, we must rid our community of the culture of Black degeneracy and replace it with Black self-respect.  The time for the warriors to come to the front is now.  Black men and women are going to have to physically fight in order to bring about a new age of Black decency and self-respect.  Spring time is here - so hit the gym.  It's war time!

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