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    Your Prostate Your Libido Your Life

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    This week I will be examining the myriad causes of dysfunction millions of men throughout the world face as they age with Dr. Jim Occhiogrosso who is the author of Your Prostate, Your Libido, Your Life. we will be discussing detailed information on nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle changes that can help alleviate common problems like; erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, prostate enlargement, difficulty urinating, and prostate cancer.


    Dr. Occhiogrosso began studying natural health in the early 1990s. After suffering from prostate issues himself for 10 years, Dr. Occhiogrosso was told by his Urologist that he may have prostate cancer. Choosing to fight this naturally, he set a deadline that if he could not reverse or at least improve his condition, he would seek medical attention, including a biopsy. Five months later, in August of 2001, using nutrition, lifestyle changes, vitamins, minerals, and several herbs, he had reduced his PSA by more than half to 3.5, increased his free PSA slightly and considerably reduced his bouts of urinary urgency and erectile dysfunction. He received diplomas from Trinity College of Natural Health as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, along with a certificate in nutritional counseling. To this day, he continues studying natural products both formally and informally, and is a member in good standing of the Tampa, Florida chapter of the Certified Natural Health Professionals.

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    WARNING, MEN,Don't Take a Prostate (PSA) Test Till You Hear This!

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    Dr Richard Ablin, inventor of the PSA (Prostate Specific Antegen) says, "I never took a PSA test and neither should you!" 

    The informatio in this episode could save you from a lifetime of misery. The test is wildly inaccurate giving false positive and false negative results. Painful biopsy and dangerous, inefective treatments folllow. Discover proven, natural alternatives from a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.



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    Prostate Cancer with Dr. James Mohler of the Roswell Park Cancer Center

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    On this show we have the Associate Director, Department of Urology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute Dr. James Mohler discussing the recent NCCN guidelines for prostate cancer treatment and the latest research available to us that can help diagnose high risk forms of prostate cancer and avoid unnecessary treatments for low risk forms. Tune in to get a better understanding of prostate cancer treatments and its management.

    On the panel are Mike Scott, Tony Crispino and Paul Carpenter.

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    Our Journey With Prostate Cancer: Empowering Strategies for patients and Family

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    Interview Judith Desjardins

    Topics of conversation:

    Her upbringing’s influence on her writing
    Her journey as caregiver through her husband’s cancer 
    How writing helped her coping with her husband’s illness
    Writing a second book after a successful first book
    Becoming an Indie Author

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    Got a Problem! Go Meta- Position

    in Self Help

    Got a Problem! Go Meta-Position

    Today @ 1 pm (CST) on Healthy Mind & Body radio… we’re going to be talking about Going Meta…

    Meta-Positioning is a tool used in hypnosis and NLP for helping the person with a problem, challenge or issue that needs resolving and gives them another position to view or experience this problem or issue from.

    This literally can give the person ANOTHER PERSEPCTIVE, a DIFFERENT FEEL or SOUNDS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT was of perceiving their “challenge”.


    Why don’t you LISTEN TO THE SHOW and find out…

    I’m talk to you then,



    If you have a question – 214-702-3774

    Or send me an email to drm@drmichaelharris.com

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    "So...What's Your Problem?" #537

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    Have you ever had someone lok at you right in the eyes and ask, "So...what's YOUR problem?"  The experience can be quite frightening; even threatening most of the time.  It'sgreat that this kind of thing doesn't happen too often.  

    The truth is, however, that all too frequently, a sense of having problems seems to be with us on and off throughout our lives.  Many times, the experience leaves us feeling empty, lost, maybe without hope, a sense of failure.  We sometimes get to the point that we believe we are living with problems most of the time.  I don't need to mention what these difficulties are; we know; we experience them.  

    If knowing what problems are, the source of problems, the part we play in our problems, and what we can do about them is where you find yourself, then this study is the place to be.  Are you ready to believe and receive direction that is real and lasting?  Well, let's lok at just what your problem really is.  


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    I think I have a gambling problem...

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    I was driving down the street, running an errand, and all of the sudden the thought came to mind, "I think I have a gambling problem!"  Alarmed, I questioned this thought because I don't play slot machines, the lottery, scratch cards, or even bet.  So, where would this thought come from?  Most importantly, is it true?

    I then thought about my work and realized my behavior about it checked all of the same tick marks that one struggling with gambling would check.  There are certain things about work I don't tell others.  I have trouble controlling myself concerning the amount of work I perform.  I work on projects even when I don't have the time.  My family members worry about my dedication to work.  There are certain highs and lows that I receive from the work accomplished.  

    By the time I finished thinking about it, although I don't go to casinos, play black jack or poker, it was confirmed, "I think I have a gambling problem!" 

    Listen to the show as we discuss the risks we all take with anything in our lives that causes us to be intemperate.  Be encouraged, there is hope!

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    North America's Meth Problem Why is it so popular?

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    The rich the poor and everyone in between can be a victim of .Young people who want to "party like a rock star."School and college age students use meth to boost performance while studying for exams; Type A personalities in fast-paced jobs use meth because they believe it gives them an edge by boosting their mental energy. Young women and teenage girls use it for weight loss Long haul truckers use meth to keep them awake while driving. (meth dealers regularly set up shop at truck stops); So called "supermoms "trying to be the perfect wife, mother and career woman, end up with abused and neglected children do to the meth abuse. People from all walks of life and economical status have succumbed to the allure of methamphetamine. An entire town in Iowa, as filmed in a 2003 documentary by HBO, where every inhabitant - including the Mayor - is addicted to meth. A tough-on-drugs prosecutor in Denton, Texas, who showed no mercy for people caught in possession of meth and was himself busted for possession; His career and family were the casualties of his meth use.

    What They Are:C (say: meth-am-FET-uh-meenz) are stimulants. Stimulants are a type of drug that speed up your brain. They are produced as pills, powders, or chunky crystals called ice.The crystal form, nicknamed crystal meth, is a popular drug, especially with young adults and for those who frequently go to dance clubs and parties.

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    Are Parents The Problem

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    Well most of you know I always talk about fixing the home first, well tonight we are going to start with the parents. Parents play a huge roll in why these children of today are out of control. Fact is most of the people that are parents never had parents in their lives, so how can we expect them to be parents? Tonight we are going to dive deep into this subject I hope you join us from 7pm to 9pm central time and give us your word of mouth..

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    The Problem of Addictions in Your Life, Part 1 (God's Solutions #8)

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    Our passage from the Word of God today is Isaiah 40:31. It reads, “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

    Our quote for today is from Rex Rouis. She said, "A desire becomes a hope when we discover a reason for its expectation, and there is no better reason to expect something than a promise given in the Word of God."

    Our problem today is "The Problem of Addictions in Your Life" (part 2) from the book, "The Guide to Biblical Counseling" by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Ron Hawkins. And, I want to remind you to take advantage of our special offer. If this podcast has been a help and blessing to you, please feel free to purchase a copy of this book -- "The Guide to Biblical Counseling" by Dr. Tim Clinton and Dr. Ron Hawkins. It is available on our website for just $30. You can make your purchase today at ordainedchaplainsusa.org.

    Today, we want to share with you some causes of addictions:

    Dawn loved the bingo games. No one thought much about it until a neighbor discovered her young children home alone one night while Dawn was playing the cards at the bingo parlor.

    Reggie had always been famous for how many beers he could drink without feeling any effects. But something had changed. He'd been drunk several times recently, according to friends. You're called in when he's arrested for a DUI. 

    In 2001 there were 1.4 million arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. That is 1 out of every 137 drivers. 


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