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    Private Lending Basics 2

    in Education

    Private Lending Basics

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    Using Quality Private Label Rights To Enter And Dominate A Niche

    in Business

    Willie Crawford interviews private label rights expert

    Lisa Gergets on all aspects of using private label
    rights products to enter and dominate a new niche.

    Lisa specializes in researching and identifying highly
    profitable niches, then providing complete website
    packages, where an entrepreneur can literally be
    up and running in a new niche in a matter of hours.

    Lisa produces packages that include website templates,
    keyword research, identifying top sellers in that niche
    on Amazon.com, videos showcasing select affiliate
    products, graphics, etc.

    You can visit Lisa at:

    http://WillieCrawford.com/Lisa1/  to see Fitness PLR


    http://WillieCrawford.com/Lisa2/ to see Outdoor Living PLR

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    Glitz And Glamour - Relationships: What's Public vs What's Private?

    in Radio

    Model Angela and Houston ReRe go in with weekly gossip, caller feedback, and more! Also call-in to discuss this week's topic at 347-202-0389. Featured Topic: "Relationships: What's Public vs What's Private" Have A Topic You Want The Team To Talk About? Contact Them At: https://www.facebook.com/GlitzAndGlamourRadio

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    A True Story Of Government Intrusion On Private Property And Our Rights

    in Politics

    On this show, we will be talking about the intrusion onto private property by a seemingly tyrannical and hypocritical government. Joining me in studio will be Ron and Ruth Kerns whom for the last 6 months have been battling their local government, and various departments, seeking a resolution to an extremely destructive act by their county involving their beloved property. Unfortunately they have had to take the unpleasant steps of a very expensive law suit to seek some kind of resolution to this matter. This destruction involved the removal of very old trees, grounds ripped up by heavy equipment and the destruction of a federally protected wetlands that was on their property. All of this happened without having any permission, permits or proper paperwork by the offending parties. Until very recently they have been met with nothing but resistance, silence and obstruction by the EPA, County Engineers, Army Corp of Engineers, Courts etc. It wasn't until the Department of Fish and Wildlife got involved that communication finally was established, and possible steps forward might be in the future. With all that said, it still took a six month battle, a ball park sum of $40,000.00 and an incredible amount of stress just to get this far, still without being able to have their day in court. Tyrannical government or just business as usual here in America? You be the judge.

    Ron and Ruth are rabid environmentalists in their own right. They support all things nature, and live what they preach. This is a couple that looks forward to one thing during their stressful work week; to simply spend time working on, and enjoying their beautiful wooded property. They have spent thousands of hours on exotic gardens, preserves for the wildlife that reside on the property and they also keep bees. At the end of the day, they can sit on their deck with immense satisfaction of their contribution to their little corner of nature, or at least used too...


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    MP Talk Radio, fradulent non-profits, private investigators and psychics

    in Culture

    MP Talk Radio will be discussing fradulent non-profit orginzations, private Investigatos and psychics.  We will let you know what you need to look for and what credentials you need to ask for when working with any non-profit, psychics and private investigators. 

    There are countless stories of families being taken advantage of during the time their loved one has gone missing.  People prowl on the families and give all families false hopes.  It's time that the families know what to look for and what questions to ask. 

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    Paranormal Talk with guest investigators Anthony Martinez and Richard Reed

    in Spirituality

    Feel free to call in and join the converstaion about the paranormal. Tonight we are going to pick the brains of two of the best investigators in the field !!! Gonna be AWESOME !!!!!!

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    A Private Conversation Between God and Ego

    in Spirituality

    This episode takes a light-hearted look at the conversations we often have between our intuitive voice and our ego. Our intuitive voice will tell us we have the ability to move forward and create a life we would love to live. Our ego says, "No you can't. Who do you think you are?" While the story is light-hearted the message is life-changing. At the end, Chapman leads listeners in a short, simple, but divinely powerful exercise in hearing the intuitive voice. Join her Tuesday, August 4 at 9:00 AM Pacific...12 Noon Eastern. Stream live here or listen via phone 424-675-8318. Long-distance charges might apply.

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    'Girls of the Dark' all female paranormal investigators 0n-air LIVE!!!!:)

    in Paranormal

    Join all female paranormal team investigators, Deanna, Wendy and Anissa, of ‘Girls of the Dark’; as seen on the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” 8th season episode of New Castle Indiana’s ‘Thornhaven Manor’ on LiveParanormal.com!!  Also, we will be exclusively sharing recently captured EVP on-air LIVE with team!!  On Twitter, visit @GirlsOfTheDark, ‘Like’ Girls of the Dark on Facebook, ‘Subscribe’ to ‘Girls of the Dark on YouTube right now!!:) 

    UPCOMING SHOWS:  Travel Channel’s “Mysteries of the National Parks” (new series) televised expert, and author of ‘Haunted Hikes’, ANDREA LANKFORD, 6/27!!  U.K. paranormal investigator LEE ROBERS, 7/11!!  “Paranormal Persistence” author DAVID ALLAN, 7/18!!  ‘Haunting England’ paranormal investigators, Tony, Stu and Gary, 8/25!!  ScyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” / “GHI” key paranormal investigator, DUSTIN PARI, 8/1!!  Renowned televised psychic medium life consultant RICK HAYES, 8/8!!

    COMING SOON -- SyFy Channel’s “Destination Truth” chief medic / adventurer REX WILLIAMS, A&E’s “Psychic Kids” psychic TRAVIS HILL!!  If you are interested in the paranormal, YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THESE UPCOMING BROADCASTS!!!!:)

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    Private Exchanges, Financial Wellness & More

    in Business

    On this week's program, the hosts welcome two guests to the program to discuss topics ranging from private exchanges to health care transparency.

    For the first segment on today's program, Barry Eyre, VP, Business Development, KTP Advisors, will join the program for a discussion around what employers and employer groups should be asking about the private exchange marketplace. Many employees are seeking information about the exchange marketplace. In this search for knowledge, it is important to focus on the most important aspects of an exchange. Understanding the right questions to ask is critically important to making the best choices. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of unbiased information about how the market place is developing. In this interview, Barry will help to guide employers to the right set of considerations. 

    For the second segment, the hosts will welcome Susan Lang, Founder & CEO, HooPayz, to the show to discuss financial wellness in health care. The number one reason for bankruptcy today is due to medical bills. Up to 80 percent of medical bills have errors, and approximately $750 million is wasted in health care each year. Due to this landscape, there is a need for solutions to promote financial wellness within health benefits. Financial wellness allows employers to reduce their health care costs and increase workplace productivity by engaging their employees. HooPayz, through online and personal health advisory services, is part of the solution by improving access to lower cost quality providers, offering bill review and payment negotiation among many other services. 

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    Aug 4th 2015, 10pm(PDT)- Demonologists Farah & Ken Deel drop by to scare the pa

    in Paranormal

    Spaced Out Radio Tuesday night August 4th is a very BIG DEEL! as Dave Scott welcomes Kenneth and Farah Rose Deel!   http://www.demonologytoday.com/

    Ken and Farah are Catholic Spiritual Warfare Counselors, field investigators, “Demonologists”, A rare Husband and Wife team in the trenches of the Paranormal /“Spiritual Warfare” investigations as well as education, with a combined 80+ years actual experience and studies related to Ghost and Demonic hauntings, possessions… “Cradle Roman Catholics”, trained “Catechists”, currently they are working under the authority of the RCC as a special “Healing Ministry” in “Spiritual warfare”, as Counselors, field investigators, and “Demonologists”. They are also providing education of Clergy and Laity, in public and private forums and venues on these related topics, in Lectures, books, Course-ware, and multi-media presentations. Which includes up to a higher level education on related topics and testimony from personal experiences. 

    Kenneth Currently has five books published which includes: “The Catholic Demonologist Handbook”, and their more recently published books including a non-denomination edition: “The Christian Demonologist Handbook” and a companion study guide “Catholic Demonologist workbook and study guide” and the "Haunting Self Help Guidebook" in which Ken’s wife Farah has Edited co-authored. 
    In coming months Kenneth and Farah will be busy with more books on related topics and a even documentary is on the horizon, which will be announced on the Demonology Today Radio Show when more information is available.