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    KTL RADIO presents #BLACKMAGICMATTERS feat Brotha Oba

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    What happens when a people under attack are at a loss as to how to defend themselves? When a computer's firewall no longer works and the computer is being ravished by viruses you need to install a security system. When the immune system is compromised, the body has a built in emergency system to defend itself and it can utilize external support to boost it's efforts. When a popolous of people are being attacked in every way imaginable though, would it be wise to call upon their ancestors and/or dieties to intercede? Tonight, Brotha Oba makes the case for #BLACKMAGICMATTERS


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    What Will Be the Legacy of President Obama?

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    Joining CAN WE TALK FOR REAL co-hosts Teresa M. Jackson and Michelle E. Brown on Wednesday, February 10th to talk about the Obama Presidency – its place in Black history, its impact on LGBTQ rights and preserving its legacy for equal rights – is Earl Fowlkes. President/CEO of the Center For Black Equity, Inc. (formerly the International Federation of Black Pride (IFBP). Fowlkes founded the IFBP in 1999 ago as a coalition of Black Pride organizers the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and South Africa formed to promote a multinational network of LGBT Pride and community- based organizations. Earl previously served fifteen years as the Executive Director of the DC Comprehensive AIDS Resources and Education Consortium (DC CARE Consortium) and Damien Ministries, organizations that provided services to person living with HIV/AIDS in Washington, DC. Earl attended Rutgers University with degrees in history/business. Earl resides in Washington, DC however remains a devoted to his hometown Philadelphia Phillies, Eagles and Flyers, and all things Pennsylvania.Call in to 347-215-8985 to join the conversation, show starts at 8:30 est/7:30cst,, Press 1 to speak.

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    Tonight we discuss whats going on around the league after 10 Weeks. How the Playoff picture is shaping up so far. We also dive in about some the players that seem to be on fire right now just tearing it up. 

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    Get an A+ in Country with Curtis Clinton as President, i mean it

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    I started using glasses when keyboarding this daily profile! Maybe now, no more unwanted keystrokes. Now with Iowans’ elimination of a few of the Political Party Candidates for Presi-dent, the task is to whittle away the remaining pretenders for the Oval Room Throne in the White House. Without getting on Youtube, I stand to remain invisible to our nation and still be unheard of. The problem is that Youtube’s registration resists my email and I can’t change my email, since Youtube recognizes my computer and suggests that I am not me, but instead, another user. Ironic. Sad. Devastating. I am cooked. It is over for me as long as no one listens to my 5:30 PM Broad-cast. A few candidates suspended their campaigns for President. I haven’t and never can. However, this situation sinks us both. I am still the best person to establish a CLEAN PRESIDENCY, unspoiled by MONEY, PARTY POLITICS and IMPLAUSIBLE UNNECESSARY COMPROMISES. What you should know about me are the simple facts that I don’t compromise - it’s needless, stupid to bleed the good out of Congresses’ Bills. Look what Political Compromises have gotten us. Look at our Country. Look at our States. Look at your lives. I am not owed by anyone or any Party, I am a good real person able to do wonderful real things. And with more good reasons in tow, I am genuine, caring and able to bring about good Government, intelligent and useful leadership, empowered by too many hurtful ex-periences to give in to Politics, let go of the solutions and forget you,,, bwell   c2it

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    Get an A+ in COUNTRY, a fine President: do 120 Million Write-In Ballots: c2it

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    American voters, I understand your commitment to Political Parties. They have been enduring and you, now, endure their mistakes and, very frankly, their incompetence. I am very com-petent. I can lead us as a Nation, People, Society and as family. All my unused abilities and consciousness are stronger & better than your chosen Presidential Candidates. It is true if you consider my past, and, how it makes our future better. It is not a leap of faith so much as it is an idea, a path and our dream to be better, alert, safer, happier enduring future. I am not going to be on any Presidential Ballot because I am not a Politician, and because, I am without money to campaign in front of you. That is why BLOG TALK RADIO is the only Paul Revere like medium & media for me and you to introduce my ground breaking footing and exchange our confidences. Remember the chance which Paul Revere gave us. You still have choice while you leave behind your unfixed identity as a Democrat or Republican with shades of Conservative or Liberal. You are not independent so long as you maintain your Party affiliation. I want to enhance our Nation & Government in the only way possible. It is only through non-political dialogue and leadership that we will ever be our United States, No more ranking of 50th among the States of our Union. I want each State to be in the TOP 10. That is a belief. It is possible. But only with me in our White House. please select me to be President, I know it is more than a stretch. But, it is the exercise that you must commit to: Curtis Clinton 

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    Odu of The Year 2016 With Lukumi Elder Oba Ernesto Pichardo & Dia Nunez Part 1

    in Religion

    Oba Ernesto Pichardo, Lukumi Elder and co-founder of CLBA, and Dia Nunez talk about the Odu of The Year 2016. Part One of a series

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    Get an A+ in COUNTRY, a better President, with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clintonr

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    IF YOU NEED THIS: YOU NEED ME: I am curtisclinton: c2: 2B President: after listening to the OWN UP/ DENY DOWN /ATTACK FEST - the Republican Jeopardy (TRADE MARK* ) TV Show 1/14-16, I, as ‘ a all of us’ President, receiving 120,000,000 2016 Presidential Write-In Ballots: on ‘if’ Inauguration Day 2017, I will 1.) Immediately meet with Congress, Party Leaders & Justices to enable Congress to Legislate; @.) Initiate a complete revision of the IRC; 3.) Implement IRS tests for all Charities and Not For Profits to end all fraud and sham organizations; 4.) Implement instant confirmations of all Medicare & Medicaid claims to prevent fraud & deception & identity theft; 5.) Rewrite all U.S. Military Operations to eliminate servicemen & service dangers & risks; 6.) Mandate that all Vets receive instant & permanent care from active duty; 7.) Authorize Government wide audits of mission budgets and utility; 8.) Redefine unemployment correctly and not the BS we hear from the White House & Labor Dept; 9.) Start a Study on work, Jobs, expiring & continuing to determine work & jobs of the future for Americans; 10.) work everything else that you didn’t read today which should be in tomorrow’s blog all the ways to 100 item my 1sr day in the White House: victims, all genders, Law, homeless, orphans, animals, economy, education, health, immigration, Air Marshalls, Law Enforcement/Other Actions before Lethal Force, pollution, an economy that can allow for raises in Minimum wage, wages for Fire-Rescue-EMS-eachers-Public Servants-Private Sector pay approaching Corporate CEOs-Athletes-Celebrities: NOT Social EngineeringI; 27.)... we can do this, it's your vote - don't waste it on Politicians and Political Party Promises NEVER SEEN or REVISITED AGAIN.  

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    GET an A+ in COUNTRY, a fine President, with 120,000,000 write-In Ballots: Curti

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    Yesterday I got really angry at you because the first, best and now chance of making our government into what it should be is passing you by wtrh every passing second that you clap and applaud those politicians running for President & those running for Congress. You just don’t see it, you really are disabled, out of your minds and sleep walking to the polls to vote for Donald, Ben Hillary, Bernie Rubio, Jeb Rand, Carly Christie, John. I have given you an opportunity to free yourselves from POLITICS. What is POLITICS. What makes men & women stop talking to each other, ramming their ideas over America’s voice and Needs and Wants. Like Trump’s last visage in his TV Ad: ‘ Evangelicals, I, Donald, will not forget you.’  If you believe that BS Cow Manure, you are full of crap and you abandoned your citizenship patriotism & American duty. All of you, you are political putty and you are being stretch out of your minds And I am trying to pull you back into yourselves. Do you really think that I am and will be the best in the White House – NOW THAT IS A STRETCH. But it is the kind of stretch for a ground ball, a pass beyond reach, the hand of someone on the brink that you & I can live with. I can do the things that I say I can because those things need to be done abd b no one is doing it now. Someone has to do it and none of you have come forward so it falls to me. I now have to undertake the care of our nation and the health of the world. Thanks very much, but I will do it to serve our country and the world. I will like some of it. I will work my ass off. I will meet with you and let you feel a real President of the people. Please don’t mind my ailments & disabilities & looks. bwell   c2it

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    GET an A+ in COUNTRY, a fine President, with 120,000,000 write-In Ballots: Curti

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    If you don’t vote & elect me, you will have all the problems in the world

    LOOK what POLITICIANS have done to us & SEE what POLITICIANS haven't done for us. America, our United States, do you want It; do you want It back; do you want It back on track. I can back it onto the tracks from the White House. I am Curtis Clinton, presently ashamed of my last name by the likes of President Bill Clinton and First Lady, Senator, Sec Of State Hillary Clinton. If we were another country with dignity,  integrity, honesty & truthfulness, we would have indicted, convicted and jailed the Clintons. Shame on you for not having courage and the will to see a better country. DID YOU HEAR what Pres Obama said about pay equality for women – ‘It’s gonna take some time’. Even President Bill Clinton says so. Liar Sec Of State Hillary Clinton says differently – another campaign platform ploy. Get rid of the Clintons and bring the name of Clinton back to some respectability. I ask for that. Now what about the other Political Presidential Candidates: denying WASHINGTON BRIDGE GATE; HIDING CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP and IVY LEAGUE EDUCATION and wealth; HIDING CREDIT CARD PURCHASES OF ANOTHER, ESCAPING WITH OUR MONEY DECALRING BANKRUPTCY 3 TIMES or is it 4; wasting your money: Messrs Bernie, Ben, Jeb. Iowa, don’t be the first to be fooled. Cast ballots for the only truly entirely committed full fledge one of the population non-rich non-politician honest Presidential person in this election year. I wish you get to understand this before it is too late.   bwell  c2it

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    GET an A+ in COUNTRY, a fine President, with 120,000,000 write-In Ballots: Curti

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    DO YOU KNOW What a Steel Trap Door is, What It Looks Like AND what it Sounds Like. ‘Wellness’ – you know how people start a sentence with ‘well’ - ( I didn’t ), what you are seeing and hearing From the Democrats’ & Republicans’ Presidential Candidates is a STEEL TRAP DOOR – all of it collectively. Our Country is already in bad shape if you don’t already know it, see it or hear it. One word will prove it  ( I promise ): FLINT. Do you want another word: HILLARY, Would you like some more words: TRUMP, CRUZ, BUSH, SANDERS, RUBIO. There are two words that are good words and I can prove it too: Curtis CLINTON. If I do not win the 2016 Presidential Election, mind you, ( I am only here because I can see what’s coming, it’s not good and you need my help ) you will be faced with the STEEL TRAP DOOR that I can never open for you in forthcoming Presidential Elections. TRUTH IS, Also, that no other future President will be able to, before the good contents go bad. Candidates for Office say what you want to hear. Candidates, going from one crowd to another in another area, may say opposite things because who from the last crowd followed the Candidate to the next crowd. Now I say a lot of things that you don’t like to hear – however, they are good for us. Everyone of you finds something good in what I say and that means that I am speaking to everyone at the same time and not Politicking. I don’t do it because I don’t believe in it. Hence, I am not a Politician and good for you because I will work on both Democrats’ & Republicans’ ideas. Remember: Every Politician on stage has failed to answer directly or truthfully the questions posed them.  I answer directly, honesty and with patriotism. Try it on for size c2it

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    Get an A+ in COUNTRY, a better President, with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

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    Are you stuck in a job without hope of a raise; are you without a job and still without a replacement; are you without means, without means for rent, food, school, car, vacation, utilities, justice; are you in a state that is among the bottom of the stack; are you proud of our government that works as well as a dead car battery, are you. I am and what can I do about it. I can become President of the United States and you can have a job with a raise - you can find a job first before the other job holders gets yours - you can have food, school, vacation, rent, justice - utilities - rent - a roof over your head and a better energized government - and don’t forget your state. Did you ever hear of the expression with the words ” walk in one’s shoes”. Who among the present known political candidates

    are stuck in a job, are without means, walks in your shoes. None of them, yet you continue to pay their way at your expense. Some of you talk about experience. Do you also consider bad to poor experience as a disqualifying factor. Why vote for Mrs. Hillary Clinton with all that perfect experience. She had the world in her hands twice and she didn’t do wonders. Mr. Donald Trump had the world in his hands twice and he divorced himself. How many Pres candidates live like you do, get sick like you do, know disability payments like you do. I am telling you that you need a person like in your status or close to, who feels and goes through what you do. When you start to realize that, I am here for election Day unless its too late for us.

    Iowa caucuses: do you really want your Guy or your Woman. Poor to bad experience is no experience at all and to change government, you need to change how you vote for government – one of your own kind at the top speaking with your voice and not with a Party megaphone