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    PRESCRIBED DEATH & The Secrets to Success ft Dr Whitaker & Imam Bashir

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    Join KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO as we welcome the author of the critically acclaimed book, MediSin to the program. Dr. Scott Whitaker we be visiting the program to talk about some of the latest topics that have captured the headlines pertaining to health.

    He will also be building up momentum for his upcoming lecture at Brooklyn's Nicholas Bookstore this October 5th, entitled "Prescribed Death: The Truth Behind MediSin." 

    Also joining us on the program will be Imam Bashir presenting an introduction to his upcoming lectures, "Who is God? And What is the Devil?" & "Buy the Lien and Live the Dream: Unlocking the Secrets to Success." 


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    Ramadan; The Month of Fasting, Prescribed to Learn self-restraint

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    The month of Ramadan, the 9th month of the muslim calendar is the month the Holy Qur'an was reveal to Prophet Muhammad through the Angle Jabril,1435 years ago. Revealed as Revelation from G-d, The Lord; Creator of mankind, for the guidance of mankind.

    To receive the guidance of G-d's word, once must learn to restraint their desires (Nafs) The three development of the human soul.

    The soul prone to or having a tendency to sin, the soul that is conscience of G-d, and the soul that has become free for G-d.

    Holy Qur'an, Surah (Chapter) 2:

    183. O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may (learn) self-restraint,-

    185. Ramadhan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur'an, as a guide to mankind, also clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (Between right and wrong). So every one of you who is present (at his home) during that month should spend it in fasting, but if any one is ill, or on a journey, the prescribed period (Should be made up) by days later. Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put to difficulties. (He wants you) to complete the prescribed period, and to glorify Him in that He has guided you; and perchance ye shall be grateful.

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    "Relationship Tuesday" Am I in Love for the Right Reasons?

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    Love is an emotion . It is a very beautiful feeling. So it is very natural to love someone & to be loved by some one. This is nothing mechanical & there is no prescribed method of Love. It naturally flows within like a river stream. 

    Think clearly your motivations and drive to stay in love to this person.Everybody has the motivation and eagerness to love a person and work hard for a relationship to last. The drive of a person can also affect the relationship especially when one is not interested to seek for a reason.

    Experience is also a helpful tool to determine the reasons you wanted to achieve.

    Ask yourself what this person is worth loving for. Try to balance what you have in your relationship like how he/she manage to work things in your relationship. Does he/she still makes you happy?


    Try to ask question of yourself that will he helpful to know the worth of this person. Assurance is always a factor in a relationship. People try to always expect something from what they give. Does he/she has the effort you are longing for a relationship?

    Think about why you stay together. Most importantly the two person on the relationship will be the one to know all the reason to stay.

    Identify what kind of attraction you have for this person.

    Are you just looking forward for his looks or his personalities and attitudes towards you.
    Evaluate yourself on what you really see on her/him since the relationship began.


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    Raw Therapy

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    Dr. Sam has prescribed Chris a week without Raw, find out more!

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    Critical Discourse - "Fasting is PRESCRIBED ..."

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    "Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may attain taqwaa (reverence and awe of your Lord)." (Holy Qur'an 2:183)

    “Whenever you fast, do not look dismal, like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faces so as to show others that they are fasting” (Matthew 6:16).

    We want to this Saturday, on Critical Discourse, discuss and enact, the process of fasting.

    Fasting means many things to many people. For Muslims, it is a pillar of Al-Islam, especially during the month of Ramadan. We read in the Bible, where Jesus (Peace by Upon Him) fasted for 40 days.

    However one sees it, fasting provides that opportunity for the abstain from usual habits, and in the process, enter into a more reflective and humbled mood. It provides an opportunity to cleans oneself, spiritually, physically and morally, as we hopefully become more mindful of our environment, and get a chance to "recharge" of sorts.

    It the position of thie writer, that from whatever religion, philosophy or ideology one comes from, fasting is of great benefit, and should be a regular practice. We can get into the finer details, but for sure, on Critical Discourse, we want to spread the idea of our selecting one day a week, to fast / abstain.

    This writer is certain, that particularly amongst our people, such a practice and discipline will yield positive and transformative results, in ways we could never imagine, so we ask that not only do you listen in, but share with Critical Discourse, your thoughts, ideas and past fasting experience, and how this proposal could be of great help to us.

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    Ritalin is the most commonly prescribed medication for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and 75% of those prescribed are children with boys receiving Ritalin about four times more than girls.  Ritalin can cause addiction, anxiety and psychosis and in some studies have been compared to Cocaine. 

    What is Ritalin?

    What are the similarities of the Ritalin and Cocaine?

    What does life after Ritalin look like? 

    Join Butterfly Evolution Monday March 16th at 8 pm CST.  Your question and comments are encouraged and welcomed. 

    Listen/comment 818-691-7406 or on line at www.blogtalkradio.com/butterflyevolution


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    Project Empowerment - Frank Titus

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    Project Empowerment is excited to have on health practitioner Frank Titus B.S., T.M.T., to discuss his Titus Motion Therapy (TMT),

    This is a non-invasive therapeutic technique that empowers clients to eliminate pain and chronic injuries by correcting musculoskeletal balance with prescribed restorative exercises.  

    His approach is a series of simple and precise movements geared towards each client’s needs without the use of hands-on manipulation, adjustments or machines.  TMT helps the client’s body remember its innate blueprint for health through exercises that stress balance and flexibility.

    Titus founded Titus Motion Therapy in 1995, exclusively offering Titus Motion Therapy in the Los Angeles area.  In 2005, after 10 years with over a 95% success rate, he expanded his practice by treating people on SKYPE and Face Time. He has now treated people in 20 countries.

    To learn more about his work, please visit titusmotiontherapy.com


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    The Resilient Brain Listens in on Patsy Anderson's Workshop

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    Noon Saturdays, Eastern: "The Resilient Brain," host Kathy Kitts

    Today, we are continuing to listen in on Patsy Anderson as she gives us the 2nd workshop on "How to Get Sponsors for Your Radio, Business, Event, Cause, Group.  Patsy is always full of ideas, and for those we do not hear, I took copious notes and will share them in an upcoming show.  Thanks to all who were present as our LIVE audience!  It was exciting.

    Join us every Saturday to hear about the latest techniques for improving your own brain power at any age, from babies to centenarians!

    Earlier today Mary Schlesinger was on hand to talk about Metronome Therapy. If you thought metronomes were something only musicians use for practice, think again! Mary helps people with ADHD, PTSD, TBI and other neural challenges, by playing a metronome at a prescribed rate! That whole show can be accessed by going to:  BlogTalkRadio.com/s/7352707.     Our show at noon, described above can be listened to by your friends and business associates by going to:  BlogTalkRadio.com/s/7435153

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    WTF? - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Getting HIGH with a TBI

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    Welcome to Brain Injury Awareness MONTH! Pharmaceuticals have become a daily part of LIFE for many with a Brain Injury as well as those w/o a BI, but what about YOU? Are you feeling like a Guinea pig with all the various types of treatment?  Have you grown tired of being prescribed a new pharmaceutical each time you see a 'doctor' or 'therapist'? Are you a Caregiver, Care Partner for someone with a Brain Injury?

    Last year Kevin did a show about the "TOP 6 MISPERCEPTIONS MEDICAL MARIJUANA", and tonight he will share something "SIC"... Six Illusions of Cannabis. Join the show tonight for an update on some of the most misperceived concepts on Cannabis and discover how you can become more FUNctional in spite of your Brain Injury.

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    America's Disabled Veterans In Action Inc. Fridayday 6 March 2015 Edition

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    Today is Friday  6 March 2015  and todays host is Uncle Stoner who is our own in house Medical marijuana advocate for ADVIA. He will be discussing the benefits of Mecical Marijuana as a treatment to some very serious veteran issues like PTSD/ TBI/ Migranes and other ailments. We are looking forward to helping educate the public with information on alternatives to pyschotrophic drugs that are prescribed to veterans that carry some pretty severe side effects. Uncle Stoner will discuss the ways in which cannibis can be consumed without smoking  

    Unlce stoner will also address the issues of the New VA choice program and is asking the Question that everyone wants to know , which is How is the new Chosice working for you as a veterans? 

    We are looking forward to a full show and hoping your calls will add to todays mix of topics as It is Friday and Open Mic is still something that happens each Friday as America's Diaasbled Veterans In Action Lines will open Promptly at 2300 Zulu time today to start the Discussion on todays issues.

    We will also cover 

    News item

    and your call to our Brooklyn, Navy Yard,

    phone number (357) 884-8078

    we will have a full show and look forward to

    begin with you. Beginning at 2300 pm Zulu!

    for our CIVILIAN CONUS friends that would be

    8pm Atlantic/7pm Eastern/6pm Central/5pm Mountain/4pm Pacific

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    The Roll-Up!

    The Roll-Up is a weekly one hour internet radio/web TV program on the Go Pro Radio Network, LLC. This show hosted by Juli Indica, Tylon Washington, Summer Sativa, and Chris Baar offers an entertaining, high-octane, and revealing look into the growing culture, blunt medicinal facts, and the smoking legal war around cannabis.

    Tonight on The Roll Up Leanna Barbee comes back to continue the discussion on Ohio Marijuana politics as well as tell her own story of pharma drug addiction. Too many Americans are addicted to these pharma drugs all legally prescribed by their Doctors. Learn from those who saved themselves before those drugs kill you!

    120 Americans will die today from pharma drugs. 
    81% of those were accidental.

    Don't be the next statistic!

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