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    Prophecy & Pragmatism - 1

    in Christianity

    Tune in for a dynamic teaching on current events in our world and how they line up with the very words of Christ himself as to what we can expect and how we are to be prepared. We will attempt to keep it simple and make it plain concerning Bible prophecy and how to apply it to our lives in a practical way.


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    Principled Pragmatism - Libertarians Unleashed V5N10

    in Politics

    Principled Pragmatism
    Libertarians Unleashed V5N10
    Libertarians tend to be confortable with the ideas of liberty, but we must make inroads with the application of those ideas.
    We must fight to get our solutions in place to show they work. We must use the failed outcomes of the other ideologies against them.
    Join us to discuss this topic.

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    Prophecy & Pragmatism - 2

    in Christianity

    Join the Hitman for a continuation of the study of the words of Christ Yeshua as revealed in Matthew 24. What was he really saying and what does it mean for us today? This broadcast is meant to make prophecy practical for a better understanding and everyday living.

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    Prophecy & Pragmatism - 3

    in Christianity

    Join the Hitman for part 3 in the series of study in Matthew chapter 24 concerning the words of our Lord and Savior Yeshua the Messiah and what they mean to us today. Tune in for true prophecy in the purest form without all the gimmicks and tricks. You will not be promised a husband, wife, or millions of dollars but you are guaranteed to receive a real word from the Lord!

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    Wake Up America And Face the Dragon...Victoria's Voice

    in Politics

    THE EDITORS REVIEW IS JUST FABULOUS…AND I QUOTE…”The typical reader of this Manuscript will be people who are inclined to politics, whether as active participants (elected officals.lobbyist) or observers (analyst, voters,ect.) THIS BOOK WILL ALSO CATER TO POLITICAL SCIENCE STUDENTS AS A READING TO EXPAND THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF LIBERALISM AND PRAGMATISM”

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    The Internet is Run by Liberals and Pragmatism vs. Idealism

    in Politics Conservative

    A brief discussion about the dangers posed by liberal dominance of the internet and a larger discussion about when to be pragmatic and when to be idealistic.

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    Abortion is murder and ableist genocide

    in Politics Conservative

     Abortion used to be a big issue where I was "ideologically" pro-life; but "pragmatic". But what I'm learning now is that, to say the least, many times, my "pragmatism" is gutless weakness. A perfect example has been my politics on Israel prior for months prior to the kidnapping of the Yeshiva students, which struck a raw nerve in me. But leaving that aside, abortion has been another example. I used to admire Israel's [too liberal] abortion laws, even though millions of Jewish babies get murdered while murderous Arab terrorists get free education in prisons, resulting in kidnappings of Israelis in order to demand for the "freedom" of these mass murderers. I remember years ago when I used to be against abortion even in cases of rape and incest. I was seen as reactionary and backward for it. I was ridiculed for holding that position. Basically my position was that though rape wa sa horrible crime, the baby in the womb should not be the one punished for it. Then to be more "reasonable", I started getting mixed feelings. And most recently, at most, it was mixed feelings for the first 40 days. But now I am against allowing abortion even in cases of rape and incest, thanks to the compelling arguments by Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life activist who herself was concieved from rape. And also the fact is that there is no death penalty for the rapists themselves [though, in my view, there should be]. But put simply, abortion when it's not the only choice to save the mother's life, is murder, period. And it's also ableist genocide, as a disproportionate amount of those targetted are targetted for being disabled. I will discuss abortion on demand as a phenomenon of the anti-Torah madness, for the principle that all human life [both Jewish and non-Jewish alike] was created b'tzelem Elokim [in G-d's image] gets discarded.

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    Pragmatism in evangelism

    in Christianity

    Today our host will discuss the temptation to emphasize numbers in modern day evangelism outreaches. Success is not characterized by responses but by faithfulness to the gospel and Biblical evangelistic examples revealed in scripture.

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    Third Rail Radio A Rebelution Radio Joint

    in Culture

    Self Reliance:  There’s now no shortage of  ‘green options’ for us to choose from and we’ve been given the impression that as long as we behave in certain ways and buy the right products, we’re doing the best we can. This simply isn't true. And is in fact the slippery slope that leads right back into the system we are intent on escaping. The goal is to buy less. Use what you have. And apply pragmatism and common sense.

    We reject it because of its inherent inequity, lack of thoughtful design, and it's inevitable self annihilation. The farm and it's residents have set out to redefine what resistance to the system looks like. No longer will we fight the battle for quality of life, for the survival of our species, in the streets of the urban dystopia. Whose streets? Goes the chant. Not mine. They can have them. Those streets are the capillaries and arteries of the machine. The machine that is steadily churning this world, our environment, our humanity, steadily down the conveyor belt towards the end.

     No longer will we have our heads busted In by the lackeys and jack boot thugs of the barons. Pepper sprayed point-blank eye lids pried open by leather gautlets; hog tied and dragged down the street face bouncing on the concrete; ridiculed by the goose necking mindless minions watching their televisions and pointing their fingers. No longer will we be incarcerated for exercising our right to peaceful civil disobedience. Conveniently forgotten for an extra week or two in a putrid, dank cell, for a simple  misdemeanor. No longer will police thug batons meet their mark. Have the streets. They're yours. We will be in the field, in the workshop, in the development center, building something new. Something better. For I have finally learned, destruction and creation are mutually exclusive; they cannot be undertaken simultaneously. This is the totality of Revolution.    

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    Godless – Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs

    in Books

    “Beliefs divide us, values unite us. Fight violence with values.”

    Godless – Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs is Jeff Rasley’s 8th book and it is

    - A value-based counter-attack against religious fanaticism and political gridlock.

    - A critique of fundamentalism and ideological politics and a remedy for what ails the Church and the political order.

    - A middle way between orthodoxy and atheism to save religion in the advancing age of unbelief and a pragmatic approach to encourage political activism to counter apathy.

    It shows how religious and political extremism can be defeated with pragmatism and positive values.

    The book is available through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00P766NYO

    Jeff Rasley is a retired lawyer, professor in the Honors Program at Butler University, organizes and leads Himalayan trekking expeditions, and is president of the Basa Village Foundation. His website is http://www.jeffreyrasley.com

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    Pragmatism of Government, Law, and Commerce

    in Spirituality

    Come Out of her My People Outreach Program presents:

    prag·ma·tism [prag-muh-tiz-uhm]  noun

    1.character or conduct that emphasizes practicality.

    2.a philosophical movement or system having various forms, but generally stressing practical consequences as constituting the essential criterion in determining meaning, truth, or value.

    This broadcast is intended to show the importance of Government, Law, and Commerce and paint a practical picture of the use of these three institutions. These are enforced everyday in the home and if there be an absence of one institution, the Nation(home) is weak and vulnerable to subsequent decline.

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