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    The Power of God has been described as mysterious, awesome, and majestic, but the lack of knowledge has caused even the Believer to become desensitized and sometimes even irreverent when it comes to recognizing the Power of God. In these last and evil days, we must return to our first works and embrace the true Nature of our God....Holiness. The hour of reckoning has arrived for the House of God as well as for this nation. God is raising uo an Army who knows, respects, and will execute the Power of God like never before. Are you ready? Are you equipped? Do you understand the weight of What and Who you carry? Do you know who you are? DO YOU KNOW YOUR GOD? Let's talk about it!

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    Horror Play 36 (Paranoiac)

    in Video Games

    Paranoiac, a game that's hard to say, but not hard to play. This free download comes to us by way of indie developers Uri & Vgperson and follows the story of Miki Takamura as she stays in her aunt's masion for some well deserved R&R. But unfortunately for Miki, everything is not as it seems in this old house. Find out how this 16-bit indie game stacks up as we unlock all the doors to bring you a new Horror Play Podcast. Also, we delve into the intricacies of a Purge Day, a totally unrelated topic, but important nonetheless. 

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    Horror Play 33 (The Walking Dead: Season 1)

    in Video Games

    Telltale's The Walking Dead won many awards when it came out, including Game of the Year. We play the entire first season of this story-driven experience to see, not only if it's scary, but also if we can truly classify it as a video game. John, Robert, Adam, and Tyler get together to discuss the zombie apocalypse, hard choices, and Clementine's hair.

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    in Self Help

    Today we will be joined by Zachariah Bowtie Waller,this young man 11 years old whom decided to make a difference and to speak out about a problem that's plaguing today's youth. This young man is an Actor and soon to be recongnized as a Child superstar, Big Kieth Bowen from Bully Busters will be joining us also, If you or someone you know has been bullied please call in today 646-9292870 let's stamp this out! Kdiddy said so!

    School Bullying StatisticsSchool bullying statistics in the United Stats show that about one in four kids in the U.S. are bullied on a regular basis. Between cyber bullying and bullying at school, the school bullying statistics illustrate a huge problem with bullying and the American school system.In a recent SAFE survey, teens in grades sixth through 10th grade are the most likely to be involved in activities related to bullying. About thirty percent of students in the United States are involved in bullying on a regular basis either as a victim, bully or both. These school bullying statistics show what a problem bullying of all kinds in the United States has become. The recent school bullying statistics show that cyber bullying is becoming increasingly prevalent on school property as well as involving students even when they are not at school. Because of this growing number of kids affected by bullying, more and more schools throughout the country are cracking down on the measures taken to stop bullying. 

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    Horror Play 30 (Kraven Manor)

    in Video Games

    On this episode of the Horror Play podcast, the guys discuss a student created game known as Kraven Manor. Listen in, as we walk through the dark halls of an eerie mansion, solve simple room-moving puzzles, and play hide-and-seek with a bronze man. The Steam game has some cool tricks up it's sleeves, but is it scary enough to hold our attention throughout it's short campaign? Listen to find out! 

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    The Wannabees-The Comedy Stage Play

    in Women

    Wzup Nephew Productions delivers yet another life changing, and thought provoking comedy stageplay.  Under the direction of Perfecting Word Deliverance Ministries-PWDM Drama Team.  Bishop Steven L. Glover is Pastor , Overseer and advisor of Wzup Nephew Productions

    Tune in /Log on to this great interview!

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    Panther Power Chat (A Community Dialogue)

    in National

    This group follows the original philosophy's of Brother Huey Newton and Brother Bobby Seale including, Self Defense, The 10 Point Program,and The New Black Code. Here we will speak about the issues in our community and invite the People to dialogue with us and bring solutions to our community. It's time for us to be the leaders we have been waiting for no more waiting for what the people want and need now is the time to STAND UP!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE NOW AND ALWAYS! Happy BlacksGiving!

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    Panther Power Chat (Open Rant)

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    The Movement Won't Move without you! The People Need your Time Your Energy Your Donations! Your Voice is important to us we invite you to speak your mind always! This is live uncensored dialogue where we expect you to voice your opinions and concerns that you may have with the movement and it's Direction join Brother Kevin and our Panel in a open discussion about the State of Emergency our people are in! Bring your voice bring your Ideas! Black Power! 

  • QTI Power Hour: Work Hard - Play Hard & Maintaining a Balance

    in Current Events

    On this episode of the QTI Power Hour hosts Jason Lofton and Steve Kucharski discuss getting away from the office for much-needed downtime.

    Plus an update on the Presidential election 2016 and the "unnecessary celebrity apology". Does it really carry any weight?

    Jason Lofton is President and CEO of QTI, a diversified player in all aspects of construction throughout the Midwest

    To learn more about the hosts, visit them online at www.qti5.com.

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    Power Play Sports Talk Show 220

    in Sports

    Join us tonight @ 8pm EST for a jam packed sports talk show. Which is sponsored by Dr. Howard Dinowitz Brooklyn and Staten Island's #1 Podiatrist, give him a call at 718.627.1212 for his Brooklyn Office and 718.720.4848 for his Staten Island office to schedule your appointment today. We will get into the NBA story as the Knicks welcome back Tyson Chandler and beat the Bucks. The Nets on the other hand welcome back Brook Lopez but lose to the Wizards. We will also go around the league as their were some questionable call in some of the big games. We will get into week 16 of the NFL as the Giants look to play spoiler against the Lions and the Jets look to finish strong as they welcome in the Browns. We will also give our picks for wek 16. We will also get into the NHL story as the Rangers and Devils were in action last night. We will also get into some MLB as Carlos Beltran finally signs his deal with the Yankees and will be introduced tomorrow. As always you can always interact with us during the show by calling in a 347.426.3933. Check out our Website The Power Play Network. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on twitter. And Check out our blog on Tubmlr.


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    Power of Perception Coaching the Power of Affirmations

    in Spirituality

    Join our host Scott Golden for the show as we discuss the power of Affirmations   Today we will discuss the future of the network and what you can do to help us grow. We will also talk about being  able to use  powerful words and  the connection that has with success. You can contact Scott at poperception@aol.com or on twitter at Scott Golden. on linkedin  You can also call in to the show live to gain insite on the topic of the day or anything on your mind. the number is 516-590-0357. More info on Scott can be found here.